Happy Friday!

The students did a phenomenal job this week of dressing up in the spirit of “Color My Plate!”  It was so much fun to see the creativity of outfits as we dressed in a different color each day.  I took some pictures that I hope to have uploaded along with many other shots from the classroom soon.  This week, students also worked hard on several new concepts as we have reviewed money values and begun counting change.  I even challenged the students with some higher amounts on Friday.  We also began our review of animal habitats as we move into our larger science unit that will deal with animal environments, adaptations, and roles in food webs.  Students did a nice job showing what they know on the Geography Test and we have had several discussions about diversity and appreciating our differences.

Coming home today in the red folders are just the graded papers from the week…no extra flyers or announcements.  Of course, if you have red bricks from last week, please feel free to still send them in for our Veteran’s Day Assembly in a couple of weeks.

Looking ahead to next week, here’s what to expect:

  • In Reading, we will be assembling our Fiction Mobiles.  Each student should bring in a coat hanger on Monday.  We will discuss in detail the week’s homework as we partner together to create the reports.  Student’s will be assigned one paragraph a night to write.  Then, at school the next day, they will be able to type and check for spelling, as well as illustrate each section.  On Thursday, we will put all the pieces together, and on Friday, students will share their mobiles with the class.  For extra fun, they are encouraged to dress up as the main character on Friday as well.
  • In Science, we will continue to look at animal populations with some further reading in the textbook and exploration activities.
  • We will continue working with money in Math, practicing adding, subtracting, making change, and solving word problems.  Students can expect the Money Test the following Monday, November 3rd.
  • As we wrap up the last week in October, students will also complete a few seasonal activities which allow them to share a bit more of their creative side.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend…I know I’m hoping the pretty weather keeps up!

Happy Friday!

We have made it through another week in third grade!!  The students earned some pretty high praises from their special guests this week.  Mrs. Young was very impressed with their behavior and willingness to explore as they talked about food chains and dissected owl pellets. Students were very excited to find whole skulls and other bone fragments that I hope they shared with you on Wednesday.  A link is now available on the Helpful Links page for students to show you a virtual demonstration of what we did in class. Mr. Favale was also pleased with their ability to follow directions and be creative as the students practiced labeling hemispheres on their Pixie Pumpkins.  We are working to upload them all into a slideshow to share soon.  Gayton resource teachers also had nice things to say each day when I picked the students up.  All in all, I would say it was a successful week!

In Today’s Red Folder:

  • A letter from Mrs. Roye about our Veterans’ Bricks Tradition where we line the hallway with pictures of family members that have served our country proudly.  Please let me know if you need additional bricks.
  • A bright yellow note from Mrs. Wright highlighting information about next week’s success week.  In the spirit of eating right, students are encouraged to wear a different color of their “food plate” each day next week.  Monday is Blue, Tuesday is Green, Wednesday is Orange, Thursday is Purple, and Friday is Red.

Looking Ahead to Next Week:

  • Students will read Pepita Talks Twice and complete activities both in reading comprehension and exploration of diversity.  Along the lines of reading, students should also be wrapping up their book report selections and filling out the orange chart, as we will be creating our book reports the week of Oct. 27th!
  • Our social studies unit on Geography will close with a Unit Test on Tuesday.  Midweek, we will begin our next science unit on Living Systems which includes animal adaptations, food webs, and ecosystems.
  • Word Study will continue as normal.  Students are to choose three activities through the course of the week to practice their words and sorts at home.  A test will be given on Tuesday and new words distributed on Wednesday.
  • In Math, students will have a quick review of money values as we move into purchasing and making changes for values of $5 or less.  Anyone who has an extra set of ads from the newspaper and is willing to send them in, I will gladly take them on Monday.  Thanks!

Thanks also to those that responded about our first Enrichment.  Someone from the third grade team will be in touch soon.  Also, if you still have that yellow form from our Room Parents, please send that in by Monday.  Hope that you all enjoy the weekend! The weather looks beautiful today!

Un a Dix!

We’ve made it to another Friday and we have finished counting to 10 in French on the 10th day of the 10th month!  Students enjoyed our trip to the Math Science Innovation Center where they examined bones as well as several preserved animals.  Many of them really enjoyed the “Touch Tank” where they could actually hold a number of sea invertebrates.  We have spent some time this week looking at the vocabulary associated with maps and globes and we discussed author’s purpose as it relates to our story Turtle Bay. Students had the opportunity to play several rounding and place value games on the computer in stations this week.  Feel free to check the post below for some of the links.  Next week promises to have a few more new adventures as we continue our way toward the end of the first marking period…can you believe we’re already more than half way there?

