Thank you!!

The kids and I would like to thank all of you for sending in supplies for school…ALL THE TIME!! This week we did a food experience with types of rocks.  We really could have/should have gone through the entire rock cycle with just one type of food, but where would the fun be in that? I really think the Starburst candies were the best for this, but who can resist sedimentary rice krispy treats!! Take a look at all of the kids smiling, sugared up faces! If you don’t see your student, please go to the picture tab and find their photos there.  I believe I got pictures of everyone.

I love how this last picture of the metamorphic rocks have so much “fist” pressure applied!

This Monday will be a 1/2 day STEM day.  Please join us from 8-10 as we test our earthquake proof structures, the kids reflect on their experience and plan their presentation of discovery.  Our next project will be creating “egg protectors”.  I can’t wait to test them on the catapults that Ms. McNeely’s class is making!!

Upcoming Events

October 9th-1/2 day STEM.  Please join us anytime between 8-10.   Dismissal begins at 10:55.

October 12th-VA Aquarium money due and chaperones will be chosen today.  If you’d  like to be considered to be a chaperone, please feel free to hold all payments until the 13th.

October 13th-Math IA for 4th and 5th grade

October 16th-20th-Bring your parents to PE week.  We’d love for you all to join us for lunch at 12:25-12:55 and continue with us to PE on Tuesday and/or Wednesday at 1:05-1:35.  You can even stay to play at recess after!!

October 20th-picture day-Please look in your student’s blue folder for picture day information.  Our day will be Friday, October 20th.  These are the photos that will be in the yearbook this year.

October 24Papa John’s teacher delivery night-more information will be coming!

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Great Opportunity at Moody Middle School

Thank you Ms. Kelsey (Addison’s mom) for bringing this opportunity to my attention!

Moody Middle School is screening the movie Screenagers on 10/4/17 at 6:30 at Moody Middle School.  This movie is about kids and the challenges with technology today.

You can find information about the movie online at

The event is free and open to the community.  Tickets/reservations are available at:


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Happy Fall Y’all!

This week it’s been such a challenge for us to decide what projects to work on! Currently, we are still working on our layers of the earth project as well as creating a building that is earthquake proof.  Hopefully, by next Friday we’ll be able to report that these projects have been completed.

Science has been great this week! The kids were really excited to demonstrate the oceanic and continental plate movements with food.

Today we got a preview of the rock cycle and are looking forward to creating sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks during our Rock Buffet next Thursday.  Thank you so much for signing up to send in materials!

In math we started looking at patterns.  The kids got a preview of fractals, Fibonacci’s number, and working with spirolaterals! Take a look at a completed piece of artwork!

Next week the kids will be creating and sharing their own numeric and pictorial patterns by using QR codes! Be sure to check the “photos” tab for more pictures of our class activities.

Please know that the kids will be finishing their Reading MAPS on Tuesday of next week.

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Middle School Meetings

What an exciting time for our 5th graders! The Gifted Zone Program at Wilder is offering numerous dates and locations to share information and answer questions about the new program.

October 12, 2017 @ Short Pump Middle School
October 16, 2017 @ Wilder Middle School
October 23, 2017 @ Pocahontas Middle School
October 26, 2017 @ Rolfe Middle School

Please see the attached flier for additional information.


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We’re geologists!

This week I had a great with the kids with a lot of fun activities! Since we’ve been studying the layers of the earth, we decided that we needed to figure out how geologists learn about the earth.  Taking core samples of cupcakes and recording our observations fit exactly what we needed to do! We quickly learned that despite our observations and analysis of where we found the cream filling, this isn’t necessarily where ALL of the filling is.

Nextweek we’ll be finishing up our earth unit with plate tectonics, the rock cycle, and types of rocks.  Please encourage your student to continue studying their orange flash cards.  An Earth test will be late next week.

I can’t wait to start patterns in math next week! We’ll be finding patterns in life, music, art, as well as math.

Please join me for Back to School Night next week from 6-8.  I hope to see you then!

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Listen to our first podcast!

What a great way to get the news from these past two weeks! This week we’re already wrapping up projects, such as our “Creature Features” and making a scale model of the layers of the earth.

Math journals were collected this week and are graded as 1/2 credit for hi-lighting AND showing work and 1/2 credit for correct answers.  The kids did great as this is their second year with this format.

Please check your email this weekend to look for information about an upcoming food lab and a SignUp Genius for a request for food donations to teach plate tectonics.

We do have 5th grade MAPS testing next week-reading on Wednesday and math on Friday.  Please help your child through getting them a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast.

This Thursday we have a 1/2 day and will be working our our earthquake STEM projects.  Families are welcome to check our our progress during that half day.

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Flexible seating works!

It was so exciting to have students return to school this week. I’ve really missed them. For many of you, you’ve already spent some time with us in room 3 and might have noticed our shift in seating. The kids have been amazing with the seating options. Students have been successfully choosing seats and adjusting their choices with classroom activities. I hope they’re as happy about the change in seating as I am!!

I was anxious for the kids to practice good group work habits, so we built school supply towers.  The build criteria was that it needed to be free standing, as tall as they could get it, and hold an apple.  The ingenuity and cooperation were amazing!

We spent the week identifying items by observable traits.  It was a beautiful week to go outside, take our shoes off, and classify shoes by physical characteristics.

The kids worked through a dichotomous key and are in the process of creating their own.

Please look in the “photos” folder for more pictures from class activities this week.


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It was so good to see you!

Thank you all so much for showing up to open house today! It was great to see everyone.  I’m very excited about Tuesday!! If you picked up your blue folders today, there is an envelope in it that asks for a donation to Trevvett.  This donation will pay for an agenda as well as subscribe your child to Super Science magazine which will be used during class.  If you’ve already filled out forms on ZipSlip, you can recycle the paper copies in the blue folder.  Please have your student bring their blue folder on Tuesday.  If you were unable to visit today, or would just like a refresher of our classroom, here’s a video!


Thank you all for your recycled materials donations. I’ll take more at any time!
I look forward to working with all of you this year. I am honored that you share your student with me.
Ms. Adamonis

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Happy New Year!

It was so wonderful to see so many of you last Thursday to welcome Ms. McNeely, meet new friends, and  say “hello” to old friends! Friday, September 1st, from 8-10, will be another opportunity for you to stop by Trevvett, check out our new classroom, and drop of your school supplies.

I’ve spent the summer planning for our classroom to incorporate flexible seating.  Students will have the opportunity to choose a seating that will be most conducive to their learning, such as tall stools, floor pillows, milk crate seats, and yoga balls.  Students will be spending the first few weeks of school learning how to choose their seats and what is expected in each environment.  I am providing the seating, and would suggest each student purchase a yoga mat as well so they are comfortable sitting/working on the floor if they choose.  This is totally optional.  Mats are available at 5 Below for $5.

Not only will we be “Full STEAM Ahead” at Trevvett on half days, but we will be regularly incorporating STEAM projects in math and science.  Please see the attached list for recycled materials I’d love to have for our projects!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

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Please see the request from our class


The Ronald McDonald house is looking for donations. If you like Soda,  do you know the thing at the top that you pop open to actually drink it, well those are known as Pop Tops.

  • The Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for children who are in the middle of surgery or about to go into surgery.
  • If people band together and donate Pop Tops they can get money. One Lb. = 55¢.
  • In 2014, the Ronald McDonald house made $5,000 on 11,517,030 pop top.
  • One Lb.=1,267 pop tops



Frozen Food


Pop Tops     


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