Moving On Ceremony and Projects!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful kindness you shared with me during Teacher Appreciation Week. Your recognition through notes, flowers, gifts, and food was so touching. For the past two years you all have made me feel appreciated every day! I’ve truly feel that our classroom’s families have been more than generous with your donations of time and supplies! So, thank you!!!

Thursday your student should have brought home an invitation to the Moving on Ceremony as well as information about an evening practice for Moody. Please have your student share that with you.

It’s been It’s hard to believe it’s May! We’ll be finishing up our testing next week with Science on Thursday. Please know that the kids and are will be working and learning until the last day of school. We’re still going strong on existing projects such as soft circuits! Many of the projects are ready to add lights!

We’re also creating iMovies and Legos to review our knowledge of plants geometry….

…attempting the Rubix Cube challenge, creating books through Book Creator-(so stay tuned for the final on-line publication), as well as looking forward to digging into our Dyson Engineering Box!! Hopefully the kids will be able to take apart then put back together a Dyson vacuum cleaner!

Last, but not least!!!!! Last month we Skyped with Joe Siegrist, a scientist who does Purple Martin Conservation. I was contacted by the editor of the magazine The Purple Martin Update who was interested in publishing some of the kids’ work as well as some class photos of the Skype session. It mails quarterly to 5,000 subscribers. I submitted the kids responses and am expecting the magazines to be mailed to my house in July. I’ll contact you all via email to let you know when the magazines are available at Trevvett if you’d like one.

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Gifted Open House

We’re getting ready to host Gifted Open House this week. Take a look at this video to see some hi-lights of our school year! Making this video brought some tears to my eyes, knowing that we’re closing out the 3rd nine weeks and Moving On Ceremony practices will start after Spring Break.

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TinkerCAD, Ozobots, Spheros and Creating a New Creature!

This week 5th grade has been starting wrapping up some projects. We’ve been practicing our science review by creating multiple choice questions. Each question was then given an Ozobot color code. If all of the questions were answered correctly, the Ozobot would finish the black-line map.

We’ve also been working on coordinate planes in math. Students mapped out and labeled 6 points on a 6 by 6 grid. They shared those points with a partner group. We then used toilet paper tubes to plot the points.

I’ve been blown away with the 5th graders “New Creature” STEM project. We’re finishing up our building this coming week! Next week students will be choosing green screen, robotics, or stop motion to demonstrate their creatures adaptations.

Lastly, 5th grade is doing a quick write up of a Severe Weather report. They’re including what characteristics make up each type of weather, including types of clouds, weather instruments, information about fronts and air masses, and where this storm is most likely to occur. One group is reporting on “raining fish”. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!!

Last week 4th grade explored TinkerCad and got familiar with how the program works. We’ve been working in our STEM notebooks to design a bubble blower that demonstrates students’ understanding of patterns. This week, they started taking their design from their STEM notebook and bringing it to life. The kids’ 3D designs are amazing!!

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Valentines Week

We had an absolutely fantastic Valentines week! It was so exciting to review electricity with 5th grade and do a mini lesson with 4th grade. We were able to apply our knowledge of the difference between insulators, conductors, and open and closed circuits as we began to plan to make Valentines. Using conductive copper tape, a watch battery, and The kids and I created Valentines cards with LED lights. It was a great way for the kids to truly explore these concepts. They quickly learned that you tape is a great insulator, you need to check to be sure the LED light is correctly positioned on the positive and negative side of the copper tape and to close a circuit, you must have two conductors touching. The kids did a great job on the cards! They turned out so cute!

Some of the kids asked me to post that I purchased the supplies on Amazon. It sounds like they’re interested in doing more exploring with electricity!

We also were able to visit the science museum on Friday! So much fun!!

As always…Please be sure to check the “photos” tab to see more of the kids in action!

