Birthday Book Club

The Birthday Book Club provides a way to honor the birthday of students in a special and lasting way while helping to expand our library collection.  Here is how the program works:

Students fill out a Birthday Book Club Form and return it to the library with a check for $15.00 payable to Maybeury Elementary School.  We prefer that you fill out the form and make the payment at the start of school year, but the application can really be made at any time.  If you need a form, CLICK HERE.

A few weeks before your child’s birthday (or half birthday), they will be contacted to come and choose their special birthday book.  The library has an ample selection of brand new books from which to choose.

If your child has a summer birthday they will receive their birthday book on their half birthday (or at the beginning of the year, if you prefer).  We allow the students to keep their birthday book for a one month period.  Therefore, birthdays after May 15 through the end of the school year will receive their book on their half birthday.  We want them to have ample time to finish reading their book.

Your child’s birthday book will be shown on the morning announcements with a lively welcome into the Birthday Book Club!  A special book plate will be placed in the front of the book in honor of your child.  Of course your child will be the first to check out their special birthday book.

Please remember this is a special book in honor of your child’s birthday, but it is also a donation to the Maybeury Library. We ask that you remember to return the book when your child has finished reading it so that others may enjoy this special book as well!

We thank you for your donation to the Maybeury Library!