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A class divided.. (sort of!)

A class divided.. (sort of!)

This morning we asked the question, “Who will win the Super Bowl?”. With the question presented, we thought long and hard and made our predictions. After collecting class data, we were able to tally, graph, create and answer questions. We then took our predictions and wrote about who the best team was and why we thought they were going to win. We had a lot of strong opinions 🙂 After it was all said and done, we learned most of us in Rm.12 are Panthers fans. Among 23 of us, 17 predicted a Carolina win while only 6 of us predicted the Broncos! Its always fun when we can take real life events and connect it to skills we are learning in 2nd grade!

Go Panthers! (and Broncos!)


Clearly, we had some strong opinions about the winning team!