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Students, feel free to chat here about school.  Make sure your comments are appropriate and evidence of your best behavior.  Otherwise, you may not see your comment.  🙂  This is also meant for serious posts, not just “hi” and “hello.”

August Questions:  Who’s excited about another school year getting started?  What have you enjoyed most about your summer and what are you most looking forward to this fall?

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  1. Hey Mrs.Atkins, I miss you so much! Btw, i dont know if you remember me or not but i am Lily. you helped me grow so much i am even in all advanced classes!

  2. HEYYY Ms.Atkins, how are you doing? So im moving back to New York City friday,and wanted to say byee.I’ll try to keep in contact but it New York its going to be a lot.Well have a great rest of your day!

    • Hey Ashwaq! Moving again? WOW! Well I’m sure you’re excited to be going back to NYC. It’s always been a place I love to visit! I’d love to keep hearing about how things are going. Thanks for reaching out!! Hope the transition goes well! Good luck with everything! – Miss A

      • Heyy sorry its been a long time….i got busy with family friends life and school… how you doin? and ya the transition was hard because you know meni will get along with anyone! :] oh and your welcome … i love reaching out to my old teachers it brings back memories!

  3. HEYYY, Miss. Atkins do you remeber me,it was just 4 months ago.SO… hows life?
    6th grade is something else, different 8 different teachers and so many kids in one class,but its fine i’ve got used to it. The teachers are great they are so nice,and loving.I WON student of the week 2times in a row for always smiling and being kind to everyone teachers,staff,and students.How’s Ms.Staib can you plz tell her i said hi and Mrs. Nowicki, and i heard Mrs.blackburn is not a 5th grade teacher anymore, i didnnt even get to say byr.If you still have contact with her tell her I said hi plz if you dont mind. BYEEEE Miss.Atkins i have 2 project to do. Miss you,and 5th grade was an interesting year thx for everything I didnt get to say that when i left,oh and i got the photo thing you guys made in those last 3weeks thx!

    • Hey Ashwaq! Of course I remember you! I’m so glad to hear that you received the photo and are having such a good time in middle school. I am not surprised that you have been recognized for your smiling and kind personality. I will pass along your hellos. Ms. B is still at Springfield Park; she just has a new role as our resource teacher. I was glad to have you in my class last year – everyday was an adventure and I think we all learned a lot. Keep in touch and do your best! – Miss A

  4. Hi Miss Atkins I miss you so much. I’m in 6th grade now and i’m still getting used to the move but I learned a lot when I moved. One of the things I learned was to look ahead and not back when something has changed weather good or bad and in this case something happened bad to me, I had to leave all my friends. At the beginning of the year I looked back and was always upset at school but now I learned to look forward and it helped me make new friends and taught me how to stay joyful no matter what happen. My point is life is going great for me even though sometimes I just want everything to stop but I just want you to know I will never forget you. your student, Gabby

    • Gabby – It’s so good to hear from you and I’m so proud of you for facing the challenge of leaving your friends like a champ! This is a great life lesson that will get easier each time you begin something new. I remember how tough my last day of 5th grade as knowing I was going to a different middle school than most of my friends. Then, I made some awesome friends in middle school who taught me new things. I made new friends in high school, in college, and each time I moved to teach at a new elementary school. Life is all about changes, and I’m so glad to hear that you are embracing your new school. I hope you have some great teachers this year and you are finding ways to be involved at school. Keep smiling, pretty girl! – Miss A

  5. Hi Ms. Atkins, I was looking through my bookmarks for Gayton and I found your website! Middle School is a lot more than I expected, and the IB Projects are a lot different from what was in Fifth Grade. I miss Gayton, and I miss you so much! Hopefully you are enjoying the school year so far!

