Jump Rope for Heart

On February 23, Gayton ES had a very successful Wellness / Jump Rope for Heart night.  We had an outstanding crowd of participants.  Our school is donating over $25,219 to the American Heart Association.  I truly appreciate all of the support and donations from our Gayton families.  This money will help so many individuals with sick hearts.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

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Sportable – Changing Perceptions in Schools

Have your fourth graders told you about Sportable?  On Thursday, November 19, Sportable visited our fourth graders at Gayton.  Two elementary schools in HCPS are chosen each year.  We were honored to be a host this year.

Sportable is a group that visits schools and helps make people aware of diversity, disability and adapted sports.  Ms. Cat Anthony introduced the students and staff to a variety of sports that are available to athletes with physical disabilities and visual impairments.  We learned about the history of adapted sports and the Paralympic Games through a mulit-media presentation.

Then the students were divided into 3 groups for a hands-on experience in a variety of sports including goalball, sitting volleyball, and wheelchair basketball.  Students were introduced to the basic rules and equipment for each sport and given an opportunity to try them first hand.

We even met Elijah, a 17 year old wheelchair basketball player.  He shared his personal story of the positive impact of sports on his life.

It was a very rewarding and fun experience for all.







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Move Your Feet So Others Can Eat

During Success Week, October 26-30 our Gayton Gators jogged/walked 3,635 laps around the track which equaled 45 miles.  They pledged items of food for each lap they did. Our students and staff donated 3,576 pounds of food —  the highest amount in the last 6 years.  So impressive!!!!  That will feed many children and adults that are hungry.

Mrs. Ford was crowned Queen of Gatorific Giving since her class donated the most food items.  Congrats to Mrs. Ford and her class!





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International Walk to School Day

Gayton Gators do it right!  Thanks for taking the time out of your day to enjoy a walk to school.  Jessica Berry did a fabulous job of organizing our Walk to School Day on October 7.  It was great to see so many parents, gators and future gators enjoying the morning.  Every student received a sticker, a certificate and a banana.  Families listened to music, mingled, and walked around the blacktop or track if they wanted.  It was a great way to start the day!

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Welcome to Physical Education in 2015-16

Our theme this year is Growing Great Minds and Bodies.  What an awesome theme!

To begin the year, all classes are reviewing class rules, playground rules, safety and moving as much as possible.  One of the most important safety rules is to wear proper athletic shoes for activity.  Think about what you would wear for playing a sport or exercising.  The majority of the time it would be a sneaker.  I want all my students to be safe and to be able to participate in every activity I have planned for the day.  Thank you so much for your help in keeping your children safe and prepared for Physical Education.

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Aquatic Safety Field Trip

Our fifth graders will be going to the Shady Grove YMCA on March 13 for their Aquatic Safety Field Trip.  Forms went home today.  Please read and sign all 4 pages.  I hope all my students will be able to go.  Everyone will have an awesome time!

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Jump Rope for Heart

Wow!  Gayton Elementary School is donating $22,700 to Jump Rope for Heart.  That is $9,000 more than last year.  How incredible is that!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  It was a huge success.

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Jump Rope for Heart – February 10

How many people will we help this year?  Last year we donated more than $13,700.  Amazing!!  What an awesome way to give to others – donating to the American Heart Association through Jump Rope for Heart!

The students watched a short video right after the morning announcements this week and I have clarified any questions they may have had.  Their packet of information will come home Friday, January 16.  If your family decides to participate, you will have 3 weeks to collect donations.  The collection envelope due date is February 9.  The after school event is at 3:30 p.m. on February 10.

Thanks for participating in a great cause.

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Welcome Back 2015!

We jumped right into Nutrition and Basketball activities!

Kindergarten and First Grade:  Introduction and review of MyPlate.  We talked about the 5 food groups, colors of each group and examples of foods in each one.  They will also play a lunch tray game to recognize what foods go in each food group.  The students are working on ball skills such as dropping and catching, dribbling, bounce pass, rolling, and shooting into a basketball goal.

Second and Third Grade:  They are reviewing the colors and names of the 5 food groups and examples of each by playing various games.  They will also work on putting a nutritious school lunch together.  These students have been practicing hand dribbling, ball handling activities, passing, and basketball shooting into a goal.

Fourth and Fifth Grade:  They are learning about Macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat), calories, reading labels, daily amounts of calories for their age, vitamins and minerals.  They are also learning more advanced basketball ball handling skills:  dribbling with control and being able to look ahead and around, weaving in and out of cones, shooting, and passing.


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Success Week – Move Your Feet So Others Can Eat

We are going to Move our Feet so Others Can Eat during the week of October 20-14.  All students will be jogging/walking for a 10 minute time period during Physical Education class.  We are doing the exercise in hopes that families will donate food to the Central Virginia Food Bank equal too or greater than the number of laps jogged/walked.  A note will go home on October 31 letting parents know how many laps students jogged/walked.  Food can be donated during the week of November 3-7.  The food will line the hallways outside the classrooms.  The teacher (class) with the most food will be crowned the Queen of Gatorific Giving during the Veteran’s Day assembly on November 11.

This will also be Color My Plate Week.  The SCA and Mrs. Wright would like to stress the importance of good nutrition as well as exercise.  Each day will represent one of the food groups.  The SCA has researched a fun fact for a food from the food group of the day and has thought of an exercise to go with it.  Students and staff may wear the color of the food group for school spirit.  See below for the food group, food, color and the exercise of the day:

Monday – Dairy Group – Milk – Blue – Milk Macerena                                                                     Tuesday – Vegetable Group – Green bean – Green – Jumping Beans                                             Wednesday – Grain Group – Whole Grain Rice – Orange – Race in Place                                     Thursday – Protein Group – Salmon – Purple – Salmon Squats                                                       Friday – Fruit Group – Pumpkin – Red – Pumpkin Punches

Last year we donated over 2400 pounds of food.   Let’s go Gators!!

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