Happy Friday Tiger Families!

What a close to the end of the first 9 weeks! Thank you all who took time to conference with me about your child! I am proud of all of the hard work these students have put in for their first 9 weeks in second grade!

Upcoming Events!:

Monday 11/12 is PAW Achievement students earned this trip by displaying PAW behaviors and good citizenship! They will be going to see Junie B. Jones is Not A Crook at Hermitage High School.

Tuesday 11/13 is our 2nd grade field trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Please dress for the weather it looks like it might be a rainy day so raincoats are encouraged, and comfortable shoes for walking!

Monday 11/19 is picture day, please check your child’s folder for the order form that was sent home yesterday!

11/20 is our classroom awards ceremony, this is a really brief time to celebrate our students, report cards will be coming home this day!

11/12-11/16 Trevvett will be collecting non-perishable food items to support the Henrico Christmas Mother. Some examples of food that would be helpful to donate are canned foods, crackers, cereal, pasta, and peanut butter!

Thanksgiving Holiday is November 21-23!!  No School!!

Academically Next Week…

Reading: We are continuing to learn about theme (a lesson a fiction story is trying to teach us). We are also working on 5 finger retell of characters, setting, conflict (problem), events (Beginning, Middle, End), and resolution (ending to the story). We’ll work on filling out a Retelling Chart with stories we read together, then students will be expected to fill one out independently on a story they read. Order Events in a Story  Analyze Stories  Choose the picture that matches the setting or character

Writing: Our phonics focus for the week is long a! Our spelling words will be: stain, drain, weigh, eight, play, goes, of, know, why, any. We will complete the final copies and illustrate our creative stories.  Phonics Resources/Games for home!   2nd Grade Phonics Games

Math: The unit on graphing will continue – we will review bar graphs, and important parts of a graph learn how to understand and interpret data from tables and graphs. Daily practice with addition, subtraction, and problem solving continue during our calendar time and math stations.  Extra Practice Graphing  Pictograph Practice   Interpret Tally Marks & Charts Interpret Pictographs

Social Studies: We will focus on Veteran’s Day! Students will learn why we celebrate this holiday, we’ll attend a Veteran’s Day Assembly on Tuesday. We’ll also discover a little bit more about the different branches of the military.

I hope you have a fabulous fall weekend! 😀

Friday 11/2/18

Happy Friday! We had a great start to November!

Important info for next week:

  • CogAT testing is next week – (Wed/Thu/Fri) please be on the lookout for your parent letter explaining this test in your child’s folder today
  • NO SCHOOL on Tuesday November 6th – Election Day
  • Sign Up for a Parent-Teacher Conference Here! Available days are November 6 morning or November 8 evening. I want to meet with all of you parents! Please sign up or contact me to schedule a day/time that works best for you.
  • Due to no school on Tuesday and CogAT testing, there will be no formal homework assigned next week – we do encourage students to read nightly and use the links to math games to practice their skills

Academics for next week:

Reading: We’ll begin our unit on “Theme”. Students will describe characters, setting, and plot events in fiction and poetry. Students will identify the conflict and resolution, and identify the theme.

Writing/Spelling: We’ll review all previous spelling and sight words, and use previously read text to help us write a retelling of a story. Students will use the idea that a story has a beginning, middle and an end to write their own stories.

Our math and social studies time will be used to practice and complete the CogAT testing next week. If time allows, we will continue with daily calendar skills, number sense, adding & subtracting, and problem solving.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! See you Monday!

October 26,2018

Hello tiger families! Happy Friday!

We have had a great week in second grade!

Graded papers and yellow tiger checks were sent home today! Please look over the papers with your child!

*Reminder* Field trip permission forms and money are due by Nov 1st! The field trip is on Nov 13th!

Also if you have not yet signed up for a conference please do by going to this link and picking a time that works best for you!

