We can do it!

There is only one more week before the highly anticipated winter break!  What does that mean?  We had a cleaning party!  Today the students were very helpful in cleaning many of the surfaces we touch each day.  They wiped down their desks, the common tables, the door handles, etc. in our effort to cut back on germs spreading.  We want to keep everyone healthy and in class!  It is so important for students to be here everyday so they can be a part of the conversations and the hands-on activities that supplement their notes and worksheets.

This past week was a fun beginning to the concepts of multiplication.  We have illustrated five ways to show multiplication and the students showed a great eagerness to practice making arrays, do some skip counting, and even fill in a few multiplication tables.  I have asked them to review the easy ones (0, 1, 2, 10, 11) and their rules this weekend.  We also watched a short BrainPop video on Cesar Chaved and discussed his work for better working conditions for migrant workers in the early to mid 1900s.  We have concluded our first round of novel studies with the rest of third grade, which many students really seemed to favor.  We hope to do this again in the second semester, but for now we will return to homerooms and a couple of short stories in our reading book.

Coming up next week:

  • In math, we will keep building the students’ multiplication foundation.  We will add the 3, 4, and 5 tables to our repertoire as we circle back around and practice more with the strategies we learned this week.  Students will take a concept quiz on Wednesday to show what they know.
  • Social Studies will continue with more reading about Famous Americans.  We will spend more time learning about Eleanor Roosevelt and Thurgood Marshall early in the week.  Students will then take a Famous American test on Thursday.
  • Our reading next week will focus on identifying main ideas and details as well as relating to characters as we read several seasonal texts. Students can expect to read several short stories throughout the week and use the text to support their answers to comprehension questions.
  • We will take a word study quiz on Tuesday, but there will be no new words until we come back in January.  We will continue talking about word referents and also look at suspense as the students create a snowy tale.
  • FRIDAY FUNDAY – We will have the Jingle Bell Run and Holiday Sing Along next Friday morning from 9:00-10:00.  Third graders are scheduled to sing in the MPR starting at 9:00 am and then enjoy jingling around the track at 9:30 am.  That afternoon, we will enjoy our class enrichment complete with a snowball fight, book exchange, and some yummy treats!  

Looking forward to a great week with the kiddos!

And the count is on…

Welcome to December!  Can you believe it is already here?  That means that we are only three weeks away from our big winter break!  In those three weeks, we will maintain pace in all subject areas, continuing with our novel studies, finishing up our measurement unit before beginning computation, and spending some time with famous Americans.  Here’s what to expect in the next week specifically:

  • Math: We will talk about measuring capacity, both in the metric and customary systems.  Students will have the opportunity to create their own gallon figure to help them remember the customary conversions.  Towards the end of the week, we will review all units of measurement in preparation for our test the following Tuesday.
  • Social Studies: Students will do a lot of reading in the content area and make connections to literature as we talk about stories, legends, and biographies.  We will spend some time reviewing famous Americans they have studied in the past as well as add a few new ones to their repertoire.  All of this will focus on the contributions of these individuals to our society as a reminder of being good citizens.  New figures in 3rd grade include Thomas Jefferson, Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, and Cesar Chavez.
  • Language Arts: Each student will continue working in their novel study book and should expect homework from their respective teachers.  Quizzes are given every few chapters and each child is responsible for keeping up with the tasks assigned by the novel study teachers.  We will distribute a new word study list on Wednesday, and students can expect to incorporate content specific material into several writing assignments this week.

Short Week Coming Up

It was another week of good moments.  The students did a terrific job singing their Thanksgiving songs and reciting their poetic lines as a part of Tuesday’s PTA performance.  We have all enjoyed participating in Spirit Week as we dressed in crazy outfits or walked around with messy hair.  More importantly, the students have shown a lot of generosity collecting toiletry items for the homeless as we support this month’s SCA benevolent project.  Our novel studies have started off with a bang, and the students seem to be enjoying the change of pace.  They also enjoyed our Dome Theater movie treat on Friday as well.

