Easing Down the STREAM-Lesson Planning

Easing Down The STREAM-Lesson Planning

Do you think that you are ready to start making your own design challenges?  You could start from scratch with a whole new idea, or you could take an activity that you already do in class and tweak it to make it more STREAM.

Before you get started, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1.  What is the goal of my challenge?

2.  How can I connect it to the curriculum and SOLS?  (NOTE: A challenge may not always have a direct connection to an SOL, but it will support your curriculum!)

3.  What materials do I need?

4.  What criteria/parameters should I set up for my students?

Check out the templates below that will help you get started in making your own challenges.  One is a general template, the second is a template with explanations and the third is a simpler template that includes pictures.  There are also two student reflection sheets.  Remember that having students reflect on the challenge is just as important as the challenge itself!



PICChallenge(2) (Pictures)

PICChallenge(4)(Challenge Reflection Sheet)




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