Maybeury Media Team

Maybeury has a live daily broadcast of our morning announcements.  Students have an opportunity to apply for the WQAC media team as rising 5th graders.  Applications are provided to our 4th graders in late May.  The Media Team is one of several jobs available to our 5th graders.  If selected, our team members get a chance to work in all positions of the broadcast (behind and in front of the camera).  The students also run errands for the library in the mornings before the broadcast.  At the end of the semester, all students will have the opportunity to reapply for their position, or apply for other available jobs in the school (safety patrol, school store or art assistants).

4th Grade Book Celebration

Book Celebration is a reading enrichment program for 4th graders.  Each year, the students will be given a list of 21 books.  Students interested in participating should read as many of the 21 books as possible.  This program officially kicks off in December each year.  Students need to read as many books as possible by the May.  At that point, we will choose a team of students to represent Maybeury at our annual Book Celebration.  In order to show that they’ve read each book, students need to complete a short summary of the book.  Click here for a copy of the summary page.  BC Summary  The team will likely consist of 15-20 students, but our numbers are somewhat flexible.  We will hold our CELEBRATION DAY on Monday, June 12, 2017.   Joining us will be students from Tuckahoe ES as well.  All the students will compete in a variety of games throughout the day – centered around the 21 books.  Click here for a copy of the list.  BC List 2017  If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Utley.

5th Grade Book Challenge

I am challenging all 5th graders to read 30 books this year.  Yes, THIRTY BOOKS!  If you are a book lover, you can do it.  We will meet periodically throughout the year for book chats – so everyone can share their favorite books.  At the end of the year, we will have a big celebration for all students who have met the challenge.  Good luck, READERS!