Upcoming Academics:

Reading: We will continue on with learning about making predictions with fiction and nonfiction text. We will also be talking about nonfiction text features! Please as your child is reading at home ask them about if their book has a table of contents, bold words, glossary, text box, diagram, or index. We have been talking a lot about these parts of books and how they help the reader better understand or find something specific in their reading. Moby Max Sign In   Text Features Practice  Read & Understand Informational Passages Practice

Writing: We will be working on the phonics features ar ir  and er. Here is a sneak peek at our spelling words for this upcoming week will be focusing on 5 sight words, and ir, and ur: made, those, sing, use, read, thirst, bird, shirt, church, nurse! Phonics Games      IR, AR, OR word sorting game

Social Studies: We will begin the week by learning about Cesar Chavez, a civil rights leader!  Kid Friendly Cesar Chavez You Tube Video    Bio of Cesar Chavez Then later in the week with election day fast approaching we will talk a little about voting and the importance of being a good citizen and voting! *Reminder: No School Tuesday 11/6 but we do have parent teacher conferences available this day!*

Math: In math we will be reviewing place value, rounding, and comparing numbers on Monday! This is a fun game we played earlier in the week to practice rounding: 2 digit Rounding Game Then we will move in to data and graphing! We will learn about how to survey, collect data, and put data together to create a graph. We will also work on reading graphs! Extra Practice Graphing  Pictograph Practice   Interpret Tally Marks & Charts Interpret Pictographs

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!   😀

Oct. 19, 2018

Happy Friday Families! First full five day week it seems in awhile! We had a fantastic week. We explored around the playground and learning garden today during science to look for examples of weathering and erosion on the school grounds.

Our class worked with Mrs. Reed’s 5th grade class in answering some questions about oceans. The 5th graders are going to work on creating a book for each student! This is such a fun experience for all of us! I have a few pictures I will add of the students collaborating together!

  • Sign Up for a Parent-Teacher Conference Here! Available days are November 6 morning or November 8 evening.
  • November 1st field trip form and money is due for our field trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. If you would like to come as a volunteer there is a form the office will need you to fill out prior to attending this trip.
  • MobyMax usernames and passwords came home earlier this week in a letter. Students may use this resource at home to work on increasing skills!
  • A message from Mrs. Robertson, our ESL teacher: We are so thrilled to once again celebrate the many diverse cultures at Maude Trevvett Elementary School! On October 23rd at 6 pm, we want all Tiger families to come out to share and learn more about each other’s culture. We are asking ALL families to bring various items like photos, maps, stamps, crafts, and even food dishes to create a display table for our multicultural fair. And don’t forget to wear your native attire! There will also be live entertainment including an Arabic, Spanish, and Nepali speaking interpreters. You don’t want to miss this exciting event! Return the RSVP form saying YES, you want to represent your culture!

Academically, next week:

Reading: We’re going to read non-fiction texts to continue the skill of making predictions. Students will use titles to generate ideas about the text and use details from the text to confirm and revise predictions made before, during, and after reading. We’ll also explore non fiction text features like a table of contents, text boxes, glossaries and the index of a book to help make predictions, answer questions, and help figure out unknown words.

Spelling/Writing: Spelling next week focuses on a few sight words and long a words: right, wash, upon, before, would, grape, trade, grade, chain, plain. We’re going to continue our writing process in creating a story about Fall. The students have brainstormed fall activities, wrote a pre-writing web, and began their rough draft. Next week, we’ll work on editing, revising, publishing and illustrating our stories. Phonics Games

Math: Students will round two digit numbers to the nearest ten, and continue the study of place value (understanding the amount of tens and ones that make up a number). Daily practice with addition, subtraction, and problem solving continue during our calendar time and math stations.Place Value PracticeAdd & Subtract word problemsRound to the Nearest TenSeashell Rounding Activity

Science: Students will describe the differences between weathering and erosion and how it happens and can be prevented. Please continue to review the study guide that came home with the homework! Study Jams! Weathering & Erosion Video

Please check your child’s folders nightly, and sign the yellow tiger check in their folders. Thank you for all that you do at home! Have a wonderful weekend!!


