Turkey Day is Just Around the Corner

Here’s what life looks like in the classroom this week:

Language Arts: We are almost half-way through our novel study with The Wizard of Oz.  Students are working nicely on their folders to keep up with the sequence of events and character development.  I am looking forward to seeing their thoughts as we move into more aspects of the book that are drastically different from the movie.  There will be no weekly story or word study during this shortened week.  We will begin again after the holiday.

Math: Students are working on rounding decimals as well as computation with decimals currently.  The different math classes are moving at slightly different paces, but all students should be reviewing their basic facts as we work on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.

Social Studies/Science: We will continue our discussions on the history of schools in Henrico County this week. Students will compare education of the past to the school system of today.  Next week, students will complete a review assignments on science topics covered so far before we begin our unit on Oceanography!

Happy Monday!

We’ve made it to October!  YAY!  Check out information from this week’s newsletter below:

  • Interims came home today.  Please sign and return by Friday.
  • Also, by Friday, please return the permission slip and money for in-house field-trip with Young Science.  Our first lesson will be here before we know it on October 28th.
  • For anyone looking to show off their creative side, students are encouraged to enter the PTA Reflections Contest.  There are many categories in which they can enter: choreography, film, literature, composition, photography, and visual arts. The theme is “Let your imagination fly…” and these projects are due October 14th.
  • For those interested in the I.B. program at Moody Middle School, applications are now available.  There will also be an information session at Moody on October 22nd that I highly recommend if your child is interested in the program.

What’s happening in the classroom:

  • Language Arts: Students will continue to talk about the meaning behind many well-known words and phrases as we wrap up our work with Frindle.  They can also expect to spend a bit more time discussing Author’s Purpose.  Our final Greek and Latin root of Unit 1 will look at words that use DICT, and we will focus our writing on using verbs.
  • Math: We will continue working with computation and word problems.  Students will look at the word clues that will help determine whether they should add, subtract, multiply, or divide.  Please spend a little time each day reviewing math facts with your child.
  • Social Studies: As we look at the social sciences and the different themes within, students will explore what it’s like to be a geographer as we review map skills and begin our look at the geography of Henrico County.

Coming Up This Week

Here’s a recap of what you will find in this week’s newsletter:

Coming up in the classroom:

  • Language Arts: We continue to push forward with our study of Greek and Latin Stems.  This week we will focus on SPEC words, and the idea of “seeing.”  Students will explore adjectives and adverbs in their reading and writing passages this week.  We will also begin work on our second story from the textbook, an excerpt from Frindle, as we study author’s purpose.
  • Math: We are working on solving word problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We will continue to review even, odd, prime, and composite numbers. 
  • Science/Social Studies: We will wrap up our intro/review of the scientific method before moving into a quick unit on the themes of social studies for this year.  We will look mostly at the idea of geography and practice our map skills.

Other Thoughts and Reminders

  • IB Applications: For anyone interested in the I.B. program at Moody Middle School, applications will be available from Ms. Otley (one of our school counselors) beginning Wednesday, September 30th and throughout October. There will be an information session at Moody on October 22nd. I highly recommend attending the information session if your child is interested in the program.
  • Reflections: This year’s theme is “Let Your Imagination Fly”! Information about all of the categories, as well as the Student Entry Form, can be found on the PTA website under Programs-Reflections. Remember that all entries are due by Wednesday, October 14th.  Please encourage your child to use this opportunity to show off their creative side!

Happy Friday!

This is a quick update for parents.  I have sent a test email to the class.  Please send me an email if you did not receive one.  Here are the quick announcements for next week.  Look for more curriculum-related information to come home in Monday’s newsletter.

  1. Picture Day is Monday!!! – All students will have their pictures taken for the yearbook. Order forms went home last week.
  2. Monday is also our Fall MAPS Reading Test. Students worked phenomenally hard on math this past week.
  3. Graded papers come home on Mondays and signed Springer Checks (with papers attached) should be returned to Miss Atkins by Friday of the same week. Please make sure you are checking your child’s folder on a regular basis.

Pushing Ahead in 5th!

I enjoyed meeting many of you at Back-to-School night last week.  Thank you so much for your support of what is happing at school.   I look forward to working together to ensure a positive 5th grade experience for you and your student.

This week we began taking the fall round of our MAPs tests. A letter explaining the tests and how they are used to guide instruction came home Friday. We will take the test in both reading and math.

Please remember this Wednesday, September 23rd is now  a FULL DAY OFF for students.

Coming Up In The Classroom:

Language Arts: We will complete our reading stations with the short story, “Sees Behind Trees,” as we discuss narrative elements.  Student should expect a comprehension quiz at the end of the week.  We will use this week to wrap up our look at nouns and then move into adjectives and adverbs as we look at grammar.  Our next word study list will focus on “man” words.  As a reminder, the students should complete a homework activity each night.

Math: All math classes will transition from prime and composite numbers into our computation unit.  Students should expect to work with addition and subtraction of whole numbers, both in isolation and word problems.

Science: Students will continue measuring with meter sticks, balances, and graduated cylinders to practice working with the metric system.  They will also review the steps of the scientific method and look at both inferences and observations.

First Week Success

Despite Miss A not having the full cooperation of her vocal cords, we had a successful first week in fifth grade!  The students showed lots of cooperation and have already begun to impress with their kind words to one another and their hard work on our diagnostic tests.  They did a great job with our first fire drill and have already been great participants in class discussions.  I am looking forward to working with each of them this year.

Coming up this week, we will get to know our reading textbook and begin our first short story study.  Students will be assigned their math teacher and we will begin switching for math class.  In science, we will review the experimental design process and complete a few measurement activities that will help refresh our memories on some of the tools that scientist use.  As discussed with the students last week, we will also dive into our Word Study and Grammar Units this week, working with the root “ped” and the use of nouns and pronouns.  Students can expect nightly homework with their Word Study and a quiz in both areas on Friday.

Also coming up this week:

  • Tuesday – Invite your Grandparents to Lunch.  We eat at 12:02.
  • Wednesday – Back to School Night begins at 6:30pm in the Gym.
  • Friday – We will enjoy our first assembly with a visit from the Richmond Ballet.

Happy Open House!

I am so excited to meet my new team at Springfield Park Elementary!  I want to extend a huge welcome to all of my new students and parents.  I am sure we are going to have a great time together this year exploring geology, oceanography, the history and geography of our great nations, how to convert fractions to decimals, and expanding our vocabulary.  Please make note of this blog as I will use it throughout the year for in-class activities as well as weekly communication.  Enjoy exploring the room today and meeting your new classmates.  A checklist is on your desk, so let’s get started on a phenomenal fifth grade year!

Happy Friday!

It’s the next to last Friday post!  Can you believe how far we have come?  The students have worked hard stretching their brains this week with some new math puzzles, talking about puns and irony in The Wizard of Oz, and researching many different inventions.  I know they are looking forward to finishing our read aloud next week and completing the movie to book compare and contrast.  They are also excited about presenting their invention projects and reading through our class fables.  We will also finish our cursive handwriting and thoroughly clean out our desks one last time.  For anyone interested in signing Field Day t-shirts or yearbooks, they should bring those items along with a sharpie on Monday morning.  Enjoy your weekends!!