Safety Reminders

Our school community looks forward to new academic challenges that bring reward. SMART SCHOOL SAFETY will ensure that our students and teachers work in the most nurturing learning environment possible. This starts with your help! Please abide by the following AT ALL TIMES:

SIGN-IN/SIGN-OUT — Parents must always sign-in and sign-out at the office upon visiting/leaving the school. This includes any time you volunteer or eat lunch with your child. In the event of a fire or other emergency that requires evacuation, we must account for every student and adult on the premises.

HUG AND KISS ZONES — We will have new outdoor locations at the front and rear of the school for parents to drop off their children in the mornings. If you wish to walk your child further to the classroom we will have you sign-in at these checkpoints.

PARENTS OF WALKERS—We ask that you wait for your child at the crosswalk in the afternoons. Please do not wait in the bus loop.

RESTRICTED PARKING— Parents are reminded not to park in the gravel lot at any time during the school day. Please park out front and sign-in at the office whenever visiting the school.

CAFETERIA POLICY— Students are instructed never to open the cafeteria door for adults. Parents must wait for a teacher or staff member wearing an HCPS badge to unlock and open the door for you.

ARRIVAL TIMES — Please do not drop off your child out front when no adult is present (before 7:20 or after 7:40). If your child is tardy you must accompany him/her into the office for sign-in.

Thank you for your putting your trust in all of us at Pinchbeck Elementary. Your children are precious to us in so many ways, and we depend upon practices and policies to be followed.