RAZ Kids and Spelling City Directions for Reading and Word Study

RAZKIDS Directions
Here is how to access the website from any computer connected to the Internet:

1. Go to www.raz-kids.com from your Internet browser and click on .

2. Teacher Username is mdamron and click .

3. Find your name or symbol on the chart and click on that symbol.

4. Enter a password – This was sent home in your child’s Take Home Folder

5. Your child can choose to listen, read, or take a quiz by clicking on the symbols below each book. Please MONITOR your child to make sure they are not just clicking through the pages to earn points without reading.

6. This site can be used for reading homework. (Don’t forget to mark the Reading Log)


1. Click on spellingcity.com

2. Click on “Find a List”

3. Type in “rays three”

4. Scroll down and Click on “Rays Three”

5. Scroll down and choose your child’s group color (purple, pink, green, yellow).

6. Choose any of the following for practice: