Mrs. Rama’s Wonderful Mixed Up Zoo

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a Meglatond?  What?  Yes!  Welcome to Mrs. Rama’s Wonderful Wacky Zoo.  A place where the most magnificent mammals on earth are gathered to stimulate your imagination.

Our class has been working collaboratively to investigate the basic needs of mammals as well as exploring their different types of habitats.  These mammals have different physical characteristics and we sorted them with the categories of body, habitat, food, and life cycle. Students worked in groups to create a hybrid mammal of their choice (based on their research) and illustrated their creation through Pixie, Drawing Box, or paper and crayons. A class zoo map was constructed in Pixie using basic map symbols in a map legend.

Take a chance and step into a world where your imagination has the opportunity to run wild with the mammals of our wacky zoo!

We would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to leave a comment about our wacky zoo!

72 thoughts on “Mrs. Rama’s Wonderful Mixed Up Zoo

  1. This is great and so imaginative ! I hope I can visit this zoo one day and maybe even be the veterinarian of all these amazing animals! Good job everyone

  2. How fun to listen to the children explaining their animals. The talion and bobger were my personal favorites because I love cats! All of the pictures and names were very creative. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi everyone! Watching your Wacky Zoo videos just made my day! I smiled as I viewed each one. I am super proud of each of you and your hard work on this creative project. You really thought of everything for your zoo–including restrooms, a restaurant, and a gift shop. My favorite wacky animal was the double whale, just because I love the beach and ocean life. Keep up the great work Mrs. Rama and class!
    P. S. “Big Red” said to tell you all, “GREAT JOB!”

  4. What a wonderful idea. I would love to see pictures of all the crazy, mixed up zoo animals. I particularly loved the Sugarkola, but then I’m partial to anything my grandson, Jax, creates. It’s great to see these young minds ‘ thinking outside the box.’

  5. What a wonderful zoo !!!

    such imagination and colorful descriptions….. just curious, does the sugar Koala eat sugar cane? Does it have round ears like a Koala bear? Is it a marsupial or from the bear family?

    • Love, love, love it. I particularly found the names curious, but creating more questions, than answers. Take the Sugar-Koala as an example. Are we to believe that Koala Bears are sweet? Or eat sweet things for food? Koala Bears are cute and indigenous to Australia. That’s why Quantas Airlines, (the Austrailian based Airline), uses them in their advertising. They look so soft and cuddly it’s appealing, but I have never thought of them as “sweet”.

      Great Job class! Great Project Mrs Rama! Bill Chvala

  6. What a wonderful mixed up zoo. I loved seeing all the creative animals and hearing the kids describe them! The sugar koala is especially cool. Thanks for sharing!

  7. We loved this project for first graders. We enjoyed hearing Jax and his friend explain their animal. Keep up the good work!! Thanks for sharing with family that lives in the state of Michigan.

  8. What a wonderful project that you 1st Graders created and so wonderfully presented. So proud of every one of you! A job well done Mrs. Rama and 1st Graders. Thank you for making my day a little brighter! 🙂

  9. This is a terrific initiative and a fun project too… Good job boys and girls for the wonderful product. Thank you Mrs. Rama for making this happen. I thought I would share a link about a Liger, any guess what could be a Liger?? Click on this for a cool video. You all be safe and keep up the good work. Thanks.

  10. Dear Mrs. Rama’s class,

    You have created a very impressive zoo! This looks like a very fun project and we see hybrids of many of the animals that we have at the Birmingham Zoo in your virtual zoo. We hope you enjoyed learning about mammals and that you will continue to learn about the natural world. If you are ever in Birmingham, Alabama we would love for you to visit!

    Warm regards,
    The Birmingham Zoo

  11. I love this creative Zoo! It was so fun to look at all the combinations and listen to your descriptions. You all worked very hard on this and I am so proud of you all. Thank you to Mrs. Rama for her hard work. Love from Alabama (Hi, Tee!)

  12. I am so proud of all of you! I loved seeing all of the great combo. animals. You all worked very hard and I am impressed! Love from Alabama!

  13. Woah! That’s pretty awesome guys! Where can I find a double whale? Do they prefer the cold water in the arctic?

  14. Way to Go kids and of course, Ms Rama!!! Great job!
    It is very amazing to see 1st graders thinking and imagining so creative.

  15. I loved the presentation of Mrs. Rama’s 1st Graders, they are great COMMUNICATORS, I liked all the animals, and already started imagining…..they are running around and having fun in Mrs. Rama’s classroom.

  16. Everyone did such a great job! Very creative and interesting. I wish these animals really existed. Mrs. Rama you should find pictures of a liger for the kids. They really exist! Way to go guys.

  17. I love the different combinations of animals and the pictures! I would really like to have a Bobger for a pet, Sahana and Calden. Good job everyone!

  18. I teach 10th grade biology in high school and I am very impressed at your research and creativity in creating your animals. I really liked your use of technology with the zoo map, pictures, and video hearing you describe your animals. I think this project would be tough for some of my high school students. You should be very proud of your hard work! Love the Wallion Brady!
    Love- Aunt Beth

  19. I LOVE the creativity and the children’s cute voices! What a great research project!!! You did a good job “synergizing”!

  20. I love, love, love this! What a great job everyone did! I could and probably will go through all of these again and again. Well done boys and girls. And a big thank you to Mrs. Rama for sharing it with us!

  21. What a fun time and it amazes me the extent of the imaginaiton of our kids. My son loved that he could show me some of his work that he did with his friends at school on the computer at home. Keep up the great work Mrs. Rama and class.

  22. What a great project! I am so impressed with everyone’s creativity, artwork and ability to verbally articulate such wonderful descriptions! Great team work – Thank you Mrs. Rama for sharing!
    -Vival’s Mom – Jenn

  23. I think this zoo should be your next field trip!! Your animals are amazing and I loved hearing your voices describe your creations! Great job to all!

  24. I love your zoo! I remember when Jax told me about this project. It’s so nice to be able to see the actual drawing and hear you describe it yourselves! How impressive! I can tell you all worked very hard on your wacky animals. I hope you are all proud of yourselves!

  25. I love, love, love this! It definitely goes right with the book Unnatural Selections! Your students did such a wonderful job!

  26. What an awesome wacky zoo! I love all the different animals you created and what a great learning activity. Great job class!!

  27. WOW! What an amazing zoo! I would love to visit this zoo and see some of these creative and fun animals. Great job everyone!

  28. I love the Wonderful Wacky Zoo!!! All the kids were so creative with their animals. Baron and Brady did such a good job talking about their Wallion. This is a zoo I would like to visit!!

  29. Mrs. Rama and the entire 1st grade class: this is an AMAZING project! It shows so much creativity and teamwork! Way to Go! I hope all of you are proud of yourselves. (Sydney’s Mom)

  30. I love it the zoo I would like to hear the voice of my babygirl telling out loud her animal 🙁 but everyone did a great job congratulations and my babygirl Vanessa excellent baby I love ur bearat or something like that hahahaha keep going Mrs rams and thanks for everything you doo..

  31. I just love the wacky zoo! I wish there was a zoo like this nearby that I could visit! Great job Mrs. Rama’s class! 🙂

  32. That is so fun and creative! I love that:) I had no idea you could create things like megalatoads and squoalas:) Very fun!!

  33. I LOVE THIS PROJECT!!! Your animals are so creative! I can tell you did a lot of research and synergizing to make this happen! You are all amazing scientists!

  34. Your digital zoo looks AMAZING, Mrs. Rama’s class! I LOVE the creativity and imagination you put into this project 🙂

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