New Beginnings in 2017-2018!

Mentor 2

Professional Dev Planners and Mentor Coordinators (list by school)

HCPS Locker (Intranet, staff server or ethernet connection)

Monthly Calendar and Monthly Talking Points

Mentor and Buddy Roster
(Individual School Spreadsheets)


Article Highlights

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Teaching Job Mid-Year
New Beginnings
The Second Semester
Find Your Marigold: The One Essential Rule for New Teachers
How to Be (of Find) a Truly Great Teaching Mentor 


What to do:   Teachers Hired After New Teacher Academy
-Assign a mentor or buddy to the new teacher and ask the mentor/buddy to initiate contact
-Add the new teacher to the Mentor Coordinator Google spreadsheet
-Share the HCPS Locker website with new teachers:  HCPS Locker (Intranet, staff server or ethernet connection)

Email the new teacher’s name to the following individuals:
-ITRT:  the ITRT will provide technology training
-PowerSchool trainer:  the PS trainer will provide training related to attendance and grading
-School Nurse:  the school nurse will ensure that all safety-related videos are viewed and understood
-Content Specialist:  The supervising content specialist from central office will assist with instructional-related information.  For elementary teachers, please contact all four core content specialists.

Teachers hired after January 1, 2017, are invited to attend the Tuesday session of New Teacher Academy in August 2017.  Attendance is not mandatory, and the option should be discussed with the building principal to determine if attendance would be beneficial.  Please contact Tracie Weston if the decision is made for late hires to attend NTA.


Helpful reminders…

First-Year Teacher (0-years’ experience), assign a Mentor
Year-2 Teacher (beginning the second year of teaching), assign a Year-Two Mentor
New Hire (new to HCPS but has at least three years teaching experience), assign a Buddy

Points for Mentoring
Remember, only mentors and buddies are eligible to receive PD points, not the teacher being mentored.
A maximum of 90 points can be earned during the five-year renewal period.

New Teacher Academy Website


End of Year Talking Points
•    Cumulative folder documentation
•    Student motivation
•    Flexibility during schedule interruptions
•    Test taking strategies
•    Post-assessment instruction
•    Summer Professional Development
•    Reflection and goal setting
•    End-of-year tasks and responsibilities

Mid-Year Talking Points
•    Grading, retention and failure policies
•    Scheduling procedures
•    Exam/SOL policies and procedures
•    Remediation strategies
•    Reflection
•    Time/stress management
•    Internet safety
•    Second-semester goals

Suggested Talking Points for October-December

•    Interims and/or report cards
•    Parent conferences
•    SOL teaching timeline
•    Active learning strategies
•    Questioning techniques
•    Review organizational strategies
•    Tools for Teaching classroom management strategies
•    Procedures for obtaining student assistance (guidance, site-based team, Child Study etc.)
•    Standardized testing
•    Data collection and analysis
•    Differentiating instruction
•    Inclement weather procedures
•    Share informal time, build rapport and trust.
•    Technology integration

Suggested Talking Points for September

-Back to School Night
-Parent communication (positive and negative)
-Documentation of parent contact
-Subfinder, substitute folder, and emergency lesson plans
-Questions about Crisis Plan
-Strategies for lesson transitions
-Developing a PGEP and suggestions for self-evaluation.
-Discuss policies and impact of holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.)
-The necessity of flexibility
-Tracking student progress
-Pacing guides
-Policy for make-up work
-Field trip procedures
-Preparing for nine-weeks assessment
-Instructional strategies
-SOL resources, pacing guides, etc…
-Compliance with IEPs and 504s

HCPS Policies and Regulations
Student Data Privacy Information

Suggested August Talking Points
-What to expect the first day of school
-Planning for the first week
-Suggestions for ice breakers and bell ringers
-Locating and securing supplies
-SOL resources, pacing guides, etc…
-Faculty expectations, duties, meetings, deadlines, etc…
-Locating equipment
-Compliance with IEPs and 504s
-Attendance procedures
-Fee collection
-School calendar
-Classroom set-up
-School culture and dynamics
-Absence procedures/Subfinder
-Financial responsibilities
-Contractual Hours
HCPS Policies and Regulations
Student Data Privacy Information


Student Empathy Video

If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching

A New Teacher’s First Day of School – Kleenex® Brand

20 Tips for First Year Teachers that Will Make You the Rookie of the Year

Forms & Due Dates

New Teacher Academy Attendance Form (pony to Carolyn Hunter-PD Department, on Monday, August 29, 2016)

New Teacher Academy Survey– Secondary (completed by September 2, 2016)

New Teacher Academy Survey -Elementary  (completed by September 2, 2016)


2016-17 Mentor Roster Google Spreadsheet (updated by September 30)

Fred Jones User Agreement (due to Carolyn Hunter by October 1, 2016)


Mentor Observation of Mentee Form (completed by October 28, 2016)

Half-Day Observation Form to be used by first-year teachers (completed by November 18, 2016 )

Observation Verification Form  (due to Carolyn Hunter by December 12, 2016)


Mentor/Buddy Meeting Log

Mentor Coordinator’s Log



Background Information

Henrico County Public Schools is committed to providing a professional, continuing, induction program that assists all newly hired teachers. Much time, effort and expense goes into recruiting outstanding educators. It is imperative that these newly hired teachers have a rewarding first year and remain in the school system. The mentor program in Henrico County is structured to provide multiple layers of support to ensure that no newly hired teacher feels s/he is “all alone.” The division of Staff Development trains Mentor Coordinators from each building to work with the building level administration and mentors to ensure regular assistance and site-based training is in place to support new employees.
A mentor is assigned to each beginning teacher.

A mentor is a friend, confidant, and role model that assists with beginning teacher induction. A mentor provides enthusiastic, non-evaluative support while helping the beginning teacher learn the “ropes” of teaching in Henrico County. The mentor is available to share and provide assistance to the newly hired teacher.

A buddy is a friend, confidant, and role model to assist the new hire with her/his transition into Henrico County Public Schools. The buddy is available to share and provide assistance to the new hire as s/he learns the “ropes” of teaching in Henrico County. Understandably, the most important ingredient in the process is the relationship between the experienced professional and the teacher who is new to the county.
Throughout this sitebeginning teacher” refers to a teacher with 0  years of experience and “new hire” refers to the teacher that is experienced but new to Henrico County. A buddy is provided for each new hire.