Nauticus Field Trip Tomorrow

Our Nauticus Field Trip is Friday, March 22, 2019.

  • Please be at school BY 7:00 AM.
  • We expect to return at 4:30 PM.

Items to remember:

  • Packed lunch
  • Two NUT-FREE snacks for the ride there and back.
  • A blanket or beach towel for lunch.
  • Wear an SPES spirit wear t-shirt or your own blue shirt.
  • Dress in layers because you will be outside for part of the trip.

Items you may bring:

  • Electronics (no phones) for bus ride — MUST:
    • Be appropriate for school
    • Use headphones if sound is involved
    • Not communicate between devices. The device will be confiscated if this takes place.
    • Stay on the bus and be labeled. Teachers, the bus driver, and Newton Transportation are not responsible for these items.
  • Camera (You are responsible for holding on to this.)

Items NOT to bring:

  • Phones or cash

Dancing Classrooms Culminating Event

Dancing Classrooms Greater Richmond and Short Pump Elementary presents…

Short Pump Elementary Culminating Event

Dear Families of 5th Grade Stingers,

We would like to personally invite you to the Culminating Event at Short Pump Elementary. This is our Ballroom Dance presentation where we invite you to watch the children present the dances and hear them speak about their experiences.

Please join us on Tuesday, March 12th at 1:20 pm in the Gym. Plan for the event to last about an hour.

Over the last ten weeks your children have learned much more than the Merengue, Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango, Polka, Swing and Waltz. They have begun to develop a greater level of respect, etiquette, self-esteem, trust, tolerance and teamwork.

The dress code for your children for this event is elegance. Traditionally in ballroom dancing, the ladies wear a skirt/blouse or a dress with shoes that stay securely on their feet. Please no sandals, flip flops or Ugg type boots. Gentlemen traditionally wear a button-down shirt or polo shirt and dress pants. Ties and bow ties are optional. Please no heavy tennis shoes or boots. These are encouraged guidelines. Please do not feel obligated to purchase new clothes for this event.

We are very excited to share this event with you and hope you will be able to join us.

Dancing Classrooms Greater Richmond

Mrs. M.C. Bernheart, Mrs. Katie Gosney, Mrs. Andrea McGee, & Ms. Erika Powell,
5th Grade Teachers, Short Pump Elementary School

Sarah E. M. Slaughter, Ed.D.
Principal, Short Pump Elementary School

Student Information Spring Update

Student Information Spring Update: Open now!
Deadline: March 3rd

Twice a year we ask families to please check that the student information we have in our database is correct. The window to check that what we have on file is correct or to make changes is from 2/25/18-3/3/19. Please log in and check whether you think you have changes or not. You will be updating these forms through Rycor. Parents with students in grades 2-12 can access Rycor Online Forms through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Those with students in grades ‘PK-1 Only’ must access Rycor Online Forms directly. Directions are available on the Henrico County website listed below. If you are unable to update online, a manual form will be sent home the week of March 11th. Thank you for your attention!

Link for the connection to Rycor:

Survey/5th Grade Program

Dear Families,

Hi! SPES is encouraging all families to complete this 10-minute survey (please click here) by Friday, January 18th. Thank you for your support!

This message is from Mrs. Garcia: The fifth grade chorus concert is TOMORROW, Tuesday January 15th. Students will perform at 1:30pm for the student body and again at 7:00pm for parents. Students should be in their classrooms at 6:45pm on Tuesday night.

For the evening performance, fifth graders should be dressed in nice, winter, SCHOOL CLOTHES. Some examples are nice pants or skirts, winter sweaters, puffy vests, winter hats, etc. Please NO short-sleeve t-shirts or ripped jeans! When students look their best, they sound and feel their best. All singers will also need a winter hat. This should just be a simple hat, nothing that stands up tall off their head, covers their face or will distract from the show. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all at the show.

Middle School Links

Dear Familes,

This is the information from Ms. Walker’s blog.

Middle School Transition can be one of the most challenging transitions in a child’s life. With proper preparation and support, this transition can change from stressful to a WONDERFUL and EXCITING “rite of passage” for you and your child!

      • Very soon, a document will be sent home with students along with a hard copy of PowerSchool directions (also provided electronically, below). Ms. Walker will be available by phone or email to assist families that need help with this process.

STEP #1:  

  • Get an account – PowerSchool Instructions

Instructions: Student Parent Portal_ENGL

STEP #2 and #3:

  • #2:  Acknowledge understanding of student recommendations
  • #3:  Select elective courses

Course Selection Instructions (through Parent Portal):  

Parent Course Request Selection_English

For additional support, please view the following Powerpoint:

Course Request Selection Powerpoint

PMS Planning Meeting/Curriculum Carnival

Dear Families,

The PMS Curriculum Carnival for students takes place on Thursday, January 17th from 5:30-7:00pm. Please click here to access the flyer.

Additionally, the PMS Planning Meeting for parents is being held on two different nights (Thursday, January 17th OR Thursday, January 24th at 7:00pm) for your convenience–please choose one to attend. Please click here to see the flyer. You will understand how to support your rising 6th grader by:
– Learning the differences between advanced and regular courses
– Meeting the school counseling team
– Hearing about some exciting opportunities available to all Henrico County

Thank you for your support,
Mrs. M.C. Bernheart

Dancing Classrooms

Dear Families,

Wow! We are so fortunate to be able to pilot Dancing Classrooms in the fifth grade at SPES. This is such a unique opportunity; not only will students be able to move around, but they will grow in their self-confidence, leadership skills, and social-emotional development.

The students completed their first lesson today. I am so proud of how well they did! Their lessons will be held most Mondays and Fridays from 1:00-1:45pm in the cafeteria over the course of ten weeks. Because of scheduling conflicts, some weeks the classes will be held a different day (and the students will be made aware of this).

Please check out the pictures that I posted to Class Dojo. Way to go, fifth graders! 🙂

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Bernheart

Hour of Code

Dear Families,

Your child participated in an Hour of Code today, and we encourage you to continue the learning at home the remainder of the year! You can learn more about Hour of Code and Computer Science by watching one or more of the following videos:

Hour of Code – Worldwide
The Hour of Code is Here!
or by visiting the Hour of Code resources page found here:

We hope that you have many enjoyable hours of coding with your child, and we look forward to doing more at school in the future!

Have a great week,
M.C. Bernheart

Moody Open House

Dear Parents,

Moody’s Information Session & Open House is tonight. There are two sessions; choose one (4:30-5:30pm & 6:00-7:00pm). You can also check the flyer out here. I highly recommend going if your child is even somewhat interested in the program.

Also, a food permission slip will be coming home this week. Please return it by Monday!

Have a good day,
Mrs. M.C. Bernheart