Multicultural Night

Who: all students at Colonial Trail Elementary

 When:  Thursday, February 21 from 6:30 – 7:30.

What:   Starting in January, all students will begin a schoolwide writing prompt at school.  They will write about a person, place, thing, feeling, or idea that is important to their family.   This could be anything, such as pizza on Friday nights, your religion, a tradition, a grandparent, a significant family story, a piece of furniture, a family recipe, etc.  The students will also draw or take a photograph of whatever family artifact they chose.  Through their writing, the students will describe the artifact and explain its significance.

How:  The students will be writing for an authentic audience – families and staff of CTES. They will go through the entire writing process of Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Refining, and  Publishing.

Why: Every students’ writing and picture of their idea will be on display so all of our families can see the rich diverse school community that makes Colonial Trail a special place.

Where:  Every students’ writing and picture will be displayed on walls and/or on tables throughout the school building.  First grades’ work will be on display in the gym since they are performing this night.  A sampling of food/desserts from around the world will be available in the cafeteria as well.

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A little bit about me - this is my 8th year teaching, with seven years being in 4th grade. I am SO excited to become part of the Colonial Trail community and am looking forward to seeing what the school year will bring!
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