Happy Monday!

We had a great time meeting the main character and three of her companions as we started The Wizard of Oz last week.  Students did well with their first word study quiz and using the metric tools in science.  We are looking forward to our 5-day week together.  You can check out the latest newsletter by clicking here: Sept 17.  Some highlights include Grandparents’ Lunch on Tuesday, a half-day on Wednesday, and Back to School Night on Thursday.  Hope you have made plans to attend.  Have a great week!

Give Me Five for the Fifth Day of Fifth Grade!

Wow!  We had some fun celebrating our fifth day together with challenging math problems, writing stations centered around the number five, and even a geography challenge learning about our beloved Henrico County.  The 2018-2019 year has started off very well and I’m looking forward to many successes this year.  Please click to see the weekly newsletter for September 10th.

Another year is ending…But we look forward too…

Honest confessions:  I have not kept up with my blog nearly as well this year as I have in past years.  With that in mind, old posts have been deleted as we look to close this chapter of another year in 5th.  With the end of one year comes the hopes for a relaxing summer and smooth transition into a new school year.  The hope is that the blog will be updated on a more consistent basis.  Thanks to those of you who check in periodically and the students who use the links to complete various activities.  Happy Last Week of School!! 🙂 Miss A