About Mr. Seccia

Mr. Seccia is in his 17th year as a teacher at Pinchbeck Elementary School in Henrico County, Virginia.  He has been there since September of 1999, and has served as a fourth and fifth grade teacher during his time there.  During his time, he has been recognized as First Year Teacher of the Year, as well as a Henrico Top Teacher by the Henrico Citizen.  His Pinchbeck Safety Patrol Program has received recognition from Henrico County and AAA for its innovative “safety camp” and training program.  During the 2012-2013 school year, he was nominated by his fellow teachers as Pinchbeck’s Teacher of the Year. You can read the article about the Henrico Citizen Top Teacher award here – http://www.henricocitizen.com/index.php/news/article/henricos_top_teachers_marc_seccia#.Vx4gTvkrLIU

This past year, Mr. Seccia was selected by Scholastic Incorporated to be a Teacher Advisor for Scholastic Reading Clubs. He was the only teacher chosen in the state of Virginia. He also participated in the Pinchbeck production of Peter Pan Jr. as Captain Hook and Mr. Darling, a highlight of not only his year, but of many of the students that were a part of the production.

Mr. Seccia was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and went to undergraduate college at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts (where he met his future wife), but has been in Richmond since 1995.  He returned to school at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1996 to receive his Masters in Teaching.

In his spare time, he likes to travel with his family to places like Topsail Island in North Carolina, Ste. Agathe Des Monts, a small village near Montreal, Canada, and, of course, Walt Disney World in Florida!  In the Spring of 2012, he went on a trip to see some of the major cities in Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima!  It was, in his words a life-changing experience.  This past summer, he was able to go to Disneyworld and Myrtle Beach with his wife, Mrs. Seccia (who is also a teacher) and his sons, Andrew (14) and Kevin (12). They also got to visit Busch Gardens several times.  In August of 2014, the whole family went to Hawaii, where they were greeted by two hurricanes moving towards them, but thankfully the trip was still a success, including Mr. Seccia’s first attempt at surfing. Mr. Seccia’s dream semi-retirement job would be to work as a Monorail driver or greeter in Walt Disney World, or to play drums at clubs or restaurants in Maui, Hawaii.

Mr. Seccia also has played drums and sang in various rock and roll bands, among them “Moe’s Garage” and “Grover’s Mill” and he loves the New York Giants, the Boston Red Sox, and the New York Mets! (poor guy!)  He loves listening to live music and is excited about being a DJ for various school events, like the winter party and fall festival. He occasionally DJs at other school’s dances, weddings, and various events, and loves to watch students and adults having fun on the dance floor.

Above all, Mr. Seccia loves to teach and mentor students, and hopes that this love of teaching affects his students in a positive and productive way that prepares them for the challenges that lie ahead of them.  Current and former students (and parents), be sure you keep in touch with him through this blogsite!  He would love to hear from you!