    • Hey Shruthy – So good to hear from you! I’m proud of you for applying and going to the IB program. It is a lot of work and new projects, but I loved my 3 years in the program. I hope that you are learning a lot and having a wonderful 6th grade year! Things at SPES are going well – each year brings new excitement! – Miss A

  6. Dear Miss Atkins,
    Its Olivia N, I am trying to waste time so I don’t have to do homework right now,so if you could, please say “Hello” to Miss Blackburn & Mr.Whitehead! I know, I know I should do my homework right now… Just a couple more minutes wasted… I’ll do my homework now…

    • Hello Olivia – Thanks for your two messages! So excited to hear from you and that you’re doing well! Very cool that you moved back into the Pocahontas zone so you can meet up with some old friends! Sorry to hear about Serena, but hopefully you can find a way to email her. I will pass along your “hellos.” Don’t know if you heard, but Mr. Whitehead moved to middle school too. He is teaching science at Holman. Well have a great rest of your week! Make me proud!! – Miss A

        Seriously…He loved science too much…I would be surprised if he wasn’t a science teacher. I hope your students this year are precious ANGELS and if not,I hope they don’t make you too grumpy!

      • Hi miss Atkins it’s Gabby Tracy in sixth grade and I miss you so much and i’m just saying hi but when I read the part where Mr.Whitehead is now teaching in middle school I was so shocked but anyways I miss you so so much and I miss elementary School so much!!!!!

  7. Dear Miss Atkins,
    I am the great,average,maybe not, Olivia Nguyen! I am in 6th grade and in Pocahontas Middle. FINALLY got my computer today! I honestly think Im the last in the sixth grade to have a computer. Grace,Nya,and Katherine are here too! Unfortunately, Grace told me that Serena moved to Utah and Nya & Grace don’t go to any of my classes. Short Pump and Gayton are zoned to this school so I know some old faces here! I am still quiet around teachers and other students,but I met new friends! Anyway,I talk too much. Have a great year!

  8. Hi Miss Atkins its Nya. I really missed you. I’m in the 6th grade and really enjoying it. I just noticed that your blog was still in my bookmarks 🙂 . I’m really glad that I’m able to talk to you threw this.

    • Hey Nya! I’m so glad that you still have this as one of your bookmarks too! I hope that you are having a great time in middle school and liking your new school! Please keep in touch as often as you like! Have a great rest of the week! – Miss A

  9. Hey Ms. Atkins, it’s Noah, I’ve been enjoying middle school and I heard my friend, Gabe, got by class number. I wish we could still speak in person, but it’s good to know that I can still speak here. Middle school is alright, most of the teachers are nice here and I enjoy the classes, I can’t see everyone from the class last year, but I see a lot around the county. I was looking for this website for a while now, and now that I’ve found it, I’m happy. I’m doing well in class I’m even helping Josh in some categories, I hope you’re doing well. See ya!

    • Hey Noah – So glad that you were able to find the website again and reach out. It’s hard to believe that the year is almost up. I hope that you have enjoyed 6th grade and that you are working hard. Glad to hear that you are doing well and helping out your buddies. Miss seeing you guys, but I know you’re representing the Park well! Have a great last month of school! – Miss A

    • Hi Mrs. Atkins. This is Emma, I’m on safety patrol and i have to get out early.So when i had to leave i forgot my agenda and don’t remember what we have for homework.

      • Hey Emma – For math homework tonight, you were to list as many way as you can think that we use numbers and math in our daily lives. The minimum is 5, but I want to see how many you can come up with. You may make this list on the back of your definitions page or a piece of loose leaf. Thanks for being responsible and checking. – Miss A

    • Hey there Riley! Good to hear from you! Hope that you and Addie are doing well with Mrs. Conway and having a great 5th grade year. I’m sure you’re ready for break. Hope you enjoy the time off. – Miss A

      • Hey Miss Atkins, I was your student last year. I’m really enjoying middle school. So many things have changed. For starters I’m in middle school. I have braces. And I’m very happy to tell you that I have honor roll. Middle school is kind of hard. It could have been harder if you didn’t help me (& the rest of the class) to prepare for middle school. I have a lot of classes with people from last year. I also see a lot of people in the hallways.