We have had a wonderful start to October! I am so very proud of your kiddos they have a point system in specials and they essentially win a class trophy for the month based the amount of points received across their grade level! For September, our class won the golden shoe from PE, Shelf Elf from library, and creation stations from art! I am so proud of them for working hard!

  • Friday, October 12th – 1st 9 Weeks Interim Reports! 2nd-5th grade does not send home paper copies. Parents can access student grades via Power School Parent Portal. Power School Link
  •  Sign up for a conference here! Available days are November 6 morning or November 8 evening.

Academic Focus for next week:

Reading:  This week we will move into predicting. Students will make predictions about what they think will happen in a story before, during, and confirm their predictions after reading. Please continue to review with students making connections to texts with personal experiences and continue the practice of rereading for fluency while reading at home. We continue to segment sounds of words, read and write words with blends in them.

Spelling/Writing:  Spell the Sight Words Game Complete the Sentence with the Correct Sight Word Noun Games – Click here!

Science: This week we are moving into learning about weathering and erosion. We will send home a study guide with the homework on Monday!

Math: Place Value- Students will read, write, model and identify the amount of tens and ones in a 2 digit number, understand the digit value of the place tens or ones, and begin comparing (without >,< or = yet). Number Concepts through 50 Shark Pool Place Value  Place Value Hockey!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and everyone is safe and has power!!


Happy Friday!

We have had a great week in 2nd grade! Students have worked hard and had lots of fun! It is hard to believe we are already sailing into October! Bring on the cooler weather and beautiful colors of fall!

Graded papers went home in the students folders today, please take them out and look over them and sign the yellow tiger check in the back of their folder!

Reminder: Sign up for a conference Nov. 6th or 8th if the times do not work for you we can work to figure out a better time.

Academics Next Week:

Reading: Students will continue to learn about making connections to texts with personal experiences and continue the practice of rereading for fluency with both fiction and non-fiction text. We continue to segment sounds of words, read and write words with blends in them. Spell the Sight Words Game Complete the Sentence with the Correct Sight Word

Writing/Spelling: Monday is the day that we will begin our spelling list! Students will get a list of spelling words to practice throughout the week

This weeks words are: write, because, does, first, off, goodnight, football, friendship, doorbell, blueberry. We’ll work with them in class, discussing vowel sounds, blends, and compound words.  Spelling and writing assessment is on Friday. Students will also begin to identify and categorize nouns. Noun Games – Click here!

Math: Our math objectives next week include: skip count by 2’s, 5’s, & 10’s to 120 from different starting points, count backwards from 120 by 10’s, and use objects to identify “odd” and “even” sets. Skip Counting Sequence practice Even or Odd? practice Skip Counting Puzzles

Social Studies: We are moving back to Social Studies this week and will begin our map skills/geography unit. Students will learn about the compass rose, map title, map key/legend and symbols to read a map. Students will identify key US features. Please have your child review the study guide attached to the homework nightly. 

Fundraiser News: We are just $5,000 away from our $20,000 goal and we want EVERY Tiger to attend the Big Blast Costume Party on October 30! Therefore, we are going to extend the deadline to Friday, October 5! Please click here to watch a special promotional video we created with our teachers. Remember, you can register online and send emails to family, friends, coworkers, anyone! Students must have $50 in donations to attend the Big Blast Inflatable Party on October 30 from 12-2.  Registration Link

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  🙂

September 21, 2018

Happy Friday Tiger Families!

We have had a nice week! We had a fantastic first STEAM day!

Sign up for a conference Nov 6th or Nov 8th Click Here

After school enrichment begins Oct.3rd  Click here to get more info or sign up!

Homework due Monday September 24th! Graded papers were sent home today in the gray folder, please remember to sign the yellow tiger check in your child’s folder!

