Are you “Eggstraordinary?”

Miss Traynham and Mrs. Goodwin’s class teamed up once again for an “Eggstraordinary” Design Challenge.  They were given 25 straws, an envelope, a sheet of paper, 3 feet of tape, and 3 feet of yard. The kids were also able to use scissors and a pencil.  We then dropped the eggs to see if the designs were enough to protect them.  Look below for the results!  The designs were varied. Some worked and some did not.  It was a lesson of collaboration and we were able to observe what materials were necessities in creating a successful design!








Plant and Animal Cells-5th Grade



We created the ultimate plant and animal cells in The Stream Lab.  They included all of the correct parts of the plant and animal cell and exploration of the functions of each part.  We did this through the use of food, cookies and icing! The kids were able to work with their hands, get messy and really expand their knowledge.  They worked together in partners to remember the parts and different cells, plan, and choose what food they thought would best represent each part of the cell.  Science, Art, Engineering and Writing were all included in this project.  Great job fifth graders!

EggSTREAM in Kindergarten



Our latest STREAM design brief was to build a nest to protect your young baby birds that have just hatched.  We reviewed animal needs as well as our recent study of the life cycle of a baby bird/chick.  The kids had 20 minutes to design a protection and they could use any materials that were on their table in the lab.  Each team chose from containers, yarn, straws, tape, cardboard boxes and popsicle sticks.  The kids did a wonderful job creating their nests.

We then went outside to see which nests survived the fall.  All of the kids were great sports and in the end Alejandro and Valeria’s design worked the best.  Everyone cheered and we talked about why theirs was durable.  They decided to wrap theirs in tape and then put it inside a container.  They also had plenty of padding on the inside.  This was a great review of our studies as well as an additional extension.  We talked about the importance of protection and also did a great job working with our partners.

Our Kindergarteners took an activity that was not easy, worked together and stretched their minds today.  They impressed me with their designs, determination, and good sportsmanship.  I would highly recommend this design brief.  It was easy to come up with an idea and fit it to what we were learning.

STREAM Buddies

Miss Lehman’s Fifth grade class and Miss Traynham’s Kindergarten class took our Friday Book Buddy Partnership to a whole new level.  The students have been working together on reading for the entire year.  They have established friendships, improved their reading skills and the fifth graders have been outstanding mentors to the Kindergarten students.

After attending a Children’s Engineering Conference, Miss Lehman received an idea to work together in the STREAM Lab.  This resulted in a new partnership called STREAM Buddies.

Our Design Brief was to, with your buddy, create a Leprechaun Trap with materials presented.  The Leprechaun needed to be kept safe and there needed to be a moveable part.  The fifth graders were able to review simple machines and the Kindergarteners were introduced to it.

For research, both classes read a story on catching a leprechaun. The fifth graders brought in materials such as green glitter, gold coins, and unique boxes. The Kindergarteners drew a plan of what they wanted their trap to look like.

We split up into girl STREAM Buddies and boy STREAM buddies.  We worked for 30 minutes to create our masterpieces.

Their products were creative and they collaborated to produce a trap which included all aspects of STREAM both grade levels were proud of.

Here are a few of our final products:



IMG_0192STREAM into learning with your mentor class.  This proved to be a wonderful, innovative learning opportunity for both grade levels.  The big question is, “Did we catch the leprechaun?”  No, we did not but engineering experiences, higher level thinking and feeling great about our work was achieved!


Kindergarten Children’s Engineering

In February, I was able to take a conference on Children’s Engineering.  I was so thankful for the opportunity to immerse myself into a program in which I felt was a great way to teacher learners.  We have been creating and working together collaboratively ever since through design briefs related to our Standards of Learning.  Below are a few of our creations. Myself and the kids included have loved this method of teaching.  I cannot wait to see what else these creative minds innovate as Kindergarteners.

Leprechaun Trap 
Ms. Traynham
Kindergarten Teacher