Inching Toward the Finish Line

Every Friday is one more closer to the end of the school year.  The students and I continue to work hard in the classroom, covering new material, reviewing previously taught concepts, and gearing up for our testing schedule.  This week, we enjoyed a BMX safety show where Miss Atkins and several other teachers laid on the ground as part of a high flying trick.  We celebrated Earth Day with a mini-assembly and took round two of MAPS math testing.  Students put their creative writing skills to the test as they choose special lessons and designed their own fables to teach these lessons.  They also impressed with their knowledge of simple machines and have worked nicely with the quick presentation of geometric vocabulary.  I know many of them are excite about the Spring Carnival this evening, and the possibility to get Miss A wet at Pitch Burst (The window is 4:30-5:00).

Coming Home Today:

  • Testing Letter and Schedule.  Third grade will take our first test on Friday, May 15th.  For those of you new to SOLS, both our reading and math are split into separate days.  Our science and social studies tests are county generated.  For anyone who has experience with SOLS, there are a few changes in regards to the new retake policy.  Please see the letter and related websites for more detailed information.

Looking Ahead:

  • Math: We will review geometry concepts on Monday before taking a unit test on Tuesday.  Then, we will move right along into FRACTIONS.  A good review of multiplication and division facts this weekend would be most helpful in preparing your students.
  • Reading: Students will look at a new story in the reading book as we continue to practice look back strategies.
  • Social Studies: We will switch focus back to Social Studies for a couple of weeks as we look at European explorers and their routes which led to new world discoveries.  Specifically, we will study Jacques Cartier, Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce de Leon, and Christopher Newport.
  • Writing: Students will focus on elaborating in their written assignments and practice editing for capitalization.

Happy Friday!

Can you believe we are already in the middle of April?  Our first week back has flown by, and we got our first taste of the testing season today.  Students had a wonderful time at Monticello on Wednesday and were well behaved as we walked around the grounds and enjoyed a few hands-on activities with our fabulous guide.  I hope to have some pictures posted soon.  In the classroom, we have worked through several stations on shapes, talked a lot about simple machines, and done some work with well-known proverbs and fables.  Students worked hard this morning to take their Spring MAPS test in Reading.

Coming Home Today: There are many flyers in the Red Folders this week.  You should find invitations to attend sports camps at Godwin, Deep Run, and the Richmond Volleyball Club.  There are several half sheets with reminders about Earth Day Celebrations along with the Volunteer Brunch and Spring Carnival.  Bright and green is information about the always fun FIELD DAY!  Please check it out and fill out the bottom portion if you are interested and able to help Mrs. Wright.  Lastly, your students received their Harmonicas today in music class.  Mrs. Roye has told them they will live in their backpacks for the remainder of the year in case there is a time when she pulls them for an extra class to play.

Looking Ahead: Next week continues to be a busy one.  We will move along in our geometry unit from shapes to lines and angles.  Students should expect several graded assignments with a probable test the following Monday.  We will wrap up with simple machines with a test on Thursday before we switch gears and talk about Explorers in Social Studies.  For reading, students will continue to read short passages that reinforce skills being taught across the curriculum and show practice comprehension skills on a variety of texts.  We also have a BMX bike show next week, Earth Day celebrations and our MAPS Math test (Friday)!  Only eight more weeks!

Economics Terminology

Let’s review words you’ve seen over the past few years along with a few new ones we’ve discussed in the last week.  Start by looking through the flashcards.  Then, play a game with the words.  Finally, take a test and see how you do.  I bet you’ll surprise yourself.  Just make sure you read the questions carefully and think about what YOU KNOW!!

It’s Friday!

Good afternoon!  It has been a great week with a lot of busy beavers in Room 19.  The students have responded really well to Math Rotations and seem to be building confidence in areas that may have caused a little trouble on our midyear benchmarks.  Students stayed attentive and interested as we read Treasure Island in preparation for our field trip next week.  They were able to follow along with the plot, even though at times they were uneasy about the numerous pirate deaths.  Overall, I was very pleased with the two unit tests this week.  Chattiness has picked up a bit this week, but I know they are just excited about the upcoming Spring Break!

Coming home in the folders this week is a lot of important info.  I apologize for the amount of money requests that are coming…timing just does not seem to be on our side at the moment.  This is what you should expect to see:

  • Monticello Permission Slips – Our trip is Wednesday, April 15, 2015, from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.  The cost is $30 per person and money needs to be in by next Friday, 4/3/15.
  • Mrs. Roye is ready to order harmonicas.  She has sent home an envelope in which to collect $3.60 and has asked that the money be turned in by Wednesday.  As I mentioned to the students, it will be best if you email her directly with any questions.
  • The PTA Spring Carnival Flyer came home with information about where you can purchase pre-sale wrist bands and tickets.  The Carnival is April 24th, rain or shine!  I have even volunteered to stand under the Pitch Blast game (yes, I’m a little crazy!).
  • Individual spring picture packets came home.  Everyone had their picture taken if they were here on the day of pictures.  You are to review the packet, decide how much you want to keep, and return accordingly.  
  • Gator Checks as usual.

