Updated Sight Word List

Please be sure your child can spell and read all of these sight words. This is our list from the whole year, so far.

always care ahead another big
because does ahead around bigger
bigger easy are believe can
call every done big can’t
come eyes everyone busy cold
could find everywhere cold doesn’t
even first grew everywhere feel
favorite give here fly friend
fight grew hot happen high
fight happen how it’s hot
have high kept just how
here hot lift learn knew
like make once left long
live never place like made
never over play other many
next people show play myself
old rolling soon read never
over show spring right new
rather so tall sing old
ready so than sing perfect
rolling some they sometimes place
spring there too summer rather
tall there’s tried that’s read
they’re things very their some
three those wants there’s things
use three warm those walk
when through what wants want
where where whole watch warm
would will work while were
yet you’re world will whole

Ongoing list of Sight Words

Hello families!

Here is the list of the sight words, so far. Please be sure that your child is practicing reading and spelling the words. Thank you!- Mrs. Brennan


have so what will many because every are Yet
sing can’t that don’t know think doing when First
does those myself where show want other old Tried
use find very their doesn’t come there around Learn
cold they could you’re than it’s big bigger Knew

The Three Questions

We will be reading and  discussing the book The Three Questions .

The boy in the book, Nikolai, asks three very deep questions about life. They are:

  1. When is it the best time to do things?
  2. Who is the most important one?
  3. What is the right thing to do?

We are using this to guide us in decision making. We will be discussing “deep” questions and “surface” questions to assist us in making choices and in having a better understanding of texts we are reading and material we are studying.

When redirecting choices, we reference the three questions…

” Is it the best time to do this?”

” Who or what is the most important one?”

” What is the right thing to do?”