In Your Child’s Bookbag this Week:

  • The PTA has sent out a half sheet explaining a month-long fund raiser going on until December 14th.
  • The bright yellow slip explains our Encore Presentation of “A Turkey of a Tale” on Tuesday, November 25th at 1:30 pm.
  • Rubber-banded together, your student should be bringing home their graded papers from the first nine weeks.  On Friday, the students enjoyed looking back at activities we completed during the first quarter.  They then selected three of their best pieces of evidence to start their 3rd grade portfolio.  Each student completed a Self-Evaluation looking back on areas where they did well as we started the year and areas where they hope to make improvement in the coming marking period.  All of these papers are now yours to do with what you wish.

Quick Look at Next Week

  • We only have two days…Monday and Tuesday…before Thanksgiving Break!
  • We will continue with our novel studies and take a word study test on Tuesday.  In science, we will review life cycles covered in previous grades, and in math, we will continue practicing with length, weight, and temperature.  And in light of the impending holiday, we will, of course, enjoy a few holiday themed activities.

Happy Weekend!!!


Proud Teacher!

I was very impressed with the work the students did this week as they worked cross-curriculum to hone their research and reporting skills as they wrapped up our study of habitats and animal adaptations.  Thanks to Mrs. Hedrick for her assistance as the students explored One Search and collaborated on Google Drive.  I’m looking forward to hearing the students present on Monday!  The students also did a nice job with our flexible schedule this week and showed excellent behavior during our Veterans Day Assembly.  And to top it off, our class received great reports from all resource teachers this week!  Let’s keep it up!

Looking ahead:

  • NOVEL STUDIES:  Starting on Monday, all third grade students will be split into four different groups for our first novel study.  Each third grade teacher will lead students through one of four books: Henry and Ribsy, The War with Grandpa, The Cricket in Times Square, or The Landry News.  During the three-week study, students should expect daily classwork, four comprehension quizzes, and a final test.
  • MATH: Our measurement unit will continue as we look at customary and metric units for weight and mass.  Students can expect to work with vocabulary such as pound, ounce, grams, and kilograms.
  • WRITING: Students will continue working through their word study lists, and we will talk about persuasive writing as students put themselves in a turkey’s talons during the Thanksgiving season.  We will also take another look at The Lost Kitten story that students struggled to punctuate last week.
  • SCIENCE:  We will begin another science unit looking at earth’s resources as well as plant and animal cycles.

And finally, we are looking forward to entertaining you with our Thanksgiving Musical Tuesday night at the PTA Meeting.  Please join us in the MPR at 7:00 pm on November 18th.

Happy Friday!

It was a nice four-day week with productive parent-teacher conferences, a wonderful community service and career enrichment, and continued progress as we worked through the curriculum.  I was very proud of the students who were awarded the Golden Shoe for the first nine weeks, showing responsibility of wearing their tennis shoes regularly on PE days.  After running a combined 18 miles during Success Week, our class brought in 174 items for the food bank collection.  Students in room 19 were also very proud to donate several gallon-sized bags of candy for the troops.  All in all, it was a great week of community service, one that I hope the students remember not for the prizes or title they might earn, but for the people they are helping.

Coming home today:

  • Square One Art: Please read over the packet that came home with your student if you are interested in ordering items with your child’s artwork.
  • Gator Gobbler Walk/Run: Check out the yellow flyer about a fun exercise opportunity coming up toward the end of the month.
  • Graded papers include book report rubrics, money tests, and several editing sheets.  The students were given some time on Thursday to make corrections on their money tests in order to earn points back on their final grade.  The two practice editing stories are to be reviewed over the weekend.  Students will be given a similar story on Monday for a grade.

The plan for next week:

  • Our Veteran’s Day Assembly is Tuesday, November 11th at 8:30 am.  Please feel free to join us for a special speaker, sing-along, and slideshow of the many veteran’s in our lives.
  • We will begin our math unit on measurement.  As we will be working with both customary and metric units, the more you can make measurement connections in daily conversation, the more confident your child will feel in class.
  • Students will be put into groups of three as they put their new knowledge of ecosystem vocabulary into practice.  We will spend time in the library researching the various organisms that live around the world and the adaptations they use to hunt, hide, and survive.
  • We will wrap up our work with “Wild Shots” and other animal texts before our Novel Study Unit that will begin November 17th.  Students should expect a quiz on Thursday.

