Congratulations, Sophia!

Take a look at Sophia’s winter break challenge. She read with mittens, with her pet, on the floor and a recipe!

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Winter Break Reading Challenge

Hi everyone!
Here’s an online version of the Winter Break Reading Challenge! This challenge it totally optional, but when you get tic-tac-toe, please email my “super-secret” account with a picture (or few) and I’ll be sure to post them on the blog. Happy reading!!
Winter Break Reading Challenge

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‘Twas the week before winter break….

Twas the week before winter break, and in classroom 3…the students were busy instructed by me! OK, yes, kind of cheesy, but it’s the truth! Our week of busy started on Saturday with the Richmond Christmas Parade!

Thank you all so much for getting our students to the CVS parking lot and picking them up at the end of the parade. (See the picture tab for the photos I got of the event!) On Monday all of our hard work with Tinkercad began to pay off! Mr. Clough, our technology teacher, brought us the 3D printer for our cookie-cutters we designed. Amazingly, I finished printing them today! Next week on the blog, I’ll be sure to post pictures of the kids with their creations!
We participated in The Hour of Code on Thursday…

…and today was our YMCA water safety field trip! WHEW!! Around all of those activities we continued learning about cells and made post-it note cells…

…and are working on our fractions and conversions baking project, and designing boxes for the cookies we will be baking after break.

This coming week we’ll be learning about ratios and continuing with living systems. We also have other special events.

Monday-visit from the math and science center.
Thursday-Brookland Middle School will be visiting for those students who are zoned for the school
Friday-last day of school before winter break

As always, please be sure to check the picture tab on the blog to see pictures and videos.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We as a 5th grade class have a lot to be thankful for! I know that many people refer to “going to work”.  I am one of the lucky people that actually gets to say that “I go to school” every day.  So, families, thank you so much for sharing your student with me.  I enjoy them an appreciate them!

These past 7 days in class we’ve been finishing up some projects-specifically our Thanksgiving Dinner math project as well as our features of the ocean floor project.  With the Thanksgiving Dinner project, the kids created a list of people to invite to their Thanksgiving dinner, planned out what to buy-and how much it was going to cost, determined how healthy Thanksgiving food is, and what time they needed to start cooking.  I think the kids were amazed at the cost, planning, and preparation that goes into such a large meal! Here’s some feedback from Angelina-

What I thought about the fake Thanksgiving  dinner.

           I love that ….

  • It helped me review some 4th grade math
  • It was a bit of challenge for me , but I love to test myself and I like challenges   as well
  • The project also helped me see someone’s  point  of  view because like I really never thought  about  what goes into  planning a Thanksgiving feast
  • Somethings were a little bit confusing, which I  liked because I have to put a lot of thought into it
  • Also it was a mixture of 4th and 5th grade

This is I what thought about the project , which overall  is awesome .     


We also displayed our “features of the ocean floor” projects today during our awards ceremony.   Check out some videos!

This is one of my favorites because Willie and Nate just started their coding project and the 1st graders were amazed!!

In fourth grade this week, we started working on coding lessons. Both 4th and 5th graders will be learning and (hopefully) enhancing their coding skills to help with upcoming projects!

Check out the picture tab to see more photos of our class activities!

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Schedule for the week

Hi Families,

There are a lot of upcoming activities for the week! Monday we have a lesson with Mr. Clough.  I’m planning on us starting our Scratch, ocean floor, activity with him.  On Tuesday, the kids don’t have school.  Ms. McNeely and I are conducting parent/teacher conferences.  I’ve sent out reminder emails to families I haven’t heard from as well as confirmation emails to parents who signed up in August.  Wednesday will be a normal schedule for us.  Thursday we have a pep assembly, 5th grade IB writing prompt, AND PAW achievement.  Friday I get to spend all day with the 5th graders!!

Please check the pictures tab on our blog to see photos from our trip to the VA Aquarium!

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Can’t wait for our field trip!

Next week is out field trip.  Please keep in mind that we have an early leave time and a late return time.  Your student will not be able to ride the bus on this day.  I will be sending a companion email to the blog post to give you further details.  Please be sure to have your student dress for the weather, pack a larger lunch than normal, and be ready to have a great time!

This week went by so fast! On Monday, Mrs. Brady, our music teacher conducted morning meeting.  She shared her love and experiences with a very close friend who has Treacher-Collins Syndrome, which shares similar characteristics with the character “Auggie” in the book Wonder.

