Our First Semester is Coming to a Close

The students have been working hard and really enjoying those 4-day weeks since coming back from break.  You can check out the January Newsletters here and see what’s keeping us busy in the classroom.

January 7, January 15, January 22, January 29

As we finish up the marking period, we will be taking our Semester Benchmarks and embarking on more learning experiences with Literature Circles, exploration of cells, and soon moving into the Northeast region of our Social Studies curriculum.  In math, we’re working a lot with fractions, probability, and statistics!

Snow Much Fun

After an unexpected few days away due to almost a foot of snow, we have been working hard to play a little catch up before the county’s winter break!  The students have been cooperative and working nicely to complete assignments and design projects.  We’ve also been working hard on our Snow Biz production coming up on Wednesday morning.  Check out the latest copy of the newsletter for more specifics on classroom happening: December 17.

Happy Monday

As the second marking period is getting underway, students are working nicely on their literature circles, beginning our next science unit on ocean characteristics, and plugging along with math.  Please check out the latest copy of the newsletter for more information about happenings in the classroom: November 12.

Happy Monday!

We’ve got a lot of fun planned this week with a VA Rep performance on Thursday and our Veteran’s Day Assembly on Friday.  Students are also gearing up for their first Science Test on Wednesday as we kick off the 2nd marking period.  They have notes on Earth’s layers, the rock cycle, and plate tectonics in their notebooks. You can check out more happenings of the classroom in the latest edition of the newsletter: November 5th.

Also, our class was featured in a short video about Mrs. Heath, as she was recently the Heart of Henrico Winner!  Please check it out here: Mrs. Heath is the Heart of Henrico

Happy Monday!

With one week left in the marking period, we are working to wrap up a few assignments in all subject areas.  Students are working hard on their expository writing prompts as they compare and contrast two rocks.  We are finishing up our study on Henrico County and we are working on our first Literature Circle with Andrew Clements novels.  Check out specifics by reading a copy of this week’s newsletter: October 29th.

A Chill in the Air

There is no doubt that fall has found us here in Glen Allen.  With the cooler temperatures, students will want to bring jackets for our time at recess.  Also, as the marking period comes to an end, anyone with missing or outstanding work will want to complete it and return it to Miss Atkins as soon as possible.  For more information on classroom happenings, please see this week’s newsletter: 1022Newsletter