Adding Two Digit Numbers Practice

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Hello families!
As you probably have seen, our chromebooks arrived today! The great thing about that is the students will have a computer that is ” their computer” to use this year. When I walked into our classroom this morning and saw the chromebooks, I had to rework our math lesson to include them. The students are so excited and I am too! I used the site I have linked below. I love this site for practice because it allows the user to use the “scratchpad” to show work. We used this in class today to explore different strategies to solve double digit addition problems. We broke apart numbers, added by place value, and some used their 120 chart. It was an amazingly insightful lesson for me, as I was able to see how they attacked these problems!


Click on this link!

The Three Questions

We will be reading and  discussing the book The Three Questions .

The boy in the book, Nikolai, asks three very deep questions about life. They are:

  1. When is it the best time to do things?
  2. Who is the most important one?
  3. What is the right thing to do?

We are using this to guide us in decision making. We will be discussing “deep” questions and “surface” questions to assist us in making choices and in having a better understanding of texts we are reading and material we are studying.

When redirecting choices, we reference the three questions…

” Is it the best time to do this?”

” Who or what is the most important one?”

” What is the right thing to do?”