Welcome Students and Parents!

Welcome! I am Mr. Turianski (aka Mr. T) and I am thrilled to be your 3rd grade teacher. This year will be filled with fun, adventure, and creative learning. Our theme this year is “Happy Campers: It’s Time for S’More Learning!”

I am looking forward to seeing most of you for our open house this Thursday (August 30th) from 4:30-6:00. I would like to encourage you to bring in your school supplies during this time, but I understand that may not be possible. I will be taking up tissues, wipes, pencils, and glue sticks for our classroom community (so please don’t put names on those items).

I can’t wait to see everyone,
Mr. Turianski

Week of October 3rd!

This week the students will be finishing up the scientific investigation and computation and estimation units in science and math.

On Monday, students will take a word problem quiz on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We will begin our Order of Operation unit next. Can your child solve this problem? 3 X (34-12 ÷4)? They will learn the correct order of steps to solve this problem!

On Tuesday, the students will take a science investigation quiz on science tools and steps in the scientific method. We will begin our exciting rock unit this week!

Have a great night and I can’t wait to see the students on MONDAY!

September 26th

Good Evening Parents!

This week the students are focusing on character traits in reading. We are exploring nonfiction text and working on comprehension strategies. In science, the students are working with measurements tools and key vocabulary terms dealing with the scientific investigation. In math, students are continuing to work on math word problems. Students are expected to create and solve multistep word problems. We have been practicing on the 5 step model (Do you understand the problem, do you know what the numbers mean, what math operations are you going to use, solve the problem, and prove your answer is correct).

Please remember to view the graded papers and return those with the signed paper behavioral chart on Monday!

Week of September 19th

Diving into week 3 in Team Turianski!
This week the students will take the fall MAPS assessment on Monday and Tuesday. MAPS are used in my classroom to see what the strengthens and weaknesses for the students are and what areas I need to focus my individualized instruction on. These are non stressful tests that the students have been taking since 3rd grade.

This Wednesday will be a student 1/2 day at RC LONGAN.
We will be on week 2 of Wordly Wise. In math the students will be learning about computation and estimation (SOL 5.4). The focus will be on multi-step word problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplying, and dividing. In science we will be going over the scientific investigation (SOL 5.1). In reading, the students are working on character traits in fictional texts.

Finally RC LONGAN has the fall fundraiser drive. If you haven’t done so already, please join the PTA.

Coming Up This Week!

Good Evening Parents.

Back to school night is this Thursday (September 15th) at 6:30pm. I hope to see everyone at Longan. Also this week: CiCi’s Pizza Night is Tuesday from 5pm until 8pm (I will be there around 6pm). Thursday this week is busy with the fundraiser kickoff, Grandparents Day (Grandparents can eat their grandchild from my class at 12:36), and Back to School Night.

This week we will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday and an OPEN BOOK Quiz on Henrico history. Next Monday, the students will have a prime and composite quiz (they will take their Math interactive notebooks home to study over the weekend).

Labor Day

Welcome Parents and Students to an exciting 2016-2017 school year! I can’t wait for tomorrow to come and began our adventure into 5th grade! I know the day before the start of the school year is full of nerves, excitement, and every emotion in between. Thank you for all the parents that came to open house on Thursday, so many smiling faces filled my room. Please enjoy the wonderful fall like weather and I will see everyone bright and earlier Tuesday morning.

Week of February 22nd!

Students have been busy creating their Midwest projects in Google Classroom! They will continue to work on them this week and present their state to the class on Thursday.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are this Monday and Hungry Creek transition meetings will be held on Tuesday. Report cards will also go home today!

Fun with Plant and Animal Cells

Students had a blast making plant and animal cells using playdough and food! They explored the differences and similarities of the two types of cells. Remember next week is our unit test in science and the 3d Cell Project is due next Friday, January 22nd.