Looking ahead to next week, students can expect to begin a geometry unit in math.  We will wrap up our literature work on Treasure Island as well as some short passages focusing on using the text to support our answers.  We will review some key concepts covered thus far in science and social studies as we prepare to tackle the 4th quarter after Spring Break.  In writing, we will continue looking at the use of quotation marks and respond to a writing prompt or two.

Happy Weekend

One thing to always keep in mind is the importance of being flexible.  And that is what we’ve been doing in Room 19.  There have been a few changes since the last update, but I think it’s all for the best.  The students have worked hard this week, working with calendars and practicing elapsed time.  We continued working with Mrs. Kinnier’s class, partnering up to work on reading skills with non-fiction passages.  Our gummy worm lab was a big hit as we watched the long, slender candy treat first get fat, and then dissolve into the water.  If the students come home wanting to do a little experimenting this weekend, it’s just a further exploration of matter as it changes.  I can’t believe we’re down to our two final weeks of the third quarter.  Here’s a look at what flexibility is bringing our way next week.


  • Math: Our time and date test will be on Monday. Friday’s Jeopardy review went well, and I believe the students are fully prepared to knock it out of the park.  The rest of the week will be devoted to a review of computation and graph skills, including a chance to familiarize everyone with technology enhanced questions where diagrams are involved.
  • Reading: Our folktales and proverbs are going to wait one more week.  Next week, we are going to prep for our trip to VaRep Theater by reading an adapted version of Treasure Island.  The majority of the text will be read to the students, but they will also work with small passages as we discuss character traits, cause and effect, and summarizing strategies.
  • Science: Our Matter Test was moved back a few days to Wednesday, March 25th.  Students have a study guide and their journals to help them master the information.  We will conduct a matter walk next week and wrap up with another diagram activity.  Students will also have the pleasure of another visit from Young Scientist on Tuesday!
  • Writing: Students will take a word study test and receive their last list for this marking period.  We will continue to plug along on our cursive lettering and utilize writing skills across the curriculum, especially as students respond to our Reading Unit.

Happy Friday!

Hello there everyone!  It looks like the weather is warming up and we will return to our regularly scheduled school year.  Of course, we are still playing catch up from our days off, but we are going to make it!!  The students did a great job this week considering we haven’t had a full week in over a month.  They were especially well behaved during our Friday Mash-up with Mrs. Kinnier’s class, where students in both classes worked together to review math concepts, explore some science stories, and watch a matter video.  In Miss A’s class, we have spent several days working with elapsed time and have solidly taken a look at the properties of matter, including a trip to the library for some dictionary research and hands-on property investigation..  Students in room 19 finished up our work with “Centerfield Ballhawk” and also added a few more cursive letters to their repertoire!  We finally got to enjoy some much needed time on the playground, but also leveled up on our GoNoodle account with various brain break exercises and indoor recess activities.

Here’s a look at what’s coming home in the Red Folder today:

  • The usual Gator Check along with this week’s graded papers.  Please be sure to look over them and see any notes.
  • Third Quarter Interims are on white.  They have the grades thus far along with notes if there are any major concerns.  There is a place for parents to sign. I will check off the signatures and send home the sheet again for your records. Please note the marking period ends on Friday, April 3rd.
  • Permission Slips for our March 31st theater field trip to VaRep’s Treasure Island are also on white.  Cost for this trip is $12.  Both the money and permission slip are due next Friday, 3/20.
  • Several flyers about area recreational activities and camps.

Check out what is coming in the next week:

  • Our math unit on time will proceed as we review concepts already covered as well as look at time equivalencies.  Students will need to understand how to convert from minutes to hours, days to weeks, and months to years, just to name a few.  There will be a short quiz on this next week before we take our time test the following week.
  • We will continue working on matter with a couple more labs and reading passages.  Students should regularly bring home their science journals next week to review and expect to take their Matter Test at the end of the week.
  • To begin the week in reading, we will continue our partnership with Mrs. K’s class as we hone our non-fiction skills and make connections to the text.  Each students will practice with main idea and details, using the glossary and index, and determining author’s purpose.  Mid-week, we will switch gears to proverbs and fables as we look at Stories We Share.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  As always, thanks for all of your support at home!  Don’t forget about the Book Fair going on all next week along with our next PTA Meeting on Tuesday, 3/17.

Life After Snow!

I hope that everyone has really enjoyed their week off and maybe even found some time to enjoy the snow despite the frigid temperatures! Miss Atkins has certainly been busy preparing upcoming lessons and is looking forward to seeing all of your bright faces again next week.  Here are a few things that you can expect.

  • We will wrap up our unit on Ancient Civilizations with several activities focused on Ancient Rome.  Students will explore aspects of daily life with a short video, mini-presentations, and some further reading.  We will complete our Roman knowledge chart and then take a quiz to finish the unit.
  • In Math, we are going to move into our time unit.  We will spend the first few days reviewing how to tell time, and move from hour and half-hour increments, into telling time to the minute.  By the end of the week, students will begin exploring elapsed time with real-life application.
  • Students are enjoying our read aloud, Jackie and Me.  In keeping with the baseball theme, our next short story study will be “Centerfield Ballhawk.”  Students will have many opportunities to practice reading skills with several short passages in a variety of genres.  Specifically, we will focus on synonyms and antonyms, as well as using details from the story to support our inferences and conclusions.
  • We will continue to work on our cursive handwriting and move forward with our word study groups and lessons.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you next week!