SERVICE AS ACTION (Community and Service) Projects


Project listings under the Service As Action tab are for year long opportunities.  One time opportunities will be emailed to you along with a link to a Sign Up Genius



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  1. Hi–

    I am looking to move to Richmond and have a few questions:
    Do all students at TMS participate in the MYP program or is a smaller group of students in each grade?
    How does this compare to the MYP program at Moody Middle School?
    How many of the students that are in MYP at TMS go on to an IB high school vs. those that attend Freeman?
    Do most of the TMS students already go to TMS or are they applying from all over the district?

    Thanks for any information (I could not find the answers to those questions anywhere on the web)


    • I would like to speak with you to answer these questions and any others that may come up with my answers.

      Please send me a phone number where I can reach you tomorrow between 10-11 or between 12:30 – 1:30.

      I look forward to our discussion about the IB program at TMS.


  2. Dear Mrs, Wilcox, during the course of 6th Grade IB, you gave us a sheet or form to write our parents’ email on. At that time, I didn’t have an email, but now I do. So, I would like to be included in the emails for IB Community Service Opportunities, not just my parents.

    My email is

    Thanks and goodbye.

  3. Hello Mrs. Wilcox! Being in the IB program, I had a question concerning my CS(Community Service) hours. Did you get my 8 hours from last year? Mrs. Phipps signed it last year signifying I had done 8 hours of CS, fulfilling my 20 hour quota from last year. I think I turned it in at the beginning of this year, since I got those hours at the last minute. So, can you please check to see if I have completed my 20 hours from last year? Thank you very much! I would also like to know, how much hours I have in total for this year(7th Grade IB). Thank you again:)

  4. Whatever happened to us being able to see our IB student’s community service hours on HCPS link? I’ve never seen a place for it, nor any hours posted. Thanks

    • C&S hours are posted on your child’s math teacher’s grades on HCPS Link. The first turn in date was in the fall, so the hours are listed with Quarter 1’s grades.

      • I was just looking under the math grades for the C&S hours, and see the line showing the. How do I interpret the number though? It says 1.3/0.

        • 1.3 represents the number of hours earned to date. The actual hours earned are 1.25, however the grades program we use rounds all numbers to tenths.

          • Tyson turned in a C&S sheet with hours for at least 15 from the summer. would they be on there? Tyson worked at a JCC camp for a week this summer with Cole Richter.

            • In looking back at the logs turned in in October, I found Tyson’s–he did reported 16 hours which were not recorded on my spreadsheet–my mistake. I have updated the spreadsheet and his math teacher will post his new total hours on HCPS Link. Thank you for understanding.

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