Coming home today:

  • There is a yellow flyer from our room parents.  Please make note of the dates included and return the form by next Friday.  Thanks so much to our three moms who have volunteered to help organize the fun this year!
  • A flyer previewing the Book Fair came home.  It will begin toward the end of next week.  Students can expect to pay a visit once it is all set up.

Looking ahead to next week:

  • Monday is a Student Holiday!
  • Tuesday, students should be prepared for their Word Study test.  Three activities are also due.  Some time was given Friday morning for work on the third activity.  I told the students today that they will receive multiple choice boards throughout the year with varying activities.  They have the choice of which activities to complete, as the point of these activities is to help the students study.  I simply ask that there are three separate activities each week.
  • Wednesday, we will experience our first Young Scientist lesson on Animals Adaptations.  It will be a great connection between our MSiC lesson this past week and our upcoming science unit in a couple weeks.
  • Thursday, students will take their place value test.  I have been stretching them a bit in our class practice and rotations.  The test will cover the two typed pages of notes in their journals, identifying place values in six-digit numbers, writing numbers in their three forms, rounding to the nearest tens, hundreds, and thousands, and comparing numbers using >,<, or =.
  • We will continue our social studies unit on geography (test the following week), work on a few seasonal writing assignments, and practice more with the author’s purpose in several texts relating to Turtle Bay.  Students should also be working on reading their fictional stories and completing the story element chart in preparation for their October Book Report.  Please check out the Documents tab for more information.

Please enjoy the long weekend!

It’s October!

Happy Friday!!  It’s been a nice week with a little testing, some rotations, and a lesson with our resource teacher, Mrs. Wershbale.  We have discussed literary forms, visualization, how to compare numbers, and how Miss Atkins expects her students to apply what they learn as well as recall the facts.  I think they really enjoyed using the iPads to take pictures of themselves using our different scientific tools in the STEM Lab.

Coming home today:

  • Ladies got a few flyers about supporting Girl’s Basketball at Godwin High School and an interest meeting in joining the Girl Scouts.
  • Everyone is bringing home the “Gator Gab,” the monthly newsletter from the administrative team.
  • There are also two yellow flyers from the PTA about next week’s fund raiser at California Pizza Kitchen and upcoming Fall Enrichment Programs.
  • From Miss A, they are all bringing home information about the 1st book report due October 31st. For this weekend, please just read over the instruction sheet and begin thinking about what book your child will read.  It needs to be fiction and on their personal reading level.  This book can come from home, the school library, the classroom, a bookstore, or the public library.  It just needs to be a new story to the student and approved by Wednesday, October 8th.

Looking ahead to next week:

  • We will wrap up our story Nate the Great and then begin Turtle Bay as a precursor to our science unit on Animal Adaptations.
  • We will do a quick one-week Social Studies unit on geography, reviewing what students have learned in past grade levels and adding a little bit more information about maps and hemispheres.
  • Math continues with Place Value as we talk about rounding and estimating.
  • In writing, students will have the opportunity to write about bikes as we wrap up the first unit of Empowering Writers.
  • TUESDAY is BIG DAY #1 – We have pictures first thing in the morning and then our field trip to the Math Science Innovation Center.  Students wishing to change clothes may bring an extra pair with them to school.  Everyone will need to bring a bag lunch as we will be eating at the MSiC.
  • WEDNESDAY is BIG DAY #2 – Students participating in the PTA Reflections Contest must submit their work by the 8th.  I will also need to approve all book report books by this day.

Enjoy your weekend!!  So glad that fall is finally in full swing!

Can you believe it’s been a month?

Wow!  It’s hard to believe we’ve been in school for a whole month.  It can sometimes seem overwhelming, but the students are adjusting nicely to “Miss Atkins’ pace” and falling into a nice routine.  It’s actually a little crazy to sit back and look at everything we’ve already accomplished this year.  Several students took a second look at their word problems from the beginning of the week, but overall, they seem to be doing well with the expansion of our place value knowledge to hundred thousands.  We are still working on the vocabulary that accompanies the Scientific Method and exploring the structures and techniques of expository and narrative writings.  Here’s a look at the Red Folder and what’s coming up next week:

Red Folder

  • There are many flyers from local businesses and our PTA.  Please read at your leisure.
  • Picture Day forms have been sent home.  Fall Picture Day is Tuesday, October 7th.  Individual pictures will be taken of ALL students for the yearbook, regardless of purchasing a package.  If you would like to order a set of pictures, please make sure you complete the form and return it on or before the 7th.
  • There is a blue half sheet that explains the writing grading process for this year.  I will also have it posted on the documents tab of this blog for future reference.

