April 23-27

Special Shout-out to Aarav’s mom who was a presenter for career day! Thank you for coming!

Class Picture day is on Monday!

We have a skateboarding assembly on Friday afternoon! Thanks to the PTA!

Language Arts: We are talking about conventions of writing; specifically ending punctuation and what makes a sentence complete.

Math: We are continuing to talk about measurement. This week in terms of weight and temperature. We will also have two days of review.

Social Studies: We were finishing up on maps this week, so we are moving into talking about climate of a location.

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April 16-20

A special shout out thank you to Brady’s mom, Lalith’s mom, Brooke’s mom, and Rylie’s mom for chaperoning the field trip on Friday! I know the kids had a blast and I really appreciate you taking the time to help out! Please be sure to send me pictures that you took.

Important information:

  1. MONDAY IS A HALF DAY!! Please be sure to still pack your child a lunch because we will be having lunch in the classroom. If you would like your child to purchase a lunch, please be sure to email me and let me know. I know we did not send home the normal “half day lunch” slips.
  2. FRIDAY IS CAREER DAY!! I am so excited because Aarav’s mom is going to be one of the first grade speakers for Career Day! She writes for a magazine. We also have a guest speaker Curt Autry coming from NBC 12 News!  Please be sure to ask your children what they learned from each career.
  3. MONDAY, APRIL  23 is class group picture day. I don’t know what our time slot is yet, but I will try to get it early so the kiddos will still look beautiful and handsome. 🙂

What we are learning for the week:

Language Arts: Theme vs. Main Idea

Math: Measurement with length and volume

Social Studies: Continuation of maps and how our locations affects our climates and how we dress.

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April 9th week

Welcome Back From Spring Break!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break.  I am looking forward to hearing all about the wonderful things everyone did over the break.  I stayed in Richmond and enjoyed time with my family.

Congratulations to Ayush for being our first “Around The World” Champion!  Keep it up Ayush!!!!

Reminder:  First grade will be going on a field trip this Friday, April 13th to the Science Museum!  All students will need to wear their Green First Grade t-shirt.  Please have your child bring a disposable lunch.  Put all lunches in a plastic or paper bag with your child’s name on it.  Everything must be able to be thrown away (such as ziplock bags, plastic utensils, plastic water bottles, etc.). Thank you!

What we will be learning this week:

Writing- using expression in our sentences to make them unique and exciting

Math- measurement unit using standard and nonstandard units

Social Studies-Maps

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March 26-30

Math: This week we will continue to work on two step word problems. We will also be reviewing and enriching from topics previously studied: place value, subtraction, fraction, and time.

Language Arts: Poems

Writing: Falling in Love with words by using descriptive adjectives and strong verbs.

Science/ Social Studies: Finishing up with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle/ We will start talking about cardinal directions and a compass rose

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March 19-23

Here’s what we will be learning:

Math: Do you know your basic facts? And fast?

How do you solve a multi-step word problem?

Language: Do you know your contractions?

Writing: How can you make your heart map ideas into an awesome piece of writing?

Science: What happens in spring? How can you conserve natural resources? How can you prevent pollution?

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March 12-16

Here is what we will be learning this week:

Math: Can you count mixed coins?

Language Arts: What is the main idea and details? How do the main idea and details connect with the plot of a story?

Writing: What is an idea? How do ideas help you with your writing?

Science: What are natural resources and how can we conserve them?


***Please join all the first grade teachers at California Pizza Kitchen at Short Pump Mall on Tuesday March 14th for the spirit night where the proceeds go to CTES! ****

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March is Youth Art and Music in our Schools Month

Monday- March 5- Wear cool colors: blue, green, purple

Tuesday- March 6- Wear primary colors: yellow, red, blue

Wednesday- March 7- Wear secondary colors: orange, green, purple

Thursday-March 8- Wear shapes: circles, triangles, and squares

Friday- March 9- Wear patterns: stripes, polka dots, music notes

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March 5-9

Here is what we will be learning next week:

Math: Can you identify a penny, nickel, quarter, dime and tell how they are different?

Language: Can you put words in ABC order from the second letter?

Writing: Can you add adjectives to your writing?

Reading: Can you tell about the plot of a story? Can you create your own story with your own clear plot?

Science: What solids will dissolve in water and which will not? What is the scientific method?

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100 days of school

Check out our 100 day shirts! We have numerals, word numbers, 100 things, and even percents!

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Valentine’s Day Fun


Here we are looking at all of our Valentines!

We also did Minute to Win it games!

Here is Cookie Face where we had to get a cookie from our forehead to our mouths.

Next, we had to string footloops onto a pipe cleaner with one hand!


How many conversation hearts can we stack in one minute?

And finally cup stacking! 39 cups in a minute!

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