Blog responses! * This will begin in class May 29!

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We will be working on responding via technology, rather than just pencil and paper! 

  1. Above the blog post, it reads ” Leave a Comment”. 
  2. Look below the post for the “Leave a Reply” box. Click inside the large white text box to respond to the question.
  3. Please respond to the question in complete sentences!
  4. Be sure to put your initials ( don’t type your full name) in the name box. For email address, we will work on using our hcps email in class.
  5. If you like what someone else posted, tell them! Use complete sentences to tell them why you like what they posted.  Check over your work before you post! 


Here is our first question:

What is your favorite fairy tale? Why?


Henricus was great!

What a wonderful group! They were AWESOME on our field trip and we learned so much!!!

Kayque and Brandon are ready to hunt. Brandon is waiting for a deer to come near…. 
This trip was great for so many reasons! One big reason why it was so wonderful was that we could touch and explore!

The three sisters… “Sister Corn” (played by Ashby), “Sister Bean” (played by Aaliyah) and “Sister Squash” (played by Seba). Great job girls!
We talked about hunting in Virginia’s forests. After you hunt your deer, what do you do? We learned how they used everything the deer had to offer.
 Longhouse living! 
SmokArrows were made of river reeds, turkey feathers, bone, stone, rock, and/or wood!

Updated Sight Word List

Please be sure your child can spell and read all of these sight words. This is our list from the whole year, so far.

always care ahead another big
because does ahead around bigger
bigger easy are believe can
call every done big can’t
come eyes everyone busy cold
could find everywhere cold doesn’t
even first grew everywhere feel
favorite give here fly friend
fight grew hot happen high
fight happen how it’s hot
have high kept just how
here hot lift learn knew
like make once left long
live never place like made
never over play other many
next people show play myself
old rolling soon read never
over show spring right new
rather so tall sing old
ready so than sing perfect
rolling some they sometimes place
spring there too summer rather
tall there’s tried that’s read
they’re things very their some
three those wants there’s things
use three warm those walk
when through what wants want
where where whole watch warm
would will work while were
yet you’re world will whole

Update and News for the week of 2/26!

Dear Parents,

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! This is our second week in the word study rotation for suffixes. Please continue to help your child complete their homework. Our focus will continue to be on inferring with poems and texts. We will meet in guided reading groups and meet in guided math groups as well. In math we will begin to look at fractions of a set and of a whole. We will explore fractions that are all around us in our daily lives. We will begin a new science unit on matter.  We are excited about all of our “Seuss-tastic Seuss-ebrations” this week! Feel free to allow your child to being Dr. Seuss books with them to school! I have added a page called, ” Ozobot Roadtrip”. Visit this page to see our Henrico 21 lesson and all of our AMAZING work using the geography information in our interactive notebook and schema! I am SO PROUD of them!!!

Weekly Homework

Read EVERY night before bed!

Monday – Math Night

  • Read the weekly poem. Find the sight words.
  • Get on Xtra math or RAZ kids
  • Complete the math worksheet all by yourself. Remember mistakes help us to learn.


Tuesday – Writing Night

  • What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? Write and tell us about it! Be sure to use AT LEAST 4 sentences and a good, strong topic sentence!
  • Read the weekly poem.


Wednesday- Math Night

  • Read the weekly poem. Practice reading with expression.
  • Get on Xtra math or RAZ kids
  • Read a Dr. Seuss book, or any book of your choice. Complete 1 Reading Response question about what you read!

Thursday- Word Study Night

  • Sort ALL of your word study words. Read each word as your sort it.
  • Pick 3 words. Write three sentences with these words. Try to make your sentences descriptive and fun!
  • Read the weekly poem and practice your sight words.
  • Study for the test on your sight words. These words are in the bottom right box on your newsletter.

Monday: Green Eggs and Ham Day- Wear Green!

Tuesday: Fox in Socks Day- Wear Funky Socks!

Wacky Wednesday- Wear your clothes in a wacky way!

Thursday: Lorax Day- wear a mustache!

Friday: Cat in the Hat Day- Wear a crazy hat or dress as your favorite Seuss character.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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Dear Families,

I wanted to take a moment to wish you a restful and wonderful break. I hope that you enjoy all of the time with your sweet children, as I have so far this year. I feel personally blessed to have your child in my class and to work with such supportive parents. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for  the times you have sent in supplies, lent a helping hand, or passed along encouraging words of thanks. I love what I do and have enjoyed spending the end of 2017 with such sweet Mallards. We will hit the ground running in 2018 and make every moment count! Happy holidays and new year!

  • Mrs. Mara Brennan

Ongoing list of Sight Words

Hello families!

Here is the list of the sight words, so far. Please be sure that your child is practicing reading and spelling the words. Thank you!- Mrs. Brennan


have so what will many because every are Yet
sing can’t that don’t know think doing when First
does those myself where show want other old Tried
use find very their doesn’t come there around Learn
cold they could you’re than it’s big bigger Knew
1 2