Study Cards

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost done with the third nine weeks! On Friday, your student was given a handout that outlines one of the review strategies we’re using to prepare for our Virginia Studies SOL.  Students will be given a series of review quizzes every Thursday starting next week.

At the beginning of the year, students were given a set of paper flash cards to use in addition to their INBs for test prep.  Realizing that 4th graders make a lot of paper, I’ve digitized the flashcards for them to use as review.

Flashcard Set 1

Flashcard Set 2

Flashcard Set 3

Flashcard Set 4

Flashcard Set 5

Flashcard Set 6

Flashcard Set 7

Flashcard Set 8

Flashcard Set 9

Please encourage your student to review their flashcards to build their confidence in class.

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Journal for week of February 27th

Hi Everyone!

This was the photo that was posted on Friday for the next journal.  It will be due on Thursday, March 2nd.

Journal 15

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A week in stop motion

Who knew that learning about literary elements could result in stop motion movies! I challenged the kids to create “Goldfish” themed movies that incorporated the development of theme, plot, character, setting, and conflict all in a 60 second stop motion movie.  First, the kids decided on a theme and a story line.  On Tuesday the supplies from home began to arrive.  You should have seen the glitter, cotton balls, and googly eyes all over the classroom! Take a look at the “pictures” folder for our process.

We have some great upcoming events.

  1.   A field trip form went home this week, so please be aware of the cost and date.  There will be another field trip form sent home on Monday.  This trip is free.
  2.  The kids and I rescheduled our IRP open house to Monday March 13.
  3. Monday is our “One book, one school, one community” event.
  4. Tuesday is “read my shirt day”.  Students are encouraged to wear a school appropriate shirt with text.
  5. Celebrate Family Fun and Fitness night this week.  Please check your students orange folder for the date and time.  There will be a raffle and prizes!
  6. Wednesday is a half day of school.  Lunch will be served and we’ll be eating in class while enjoying a Dr. Seuss movie.
  7. Thursday is “Cozy up with a good book” Day.  Kids can wear their school appropriate PJs and spend time reading their favorite books.
  8. Friday is “Hats off to reading” Day.  Students will be welcome to wear their hats all day in school.

Please know that behavior sheets continue to be sent home for parent review every Friday.  We’re working towards the 3rd nine weeks PAW achievement!

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Weekly update

Hi Families,

Please be sure to check out the weekly updates!

  • HCPS Family Resource Center: Information about tutors is available through this site.
  •  One Book, One School, One Community reflections are due Thursday. This is a great time to create something special!
  • Please fill out the form below if you are interested in presenting or volunteering at Trevvett’s Career Day on April 5, 2017. Direct all questions to Bethany Bushey, School Counselor, at Thank you!

More information on Career Day:

2nd & 3rd grade students will visit The Big Red Bus from Henrico County Public Schools’ Career & Technical Education. 4th and 5th graders will rotate through various presentations (ideally 4 or 5). Kindergarten and 1st grade will have one speaker/classroom. The festivities will run from 8am until lunchtime.

Career Day Interest Form


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IRP dates

Thank you so much for your support of our IRP projects by taking your student to the library, helping them find videos, and asking them quesions about their progress. In order for this project to be a success, it requires work both at home and school.  Students have chosen some very interesting topics and I can’t wait to learn about them, such as cats, stingrays, autism, and the rain forest.  Here’s an updated list of dates that students can count on for time in class;

2/9-continue to research in class

2/16-finish researching with about 20 notecards and presentation proposals due

2/23- and 3/2-presentation prep.

3/10-share fair

We will be sharing Valentines on February 14th.  If your child would like to share a special Valentine, it may be in the form of maybe a pencil, eraser, stickers but PLEASE no food/candy.  If your student is planning on sharing Valentines, please be sure they have one for all students.

Check out the pictures from yesterday’s trip to the Math, Science, Innovation Center on the blog.  We have some future “Andy Jenks” in our midst!IMG_5273IMG_5269

Lastly, I sent an email yesterday containing some updated field trip and class info.  Please email me if you didn’t receive it.


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Valentines, field trips, and testing

On Friday we were visited by the Benchmark Busters! Check out the “photo” tab on the blog to see images of this fun event! The kids and I are really pumped up about doing our benchmark testing.   In class, we’ve set goals for ourselves and we look forward to celebrating our success.  We will be testing Monday and Tuesday of next week with math as well as February 13th for Social Studies.  Please encourage your student to review concepts just a little bit a night.


This week a lot of information was shared with your student.

  1.  I collected the Parent Honor Roll sheets on Friday and gave students new sheets today.
  2.  Students are in the process of handing in field trip permission forms.
  3. Mrs. Brady sent permission forms for students to bring home recorders
  4. Class list for Valentine’s Day was sent-please don’t send any food with the Valentines.  If you student would like to bring in Valentine themed pencils, erasers or other non-food items with their Valentines, that’s ok.
  5. Carnations and milkshake coupons will be sold for $3 by the SCA.


Have a great week!



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Next Journal

Monday was so rewarding for me as a writing teacher! The kids realized that they hadn’t done a writing journal since before Christmas and were wondering if we were ever going to journal again.  They were right! We’ve been back two whole weeks and hadn’t journaled at all.

Hope you enjoy!

Journal, next!

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Dacey’s Week in Review

In our class we have been pilot programming Chromebooks and doing many projects such as Google Tour Builder where we have been building a tour writing a complete intro, 4 sections of writing and posting to this blog. We have also been working on an IRP project, IRP stands for Independent Research Project the IRP we are working on is called “The Passion Project”. Our class is choosing one topic to do a presentation on.

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The past two weeks, (or 7 school days if you subtract for snow!!), the 4th and 5th grade classes have been piloting Dell Chromebooks. It’s been interesting to compare the differences between laptops and Chromebooks. From an instructional standpoint, it’s been FABULOUS having access to enough computers for 43 kids to use at the same time! Prior to Winter Break, almost all of our literature circle groups finished and we began working on a digital memory box. This project has incorporated Google Draw, Slides, and Docs and I’m looking forward to sharing our final projects next week! The 4th grade has been reviewing why the capitals of Virginia moved by creating a tour through Google TourBuilder.

Click on the links to see some finished tours!  Isabel’s tour

Mrs. Ballou and I are also planning a Zone field trip to Monticello. Parents will be getting more information about the dates and times, but please know the cost per child will be approximately $32. We will have room for chaperones at the same price point.

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Regions of Virginia movies

This is one project that the kids should be so proud of! Students created a shared google doc and as we studied the geography of Virginia, language groups, and resources the kids added their new knowledge. After we completed our studies, the groups of students reviewed their learning and created questions about any additional information they wanted to know. All new information was added and scripts for informational videos were created. Take a look at the kids final projects!

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