Bridge to Algebra I Information

The Henrico County Teaching and Learning Mathematics Department revised the K-12 mathematics pathways due to the changes in the Standards of Learning. In order to move from Course 2 to Algebra I, students are required to participate in a free summer program – Bridge to Algebra I. The curriculum for this program contains Math 8 standards and will be available via Edgenuity, an online program, or during either of Henrico County’s Summer Essentials sessions.

This summer program is required for students who pass Course 2 and the Math 7 SOL test and want to complete Algebra I in grade 8.  The class is FREE of cost and will be held virtually or face-to-face at one of the middle schools sites. 

The virtual Bridge to Algebra I Edgenuity session will be available shortly after confirmation the student has passed their Math 7 SOL. Communication about participation will be made via Central Office and not the classroom teacher.  This change will provide students the opportunity to start the bridge program prior to the official end of the school year.

  • Students will be able to use school-issued computers while available. Once schools have collected computers, students will need to use their own device.
  • If your child is planning to complete the virtual session and you have not already registered for the virtual session, please submit the bottom of this letter to the Counseling Office ASAP. Timely submissions of the registration will provide quicker access to the Edgenuity program.
  • If your child has registered for one of the two face to face sessions, please contact the  counseling department and inform them of the change to the virtual session.
  • If your child has already registered for the virtual session, you are all set.

Upon completion of coursework, students will take the final exam virtually through the Edgenuity program. This can be done at any time prior to August 8. Students are no longer required to take the exam in person.

Students who complete all course work and pass the final exam will be enrolled in Algebra I in 8th grade. Students who complete the coursework but fail the final exam have additional opportunities to retake it. If the exam is not passed by August 8, the student is not eligible for Algebra I and parents may appeal the placement.

Students will have the opportunity to participate virtually or in one of the two Essentials sessions:

Virtual (at home) After SOL-August 1
Session 1: July 8-18
Session 2: July 22-August 1

Both face-to-face sessions run Monday – Thursday (no Friday classes) from 7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Since staffing is based upon student enrollment, students will attend each day until they have successfully completed the assessment.

Please refer to the 2019 Summer Academy newspaper for transportation information. Students who enroll in one of the two sessions can verify departure and arrival times at each elementary school, as well as bus numbers, the week before class begins. Students participating virtually will be contacted via email with further information.

Registration for the Bridge to Algebra I Program will be coming from the school counselor or math teacher. Due to technology needs required of this program, the completed registration form needs to be returned to your Middle School Counseling Office by May 31!

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