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The world is full of numbers. Your life is full of numbers. Take something that needs clarity, in your head or for others (That’s usually the same for me and often in making something I realize I didn’t understand it quite as well as I’d thought.), and clarify it using the magic of data visualization. Nothing coming to mind? Check out these data visualization challenges.

It helps if you break down your process rather than just posting the final work. Delineate your struggles, what you liked, what you’d like to improve next time, surprises etc. If you’re feeling adventurous tutorials for others following in your footsteps are helpful, remixes of other people’s work, non-standard applications of all kinds are good fun for all. Remember this is done out of joy and for your own sense of fulfillment. Break or bend any rules/guidelines you choose.

To submit your work, just include a link to this post when you publish. We’ll look at doing something more sophisticated in the near future.


On June 20 from 1:00PM EST to 2:00PM EST we’ll have a synchronous conversation about data visualization in Google +.

We’ll also discuss our next project/topic combination and ways to make the experience better. You can always submit items (that’d be awesome actually) but we’ll be moving on to the next challenge.


Tags will help us aggregate content from various sources (Twitter, Diigo etc.). The tags for this project are

  • #moo
  • #dataviz

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Basic Information

The following links have pretty good foundational information about data visualization. If you want to add additional examples tag your link in Diigo with #moo, #dataviz, and #basics.


I found the following links to be interesting examples of data visualization. If you want to add additional examples tag your link in Diigo with #moo, #dataviz, and #inspiration.


I found the following to be useful for data visualization. If you want to add additional examples tag your link in Diigo with #moo, #dataviz, and #tools/#tutorial.

  • ManyEyes
  • Flowing Data has a great set of tutorials/examples and tools. It’s also a good place to look for inspiration.
  • For serious data scraping and other games check out Tony Hirst.

If you’re left wanting more, here’s my full set of #dataviz links.

3 thoughts on “Data Visualization

  1. Is there a second assignment? I am feeling the need for an outlet, even from afar.

    In the meantime, I will create an appropriate dataviz representation on a subject TBD.

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