Happy Pumpkin Day!

The students have worked hard all week on their book report mobiles.  Each day, we read a seasonal short story to highlight the different sections of their book reports and demonstrate how they should be writing about their own book selections.  I was very pleased with the way that many of the students came to school prepared to type, used their time wisely on the computers, and creatively illustrated the setting, main character, and favorite scenes.  They were all eager to complete their projects and hang the mobiles above their desks.  We have also spent a good portion of the week continuing to practice counting coins and making change.  Students worked through math stations and were challenged by a couple of Math Maven Mysteries.  Delving into our animal unit, students have been introduced to a lot of new vocabulary this week as we lay the foundation for an upcoming science research project.  We continue to have busy days, and I hope the students are finding them interesting and exciting as well!

Coming home today:

  • MAPS Scores - Each child is receiving a sealed envelope in which you will find a letter explaining the test taken back in the first few weeks of school as well as your child’s scores.  I will be happy to discuss any questions you might have at conferences next week.
  • Move Your Feet Slips - These half sheets of paper are to inform you of your child’s participation in the Success Week Run.  You are encouraged to make a donation to our Can Food Drive next week.  Thanks to those families who have already sent in several items.
  • Veterans’ Day Assembly - Mrs. Roye is looking to see if any family members will be in attendance at our Assembly in a couple weeks.  Please see her blue letter for more details.
  • PICTURES - Those of you who pre-ordered fall pictures will be receiving a package.  For anyone who was absent or would like to retake their pictures, make-ups will be on Thursday, November 13th.  If you are not pleased with the original pictures, you will need to return the package in order to have them retaken.

Looking ahead to next week:

  • We will return to our READING textbook, looking at a non-fiction selection, “Wild Shots,” as a supplement to our current work in science.
  • I have decided to bump our MATH Money Test back to Wednesday.  We will wrap up our review on Monday, take our assessment on the 5th, and then spend some time looking at patterns.
  • Our SCIENCE unit on animals will continue as we begin discussing structural adaptations, make a distinction between instincts and learned behaviors, and discuss defense mechanisms.
  • We will continue to press forward with our WORD STUDY units.  With next week’s holiday, students will take their tests on Wednesday and receive new words on Thursday.  The following week will return to our regular schedule.
  • CONFERENCES are next Tuesday, November 4th (also a student holiday).  Many of you have already signed up for a time slot, and I look forward to meeting with you.  If you would still like to schedule a conference, please use Sign-Up Genius to do so.

Happy Friday!

The students did a phenomenal job this week of dressing up in the spirit of “Color My Plate!”  It was so much fun to see the creativity of outfits as we dressed in a different color each day.  I took some pictures that I hope to have uploaded along with many other shots from the classroom soon.  This week, students also worked hard on several new concepts as we have reviewed money values and begun counting change.  I even challenged the students with some higher amounts on Friday.  We also began our review of animal habitats as we move into our larger science unit that will deal with animal environments, adaptations, and roles in food webs.  Students did a nice job showing what they know on the Geography Test and we have had several discussions about diversity and appreciating our differences.

Coming home today in the red folders are just the graded papers from the week…no extra flyers or announcements.  Of course, if you have red bricks from last week, please feel free to still send them in for our Veteran’s Day Assembly in a couple of weeks.

Looking ahead to next week, here’s what to expect:

  • In Reading, we will be assembling our Fiction Mobiles.  Each student should bring in a coat hanger on Monday.  We will discuss in detail the week’s homework as we partner together to create the reports.  Students will be assigned one paragraph a night to write.  Then, at school the next day, they will be able to type and check for spelling, as well as illustrate each section.  On Thursday, we will put all the pieces together, and on Friday, students will share their mobiles with the class.  For extra fun, they are encouraged to dress up as the main character on Friday as well.
  • In Science, we will continue to look at animal populations with some further reading in the textbook and exploration activities.
  • We will continue working with money in Math, practicing adding, subtracting, making change, and solving word problems.  Students can expect the Money Test the following Monday, November 3rd.
  • As we wrap up the last week in October, students will also complete a few seasonal activities which allow them to share a bit more of their creative side.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend…I know I’m hoping the pretty weather keeps up!