International Day on Tuesday was a great success! There were a lot of great activities and sharing cultures in our classroom.  The class and I appreciate families sharing food, artifacts, dress, and stories from your culture.  Our next school celebration is November 10th at 7:40 for our Veteran’s Day Assembly.  If you are a veteran and are able to join us, please fill out the pink sheet your student brought home on Thursday.

Take a look at this video of one of the performances!

This week we’ve been working on our study of oceans by reading and researching the ocean floor.  Next week we will be making salt dough in class and using Makey-Makeys to record facts about formation of these ocean features.  I can’t wait to share their final products!

Students have also received a flier today that lists our fall spirit days next week.

Monday 10/30-sports team day

Tuesday 10/31-pajama day

Wednesday 1/1-backwards day has been postponed until 11/13 due to Reading benchmarks

Thursday 1/2-our choice is field trip wear!

Friday 11/3

In 4th grade we finally finished our first STEM project. The windsocks had varying degrees of success and the kids have already begun reflecting on their process.  We’ve been working on multiplication of two digit numbers this week.  Please help your student study their multiplication facts.  It’s always good to review!

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Thank you!!

The kids and I would like to thank all of you for sending in supplies for school…ALL THE TIME!! This week we did a food experience with types of rocks.  We really could have/should have gone through the entire rock cycle with just one type of food, but where would the fun be in that? I really think the Starburst candies were the best for this, but who can resist sedimentary rice krispy treats!! Take a look at all of the kids smiling, sugared up faces! If you don’t see your student, please go to the picture tab and find their photos there.  I believe I got pictures of everyone.

I love how this last picture of the metamorphic rocks have so much “fist” pressure applied!

This Monday will be a 1/2 day STEM day.  Please join us from 8-10 as we test our earthquake proof structures, the kids reflect on their experience and plan their presentation of discovery.  Our next project will be creating “egg protectors”.  I can’t wait to test them on the catapults that Ms. McNeely’s class is making!!

Upcoming Events

October 9th-1/2 day STEM.  Please join us anytime between 8-10.   Dismissal begins at 10:55.

October 12th-VA Aquarium money due and chaperones will be chosen today.  If you’d  like to be considered to be a chaperone, please feel free to hold all payments until the 13th.

October 13th-Math IA for 4th and 5th grade

October 16th-20th-Bring your parents to PE week.  We’d love for you all to join us for lunch at 12:25-12:55 and continue with us to PE on Tuesday and/or Wednesday at 1:05-1:35.  You can even stay to play at recess after!!

October 20th-picture day-Please look in your student’s blue folder for picture day information.  Our day will be Friday, October 20th.  These are the photos that will be in the yearbook this year.

October 24Papa John’s teacher delivery night-more information will be coming!

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Great Opportunity at Moody Middle School

Thank you Ms. Kelsey (Addison’s mom) for bringing this opportunity to my attention!

Moody Middle School is screening the movie Screenagers on 10/4/17 at 6:30 at Moody Middle School.  This movie is about kids and the challenges with technology today.

You can find information about the movie online at

The event is free and open to the community.  Tickets/reservations are available at:


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Happy Fall Y’all!

This week it’s been such a challenge for us to decide what projects to work on! Currently, we are still working on our layers of the earth project as well as creating a building that is earthquake proof.  Hopefully, by next Friday we’ll be able to report that these projects have been completed.

Science has been great this week! The kids were really excited to demonstrate the oceanic and continental plate movements with food.

Today we got a preview of the rock cycle and are looking forward to creating sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks during our Rock Buffet next Thursday.  Thank you so much for signing up to send in materials!

In math we started looking at patterns.  The kids got a preview of fractals, Fibonacci’s number, and working with spirolaterals! Take a look at a completed piece of artwork!

Next week the kids will be creating and sharing their own numeric and pictorial patterns by using QR codes! Be sure to check the “photos” tab for more pictures of our class activities.

Please know that the kids will be finishing their Reading MAPS on Tuesday of next week.

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Middle School Meetings

What an exciting time for our 5th graders! The Gifted Zone Program at Wilder is offering numerous dates and locations to share information and answer questions about the new program.

October 12, 2017 @ Short Pump Middle School
October 16, 2017 @ Wilder Middle School
October 23, 2017 @ Pocahontas Middle School
October 26, 2017 @ Rolfe Middle School

Please see the attached flier for additional information.


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