        • Kristin – That is all some really great news! I’m glad to hear that you have honor roll and seem to be enjoying middle school. It certainly does bring a lot of changes. Please pass along my hello to everyone as you see them in class, and good luck with the last marking period! – Miss A

    • Of course I remember you Miss Olivia!! I hope that you are enjoying your year at Longan! I know a few teachers over there and I’m sure they are excited to have you!!

  10. Hey Miss Atkins! Remember when I said that I saw Riley for the first time since school ended? Well that started something big! We started talking to each other on the phone, then we had a pool play date, and now she invited me to her pool party and all my other friends will be there to !!! I think it’s going to be so much fun!!!

    Your old student, Addie

    • I do remember that! I’m glad that you two have kept up such a great relationship! It’s so nice to have good friends to hang out with. Hope that you are enjoying these last few days of summer!! Have a great time at the pool party!

      Miss A

  11. Dear Miss Atkins,
    I had another dream about you. I read the replies today and felt good to see that you replied. I can’t stop thinking about you. Cooper says HI. Where do you live? I want to have a “play date”.
    From, Addie

  12. Dear Miss Atkins,
    I saw Riley for the first time today! I’ve been thinking about you. You were the best teacher ever and know one could ever replace you. I had a dream that I saw you again. I wish I could see you again in person.
    Your friend, Addie

    • That is such a sweet note Addie. I’m sure you will see me again in person one day!!! I’m glad that you and Riley are still able to hang out…I know three whole weeks was pretty tough to stay apart. Thanks for keeping in touch…I’ll try to be better about checking the blog!! Did you do anything fun for the 4th?

  13. Salut Miss Atkins! Je manquer vous so beaucoup. Je de’me’nage’ en ma nouveau maison hier! il est so chaud!!! A plus tard.

    • Salut, Addie! I’m sorry I took so long to reply, but I love the french! New house sounds like fun!!! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

  14. Hi miss Atkins! We will really miss you when you go to another school, we all love you and we will be thinking of you always!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hi Miss Atkins! Will you be using this website at Springfield Elementary? I wish that you could stay… but I know that its to late. Plus you said that you would tell us after testing is over. Didn’t you say that there would be people retaking tests… so then you didn’t wait!
    Your Student,
    Shruthy 🙂

    • Yes, Shruthy. I will be maintaining this website with my next class and you are welcome to drop a line any time. I’ve had several students from the past check in and leave me notes. I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

  16. Hi Miss Atkins! This is Grace from last year! I miss you sooo much! Hope my little brother Reese isn’t causing any trouble when he comes to your class 🙂

    I Miss You,
    Grace Leonard

    • Hi Grace! Nice to hear from you! Hope you’re still enjoying middle school! Reese is doing fine. 😀 – Miss A

  17. Hi Miss . A this is Hannah and I wanted to say hi and I miss you so much I hope I will see you soon and if you see Ms. Levy can you say hi for me thank you and I will see late bye!

    • Hey Hannah! It’s nice to hear from you. I will be sure to pass along your message to Ms. Levy! Hope you’re having fun in middle school!

  18. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I miss u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hey Miss Atkins what’s up I’m just starting homework only 10 more days of school for me I’m gonna miss you and all my friend’s there. Your,friend Tia. p.s wear orange well byeeeee.

    • We are going to miss you too! The cool thing is that you can still check in with us and keep us up to date on life in South Dakota. Good luck with homework. See you in orange tomorrow!

  20. hi Miss A,It’s Olivia ! Your a great teacher ! Wear orange in the morning OK! It is fun being in your class! Your Student

  21. Hey Miss Atkins whens your birthday because I’m going to get you a present before I leave if your birthday is after I leave then I’m gonna get you a present. Your, friend Tia bye wear orange.

  22. hey miss atkins remember me from 5th grade
    u were my reading teacher
    well I just wanted to say hi and that I miss gayton and u and miss levy so much!
    -Natalie Kudelya
    Hope I can visit soon

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