Upcoming Assessments

Due to the 2-hr delay, I’ve decided to change up our assessment schedule a bit (I am very read to have a regular schedule again that is interrupted! Fingers crossed!).

Math – 4.2a-c (identifying fractions, benchmark fractions, equivalent fractions) QUIZ will now be on Tuesday, February 5th

Virginia Studies – VS. 5a-b Revolutionary War (Causes of the war, key Virginians) QUIZ will also be on Tuesday, February 5th

**These will be short quizzes, just so I can get that they’re retaining the important information. I will just be assessing facts for Virginia Studies and if they’re understanding the processes I’m teaching in Math.

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A little bit about me - this is my 8th year teaching, with seven years being in 4th grade. I am SO excited to become part of the Colonial Trail community and am looking forward to seeing what the school year will bring!
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