The following documents below can be found on the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) website.

  • Standards of Learning (SOL) Documents for Mathematics
    Adopted 2009. Select the standards for the course(s) in either WORD or PDF format.
  • Curriculum Framework
    This document is arranged by SOL strand and number and provides more detail about the SOL. It provides at what level the SOL is to be taught and what the student is expected to know about the SOL. Select the grade level(s) in either a WORD or PDF format.
  • Enhanced Scope and Sequence with sample lesson plans
    This document is intended to help teachers align their classroom instruction with the Mathematics Standards of Learning. Sample lesson plans that are  aligned with the essential knowledge and skills in the Curriculum Framework are arranged by SOL strand and number. Select the grade level(s) in either a WORD or PDF format.
  • Released SOL Tests and Test Blueprints
    These are released SOL tests from previous years in PDF format.
  • 2009 Mathematics Review Process
  • Middle School Mathematics Resources
  • High School Mathematics Resources – Contains the Technical Assistance Documents for the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 2009 SOLs
  • Integrating SOL & Technology (PDF)

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