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Moon phases and astronomy

This past week has been very busy for the 4th and 5th graders. 5th grade finished building their snowflake STEM project. What do you get when you give 5th graders 10 sheets of construction paper, 1 sheet of poster board, and masking tape? Beautiful designs! Students researched the characteristics of snowflakes and designed their project based on their findings.

Fourth grade worked on reviewing moon phases while using Oreos. Such a yummy way to review!

The 4th graders also concluded their study of the historical astronomers. Check out their videos!

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5th grade cookie project and 4th grade collaboration!

It’s so nice to finish our first full week of 2018. This week was very busy for both the 4th and 5th grade classes. On Monday Mrs. Roane, our cafeteria manager, welcomed us to use their stoves to bake our cookies. The 5th grade took over the cafeteria and did a fabulous job mixing up their cookie recipes. There were a few errors made, measurement conversions made on the fly, as well as quick fraction mental math. I was amazed that no eggs were unintentionally broken! Our class then hosted an open house for families to share our 3D cookie cutters, STEM drop boxes and our tasty creations. The kids and I were disappointed that we couldn’t use our cookie cutters for baking. I totally forgot that dough needed to be refrigerated for many hours and then rolled out to be successful! Hopefully your student can use the cookie cutters at home.

Today the fourth graders were able to Skype with Mrs. Frew, a teacher for Avonsworth School District in Pennsylvania. Mrs. Frew taught us about open and closed circuits using hobby motors and AA batteries. She prepared and shared all of the supplies (motors, batteries, popsicle sticks, cardstock, glue stickes, and battery housings) that we needed to make art spinners. The kids and I had so much fun!

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So glad to be back from the snow days

To start off the bird is safe.
Yes, we did have a real, wild, uninvited bird in our classroom this morning. As a result of some very observant kids and a great custodial team the bird was safely returned to the wild. Apparently, the bird entered through some sort of vent. We were able to have our morning meeting in the cafeteria and switched classes only 5 minutes late!

This week we were able to finish our STEM cookie boxes and test some cookies in them to see if they broke when we dropped them from the tallest playground equipment, which is about 5 feet off the ground. Only a few of my home-made cookies broke. The kids came up with various reasons that this could have happened—
1. my cookies were as hard as cement
2. the plastic bags we put the cookies in provided extra cushioning
3. the mulch on the playground, where we dropped our boxes, provided extra cushioning

Addison gave her cookie as “tribute”. She removed her cookie from it’s safe box and drop tested it from the 5 foot high location. It didn’t break! Travis then tested his cookie on the asphalt to see if the mulch really made much difference. He held his cookie straight out and dropped it. It broke!!

I’m so amazed at the wonderful questions the kids asked and the investigations they designed to determine the validity of our cookie drop!

If you didn’t receive an email from me about Monday’s activities please let me know! We have our cookie baking project scheduled and we’re hoping to share our final products with you at school!

Here’s a look at the class STEM cookie boxes. Aren’t the designs beautiful?!

Some photos of testing our creations.

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Congratulations, Sophia!

Take a look at Sophia’s winter break challenge. She read with mittens, with her pet, on the floor and a recipe!

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Happy Holidays!

Thank you all so much for your kind words and generosity throughout the year.

The kids and I were reflecting today about how fast 2017 has gone by. This week we finished out our week working on our STEM cookie boxes and getting our ingredients together for baking our cookie recipes when we return to school in January. Thank you to all families who send in goodies for our holiday festivities today. The kids had a great time visiting and playing board games.

Congratulations to Nate, our spelling bee winner and Travis our runner up! This week, Nate earned the title of Trevvett Spelling Bee Champ! He will be representing our school at the county-wide spelling bee in January.

Enjoy time with your friends and families, and well see you in 2018!

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Winter Break Reading Challenge

Hi everyone!
Here’s an online version of the Winter Break Reading Challenge! This challenge it totally optional, but when you get tic-tac-toe, please email my “super-secret” account with a picture (or few) and I’ll be sure to post them on the blog. Happy reading!!
Winter Break Reading Challenge

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