To actively engage men in order to enhance the well-being of students by increasing the number of children growing up with an involved, responsible, and committed father/male figure, through proactive and educational programs.


In a study examining father involvement with 134 children of adolescent mothers over the first 10 years of life, researchers found that father-child contact was associated with better socio-emotional and academic functioning. The results indicated that children with more involved fathers experienced fewer behavioral problems and scored higher on reading achievement. This study showed the significance of the role of fathers in the lives of at-risk children, even in case of nonresident fathers.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America — one out of every three — live in biological father-absent homes. Nine in ten American parents agree this is a “crisis.” Consequently, there is a “father factor” in nearly all of the social issues facing America today. But the hope lies in the fact that children with involved fathers do better across every measure of child well-being than their peers in father-absent homes.


Father involvement in schools is associated with the higher likelihood of a student getting mostly A’s. This was true for fathers in biological parent families, for stepfathers, and for fathers heading single-parent families.


The HCPS Fatherhood Initiative is open to father figures of Henrico County Public Schools students. If you are interested in joining the HCPS Fatherhood Initiative, feel free to contact Darryl Williams, Chair at 804-328-8110 or by email at dawilliams1@henrico.k12.va.us.