Happy Friday!

It’s the next to last Friday post!  Can you believe how far we have come?  The students have worked hard stretching their brains this week with some new math puzzles, talking about puns and irony in The Wizard of Oz, and researching many different inventions.  I know they are looking forward to finishing our read aloud next week and completing the movie to book compare and contrast.  They are also excited about presenting their invention projects and reading through our class fables.  We will also finish our cursive handwriting and thoroughly clean out our desks one last time.  For anyone interested in signing Field Day t-shirts or yearbooks, they should bring those items along with a sharpie on Monday morning.  Enjoy your weekends!!

Invention Project

To wrap up the year, we will do one more research project where each student will work alone or with a partner to research an invention and its inventor.  They will answer questions like:

  • What does it do?
  • When was it invented?
  • Who invented it?
  • Who did it help?
  • How do we use it today?
  • Where was it invented?
  • How was it discovered?
  • Why is it useful?

Then, they will creatively put all of the information on a poster in class.  They will have much of next week to work on this project before presenting the last week of school.  We started talking about inventions in class on Thursday, but to help with more ideas, check out Enchanted Learning.  All invention assignments will be finalized Friday in class.

The Countdown is ON!!

Can you believe it?  We are three weeks from the end?  Time has really flown by, and just when I think I’m getting the kids in shape.  They have worked hard this week, dealing with a less than normal routine, testing for three days, varied resource times, and a bigger focus on science and social studies than normal.  As we gear up for next week’s HATS (Henrico Assessment Tests), we have watched several videos to help review science concepts and have briefly touched on the ancient civilization of Mali along with our upcoming national holiday.  In the middle of the graded papers, you will find a corrected brain pop quiz packet.  Just so you know, the third page was omitted from the grading because of the challenges presented by the vocabulary in the questions.  There is also a comprehension sheet on Mali that presented problems for a few students.  Please know that we read the sheet together and talked about hints for each of the questions.  They did well on many of the other reading activities you will find graded in their folders this week.  As we finish up with our testing in the next week or so, please rest assured that we will still be working, resuming our cursive handwriting, working through challenging math problems, and reading for fun!  Today, they were exposed to a few concepts in algebra and we read about two girls who were brave enough to be themselves even when everyone else wanted to fit them into a box.  My hope is that your children are truly learning beyond the SOLs and enjoying their last few weeks as the class in Room 19!

Quick Thoughts

  • For those of you who ordered a yearbook, they are coming home today.  We will have students bring them back during the last week of school (along with Field Day t-shirts) if they would like to have them signed.
  • Tuesday, we take our Science HAT.  Feel free to do any last minute review on the HCPS Review link and Jefferson Lab (both found under the Helpful Links tab above).
  • Wednesday, we take our Social Studies HAT.

Reading Review Stations

Brainy Blueberry – Click here to read the story.  When you are done, grab a sheet from the green basket.  Cut out the events at the bottom of the page and glue them in the correct sequence (order) on the top of the page.  Be sure to include your name on the paper before turning it into the blue basket.

Word Confusion – Test your knowledge of homophones using context clues to determine which spelling best completes each sentence.

Parts of a Newspaper – Check out your skills by reviewing and showing what you know about the organization on non-fiction, such as the newspaper.

A New Friend Wordle – Read the story in the red basket.  After you read, click here to create your own wordle of the main ideas in your story.  You will print it off and glue it to the back page of the story packet.  Finally, answer the comprehension questions inside the packet.

Happy Friday!!

It’s been a good week in Room 19!  I enjoyed my lovely door decor with everyone’s personal touch and the sweet treats from my students and the PTA.  As a class, we have enjoyed the warm weather, our last visit from Young Scientist, and a presentation from a few Chinese acrobats.  In an effort to determine our focus heading into SOLs, the students took two practice tests on the computers.  I appreciate everyone’s patience with the Fraction homework this week.  The kids seem to have a good grip on shading and identifying models.  We are still working on manipulating the fractions, but they did a nice job working at the fraction stations.  Students were also super excited about presenting their explorer presentations.  They should be able to open their google accounts at home to show you, but in case it doesn’t work, I will try and share projects via email as well.

Looking ahead at next week:

  • You can expect a heavy emphasis on Math and Reading.  Math homework will be computer-based, but also student-centered.  Individualized strands will be suggested for each child for a couple of nights, and then a few practice tests that will hit all areas.  In class, we will talk about adding fractions and probability.  Our first part of the MATH SOL will be given on FRIDAY!
  • We will wrap up our explorer unit with a few reading passages and final notes.  Students will be given an assessment on Wednesday that covers the four guys we’ve hit, their reasons for exploring, the countries they represented, and the discoveries they made.
  • Students are taking their last word study tests on Tuesday.  Please encourage them to complete their homework this week to ensure they end the year on a high note.

Happy Friday!

The kids did a great job with our indoor field day!  We started the day with a little Gilligan’s Island skit put on by our lovely resource team.  Then, third grade enjoyed several stations including relays in the gym, team building in the music room, a fitness trail around the halls, and dancing in the cafeteria.  I would say they got nice sweaty in just an hour and a half!  Earlier in the week, the students wrapped up some geometry, started researching a few European Explorers, and discussed how to find a paragraph’s main idea.  Overall, they have worked hard and kept a positive attitude!

Coming home today:

  • A letter from Mrs. Wingfield to help with planning for next year.
  • Gator Checks including a couple of practice SOL passages.  Please take some time and review the mistakes your student missed with him/her.

Looking ahead:

  • We’ve got our final Young Scientist visit scheduled for Monday morning, where students will get another look at soil.
  • Students will continue researching explorers and then put their knowledge into a presentation of sorts.  We will also head to the library for some rotations centered around explorer information and practice with a few reading skills.
  • The Chinese Acrobats are coming to impress during an assembly on Tuesday morning.
  • As a way to prepare for our SOL testing coming up in a few weeks, we will take a few practice assessments on the computers in both math and reading.  On the other days, students will look at or review several third grade skills.  In math, we will look more closely at what fractions are, how to identify them, and how to compare them.  In reading, we will review the concept of main idea as well as spend some time working on summarizing.