Thanksgiving is almost here!

Parade – Our in-school Thanksgiving Parade will be on Tuesday morning. As a class we brainstormed about themes for a mini-float. We settled on using a turkey and a lion as our images and the theme of respect. A group of students were selected by lottery to plan and create the float. By the way, we are using A/V carts, not trucks and trailers!

Fall Festival – We look forward to our Fall Festival on Monday, followed by a viewing of Wonder!

Science – We are approaching the end of our geology and landforms unit. This week we explored weathering, erosion, and deposition. When you are out and about, look around for examples of weathering, erosion, and deposition. Our next lesson will focus on fossils in the state of Virginia.

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving!

Week of November 12

Veterans’ Day – We talked about the centennial of the World War I Armistice and the origin of Veterans’ Day. We also shared a book calle The Wall by Eve Bunting.

Science – After a week of exploring rock characteristics, there will be a quiz on Wednesday. We are not looking into types of weathering, erosion, and deposition. We look forward to a guest speaker making a presentation on rocks tomorrow.

Field Trip – Information about our field trip to the Capitol in Richmond on December 7 has gone home. If you are interested in being a chaperone, information is included in the packet. Chaperones with volunteer forms on file will be selected by lottery.

Things are Rocking!

Science – We “walked” through the rock cycle this week, exploring the types of rocks and the role of tectonic plates on rocks. Next week, we will learn to identify and describe rocks using observations and dichotomous keys.
Everyone is anxious to use their rock for science. I expect to be doing that next week.

Writing – There will be no PAW this week. Rather, the kids will use what they have learned in science and reading to write their own myths explaining the origin of a volcano. They will combine fact and fiction. This project will be completed in school.

Halloween – Students may dress as a favorite book character on Wednesday. Our class will be visiting and sharing a literacy activity with a second grade class. As usual, Halloween is a time for high spirits. Wish me luck!

This and That

We are finishing up our investigation of plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes by the early part of next week. I anticipate a quiz on items 9 and 10 in their science notebooks on Thursday, October 25. Then we will move into learning about the rock cycle. It might be helpful to talk with your child about what is a cycle and what are some examples of cycles in life. Fall is a great time to have this discussion.

In writing, students will complete at home a PAW on Halloween. In school the students have started a library and writing project on volcano myths, with the goal of writing their own myth.

Spirit Success Week continues on Monday with Jersey Day (your favorite sports team) and “Red Out” Day on Tuesday. Since picture day will be on Wednesday, October 24th this week, “Dress Like a PE Teacher Day (work-out clothes” will be on Thursday.

Look for a flyer about the SGES Book Character Day on Wednesday, October 31.

Crashing Crusts

We have finished our lessons on the structure of the Earth and the theory of Continental Drift. This week we explore what happens at plate boundaries, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Next week we should begin investigating the rock cycle.

Hurricane Michael has gotten us a bit behind. However, I took advantage of it to review what kind of pressure system accompanies stormy weather, in this case low pressure. It would be great if you could talk to your kids about barometric pressure and barometers. Ask them to listen to the mention of barometric pressure on the weather report.

The Earth

This week we explored and worked with models of the Earth’s interior structure. Students should be able to explain how a cross-section of Kiwi fruit can be a model of the Earth. Next week we will investigate how the structure impacts continental drift and tectonic plates.

Geography of Henrico County

As a culminating activity, students are working with small groups to create a map of Henrico County. They are implementing map skills and locating important land and water features as well as locations. They are being encourage to be creative but accurate and complete the map with care. The maps will be shared on a class gallery tour, probably on Tuesday next week.

Henrico Passports

Passports are in and will be distributed tomorrow for those who ordered them. Additionally, our Henrico booklets are in just as we finish our study of the geography of Henrico County. They will be handy when learning Henrico history.