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8th Grade IB Supply List 2018-2019


These are the BASIC school supplies that EVERY 8 th GRADE STUDENT needs DAILY: 



*3-ring binder(s) for holding notebook paper, class papers and assignments

*dividers for notebook (at least 12)

*One subject spiral notebook for Math

*Composition notebook – English

*One 3-ring binder (1 inch OK) with 4 dividers for Science

* 5 section spiral notebook with pocket dividers OR one inch binder for World History

*Loose-leaf wide-ruled notebook paper; more as needed during the year

*Small pack of graph paper (Science and Math)

*Lined 3×5 index cards-several packages; more as needed during the year

*RED pens (ballpoint  only)

*Blue and  black pens

*Pencils (#2 lead) with erasers (mechanical pencils with a supply of extra lead) or           regular pencils

* Cap erasers

*Highlighters – at least 2 colors

*Glue Sticks – 2; more as needed during the year

*Colored Pencils

*Individual (hand-held) pencil sharpener

*2 Large boxes of tissues (given to homeroom teacher)

*Headphones –  needed by EACH student

*Plastic storage bag (gallon size) labeled in permanent marker for storage of           headphones

* Dry erase markers (no odor or low odor) – black, blue, red, or green

* Flashdrive / thumbdrive (an inexpensive one – not huge capacity)

*12 inch CLEAR plastic METRIC  ruler


Supply list for World Language

Your teacher will provide a supply list the first week of school 

On the first day of school, each teacher will distribute a list of additional supplies needed for that specific class.