Next Week

  • We will start the week with our MAPs testing.  Students will be taking these tests next Monday (reading) and Tuesday (math) on the computers.  For more information, please refer to the letter sent by Mrs. Harris a couple weeks back.
  • In writing, we will take our first Word Study test on Tuesday, and new words will come home on Wednesday.  S’il vous plait (please), try and find a fun way to practice the sort over the weekend.  All information regarding homework for these assignments is listed on the documents tab.
  • We will continue working with place value as we compare numbers and begin rounding next week.
  • Students will finish up their introduction to scientific investigation next week and should expect a mini-test on Friday.  They will bring home their journals with notes and flashcards multiple times next week.
  • In reading, we will explore the mystery genre as we begin working with Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective.  Also be on the lookout for information regarding the students’ first book report to come home next week.

Happy Friday!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out last night to our PTA meeting and Back to School Night!  Click Here to see a brief synopsis of what was covered in my 15 minute mini-speech last night.  We’ve had another good, yet busy week in Room 19.  The students were able to spend some more time on the computer learning about Google Drive and how they will be sharing documents with me this year.  A huge “THANK YOU” goes out to our ITRT, Mr. Favale for his patience and instruction as we get used to our new Dells.  The students were excellent helpers on Friday morning as they helped all four third grade classes vote in the SCA elections.  We wrapped up several units with assessments in reading, math, and social studies.  Overall, I was rather pleased with the comprehension, and I was extremely appreciative of the cooperative behavior as we walked around the school making observation with our five senses on Friday afternoon!

Important News about Today’s Red Folder

  • Pink Sheet – Describes the Young Scientists In-School Field Trip we will be participating in four times throughout the year.  Students pay $20 up front and receive four 90-minute hands-on lessons that correlate directly with our in-class topics.  Money is due October 3rd.
  • Green Sheet – Our first field trip is to the Math Science Innovation Center on October 7th.  It is absolutely FREE, but I do need the permission slip back in order for your child to attend. Permission is due October 1st.
  • Neon Yellow Sheet – The third grade performs for the November PTA meeting, and Mrs. Roye is already making preparations.  Please respond accordingly of your child’s participation and return the form by next Friday.
  • Other flyers give information about healthy eating and ways you can financially support the school by just signing up with your reward cards at several local stores.  These points really add up!  Just think, the box top money from last year was just a part of what will be bringing a Promethean Board to our classroom very soon!

Looking Ahead

  • Next week, we begin our Word Study Program.  On Wednesday students will go to their leveled room and receive instruction and a set of words to study for the week.  They will also receive a packet explaining how homework will work each night before the assessment the following Tuesday.
  • We are moving away from Social Studies for a bit and moving into Scientific Investigation.  We’ll look at the Scientific Method, practice with the tools, and conduct an experiment or two.
  • In reading, we will continue working with Allie’s Basketball Dream through our rotations on Monday and Tuesday. Students should expect a quiz mid-week.
  • The week in math will begin with some addition and subtraction word problems before we hunker down with place value.  Our next unit will include rounding, estimation, and comprehension of place value through the thousands.

Just a reminder, next Thursday is a half day for students!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Two in the Books!

We’ve made it to the end of another good week and the students are settling into our routines.  Here’s a little recap of our week:

We reread Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and had our first shot at reading stations as we talked about synonyms, antonyms,and story elements.  In social studies, students have discussed the need for a government, it’s role in creating our laws, and how we can serve as citizens of our community.We have continued to work with bar graphs, pictographs, and line plots in math, and students worked in groups to chart data collected about favorite colors, bed times, and number of of pets.  Students also interviewed one another as star reporters in order to write friendly letters to Miss Atkins about their classmates.  Mr. Favale even paid us a visit and taught us some tips about using our new DELLS this year.  It’s been a busy and productive week!

Here are a few important announcements about what’s coming home in the Red Folder today:

  • Gator Check: Today, they are orange.  Please review your child’s papers, initial on the back and return the entire stapled pack on Monday.  I keep all the papers until the end of the marking period.  There are three graded papers and several checked homework assignments.
  • MAPS Testing: The letter from Mrs. Harris will explain the purpose of MAPS testing which occurs three times throughout the year.  Our first run will be in two weeks on Sept. 29th and 30th.
  • Short Pump Mile:  Support Gayton by participating in this friendly race on September 28th!  Details are on the yellow flyer!

And finally, a look at what’s coming up next week:

  • Math:  We will wrap up graphs at the beginning of the week with a test on Wednesday.  Please review the application of transferring data to a graph and then answering questions when reading a graph with your child.
  • Social Studies: We will review patriotic symbols that students have learned in previous years, talk about our country’s supreme law on Constitution Day (Sept. 17th), and take a Civics test on Thursday.
  • Reading: Will will finish stations with Officer Buckle, complete the reading comprehension quiz, and visit Mrs. Hedrick in the library.
  • BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT is Thursday, Sept. 18th at 7:00 pm.