All students are enrolled in a Design class.  They are learning about and using the design cycle–Research and Design; Designing; Realizing the Solution; and Evaluating.


6th Graders

Marshmallow Challenge

The 6th grade students researched and built free standing  marshmallow towers.  They received 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 meter of tape, 1 meter of string and 1 marshmallow.  Their task was to build the tallest tower that supported the marshmallow on the top.


Solar Ovens–we made s’mores and used the sun to melt the chocolate in our re-cycled pizza boxes

7th and 8th grade

INTERIOR DESIGN the winning Finding Nemo design used to decorate the back of Ms. Whilhelmi’s van for her son on Halloween.


Robotics 1

Robotics 2

Robotics 3

Robotics 4