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  1. When do I get my SOL results? Even though I moved do I still get it? Thank you for being my favorite and last teacher!!!! I’m so happy I got you as my teacher thank you and also i miss you so so much!!!! I’ll always remember you!!! -Gabby Tracy

    • Hey Gabby – I believe that you should still get your results. If you left a forwarding address with the post office, then your mail should still find you. Hope you enjoyed your summer and are getting ready for a fun adventure in middle school! – Miss A

  2. hi miss Atkins!you are a great teacher, i just wanted to let you know that im trying my hardest to work on elapsed time and multiplication. God bless!
    your student, Grace Bryant.

  3. Hi miss Atkins! I think this is one of my favorite classes. Today I gave my best effort. My goal this year is to get strait As.

  4. hello Miss Atkins!It is an honor to be in your class this year!I will try to improve on my not so good grades.I will give my best effort to get strait As or even A pluses even,you are the best teacher i have ever known!love ya!

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