Our school fundraiser is still going on! The Fall Fundraiser,

Upcoming Academics:

Reading: We are moving on to reading nonfiction text this week! Students will continue to practice reading fluency (reading smoothly). We will also continue working on tricky vowel sounds and blends! Spell the Sight Words Game Complete the Sentence with the Correct Sight Word

Writing: We’ll continue our personal narratives, “All About Me”. Students are going to have peer and teacher conferences to help them edit their stories for correct capitalization, punctuation, sentence flow, and staying on topic.

Math: Our math objectives next week include: skip count by 2’s, 5’s, & 10’s to 120 from different starting points, count backwards from 120 by 10’s, and use objects to identify “odd” and “even” sets. Skip Counting Sequence practice  Even or Odd? practice    Skip Counting Puzzles

Science: We continue our extreme weather unit, focused on these objectives: observe and record daily weather conditions including daily temperature, identify appropriate weather tools and common types of storms. Please continue reviewing the study guide, students will be assessed Friday 9/28.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


September 15, 2018

Happy Thursday!

Please note we will not have school tomorrow 9/14 due to possible effects from Hurricane Florence.

9/19- We will have a half day of school- This will be a STEAM day for us! Flyers will come out Monday with more information! Please send a note in writing if your child is going home a different way this day!

Homework will begin on Monday!

Please remember to send in your $5.00 donation for Time for Kids magazines!

Also if you missed back to school night I emailed the presentation to you! Here is the link if you did not receive it! Back To School Night 17-18

Reading: This week we continued to work on fluency in reading. Students are practicing reading with expression. We are also working on tricky vowels this week to help us use this knowledge to figure out words that we may not know. Free Children’s Stories online

Writing: This week we are going to focus on the steps of the writing process. We will work on a pre-writing web, rough draft, editing, and composing a final copy. I will work through this process with them, and model each aspect of this process for students to understand what is expected from the steps in the writing process.  Click here for an online Story Maker!

Math: We will begin working on skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s starting a different numbers. Students will also learn to skip count backwards by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  Skip Counting Activity  Skip Counting Game

Science: We will be transitioning into a unit about extreme weather! Students will learn about tornadoes, hurricanes (students have been curious about this), blizzards, floods, and droughts. We will also study the various tools used to track and record information from these different types of extreme weather. Look for a study guide attached to the HW packet for essential vocabulary.  Compare temps on thermometers activity   Weather Pictures to identify Vocab Matching Game

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, and be safe!  😀

Ms. Fletcher

September 7, 2018

Happy Friday! We have had a fantastic first week of second grade! I am excited to work with your lovely children this year! We were greeted on the bus loop with this fabulous welcome sign!

Today we enjoyed a fundraiser assembly!

A Yellow Tiger Check was sent home in your child’s daily folder today. This will stay in your child’s folder and every Friday we will send home graded papers! This form also tells you how to sign up on Powerschool to keep up to date on your child’s grades!

Back to School Night is September 11, at 6:00. Please come and check out more about your child’s daily schedule, grading, SOLS, and all about 2nd grade!

Weekly Academics:

Reading: We had shared fiction read alouds, and discussed the word fluency – practicing reading smoothly to match author’s meaning. Students completed Reader’s Responses for each book, answering comprehension questions, writing short answers, and were given opportunities to read aloud portions of stories we shared.

Phonics/Spelling: We worked on words with consonant blends -sk, -sm, -sn, -sp, -st, -sw, and consonant digraphs -ch, -sh, -th. Students completed 2 activities and were charged with being “word detectives” by writing down any other words we found with these blends.  Your child can practice this game at home Consonant Blends Game     Digraphs Practice

Math: We began to discuss daily calendar math routines. We also focused on  counting, writing and recognizing ordinal positions first through twentieth was the skill we worked on. Here are ways to support this at home: Ordinal Numbers Game 1  Ordinal Numbers Game 2     Ordinal Numbers up to 10th

Social Studies: Social Studies this week focused on citizenship. Students discussed, defined & drew connections to  4 vocabulary words in their journals this week: self-discipline, self-reliance, honesty & trustworthiness.

Thank you for a great first week, and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!  Ms. Fletcher