Welcome, Fall!

We had a super stellar month of September, and October is off to a fantastic start!

Every student had the chance to be our “Beaming Bee” of the day. We enjoyed learning about one another, studying the letters & sounds in our names, and being the daily helper. We loved giving the Beaming Bee a cheer as we spelled their name!

Now, we have daily Hive Helpers. Calendar helper is one of our favorite jobs!

Our Shapes unit was a fantastic review for most of us. We talked a lot about shapes’ attributes and used snack foods to make a variety of shapes with both straight lines and curves.

We really enjoyed our study of the five senses. In addition to activities to use our senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch, we also did a taste test to experience four basic tastes: salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. Our sour lemon faces were priceless!

We began this month in a super fun way- using our C.O.W. laptops for the first time. We did an excellent job logging in and following the many steps it took to get to the best part… playing games! We practiced clicking, dragging, and using the track pad as we made funny faces.

We also used the apples you sent in to do many math activities, which culminated in making our own APPLESAUCE! It was delicious!

We are also enjoying Math Stations in which we are practicing writing and recognizing numbers, as well as counting. LOTS of counting!

It is especially exciting to use the Promethean Board!

As always, check out the links on our Photo Albums page to see a few more photos!

We love centers!

What a great third week of kindergarten! We were especially excited to begin our daily Literacy Centers this week. We will do these stations all year to practice the reading and writing skills we will learn.

To introduce us to the routine & the rotations, we started the first round with a Listening Center (listening to “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”), iPad Center, Housekeeping, Writing Center (making a September Words Pictionary book), and our first time in the class library for Reading Center.

We love wearing our “reading glasses” and reading to/with our book characters. We also get to use pointers as we read!

Whenever our class is extremely focused for awhile or works extra hard, we give our brains a short rest and have a “Brain Break”. We often use a site called GoNoodle and earn points to add features to our class avatar. We love the breaks and they help us to be better learners! Each time we celebrate a student’s birthday in class, we do a special Birthday Brain Break to sing Happy Birthday to our friends.

We also had a lesson this week with our school technology teacher, Mrs. Robinson. She brought in extra iPads and we all learned how to use a great app called SeeSaw.

In other exciting news, Room 4 earned 10 cafeteria stars, which means we got to have extra recess time! We chose to use our extra playtime on the rock wall. It was so much fun! We earn extra recess each time we make it to 10 cafeteria stars.

Don’t forget to check out our Photo Albums to see more photos from our Literacy Centers and our days in Kindergarten!

First Week Fun

Our school year is off to a wonderful start! We have learned so much in our first few days and have had lots of fun, too. Here are a few photos from the first week!

Check out our PHOTO ALBUMS page for many more pictures. Click on the “First Week Fun” album link and you will be directed to google where you can view and download all of our photos.

Don’t forget to visit the Photo Albums page and the First Week Fun link to see the other pictures!

Volunteer Forms

In addition to volunteer opportunities, there are many school activities this year that we would love to have parents attend. VOLUNTEER FORMS must be on file in the school office to volunteer in any way, even as a lunch helper or mystery reader. In order to attend our class parties, field trips, etc. you also must have a volunteer form on file.

One copy of the form came home in your child’s Dolphin Folder today, but each parent/grandparent/guardian needs their own form on file. If you’d like to print an additional form (and/or fill out the form electronically), please visit the link below. If you need another paper copy, just let me know and I will send one home. Thanks & I look forward to seeing you soon!

HCPS Volunteer Application


Welcome to Kindergarten!  I can’t wait to meet all of our new Room 4 Busy Bees.

Learning is an Adventure this year at Echo Lake. I can’t wait to meet you all during Open House on Thursday! It’s going to be a great year!