We’ll use this space to record all of the great books we’ll be reading in class this year…because yes, Miss Atkins LOVES to read and share that love with her students.  You can start by checking out the summaries of Miss A’s read alouds and then take a glance through our different Literature Circle novels.


Wizard of Oz: WOO Writing Essay

Check out the summaries of each story that we’ll be exploring as we get our first taste of Literature Circles with our Andrew Clements Author Study.

Want to learn about what it’s like to be new to a country?  The United States is made up of many people who have come for new opportunities and made a lasting impact on our culture.  Check out the following summaries of novels we’ll cover with our Immigration Literature Circle.

Our Southeast Literature Circle takes us to several states at various points in history to help us better understand the climate, both physically and socially in America’s southeastern states.  Check out the summaries below.