Student/Family Educational Travel

Spring Break 2021 (postponed from 2020)









 9 day trip to Berlin, Prague, Munich for students and families

Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Munich, Dachau concentration camp, Terezen, Check Point Charlie, Neuschwanstein (Disney’s fairytale castle) and much more

American Council of International Studies (ACIS)

Date:  Spring Break 2021

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Visit the Fellowship tab for all upcoming fellowship events and photos.  The parent comprised committees plan several events each year to bring IB students and parents together for refreshments and social time.  Emails and Sign Up Geniuses are sent periodically throughout the year in preparation for each event.  There are many ways for parents to be involved.

Service As Action (Community and Service)

Each year logs are due in October,  February  and the last turn in date  is in May.  Turn in your updated logs and reflection to your math teacher.  This year’s reflection topics can be found on  the Service As Action (Community and Service) tab on this blog.

REMEMBER ALL IB STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO EARN 20 HOURS BY MAY TO BE IN GOOD STANDING. There is no required number of hours that have to be earned at each turn in day as long as 20 hours have been completed by May.

 IMPORTANT:  If you have not completed the required hours, you may have an extension until June 1st so you can take advantage of May opportunities. Drop a note to Mrs. Wilcox in 608 or email her to let her know you will take advantage of the extension option.

Rising 6th grade students may not start earning hours until the Fall after I have met with them to explain what Community and Service is and what activities will count.

Rising 7th and 8th grade students may earn as many  hours of service over the summer starting in May after the last log turn in date.  Regardless of the number of hours earned in the summer, at least 5 hours needs to be earned during the school year, between September  and May of each year .

Questions concerning SAA (C&S) ?