Week of May 6, 2019

Science – We will finish our study of sound this week and begin exploring light. Expect a quiz on about May 20 on Sound. Ask your kids about compression waves, frequency, and pitch.

Please continue to review the science SOL “refrigerator cards.” Be sure to check out Schoology for additional review resources.

Writing – We will continuing looking at and writing poetry. This week students will write limericks at home and compose quatrains and cinquains at school. We are preparing for our poetry tea on June 4. We hope to see all parents there!

Important Dates:

Wednesday – Thursday, May 8-9 Reading SOL

Wednesday – Thursday, May 15-16 Math SOL

Thursday, May 16 PTA School Picnic

Thursday, May 23 – Science SOL

Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day

Friday, May 31 – Field Day

Tuesday, June 4 – Hamilton Poetry Tea

Week of April 19, 2019

Science – We are exploring and learning about sound and light, starting with experiences with how sound is vibrations. Notes will be posted on schoology.

Writing – We are continuing our poetry unit with trying our hand at different forms of poetry and listening to poetry.

Social Studies – We have finished our study of the sortheastern States. Our next unit, following the science SOL, will be on the midwestern states.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, April 30 – Parent Volunteer breakfast 8:00 am

Wednesday – Thursday, May 8-9 Reading SOL

Wednesday – Thursday, May 15-16 Math SOL

Thursday, May 16 PTA School Picnic

Thursday, May 23 – Science SOL

Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day

Friday, May 31 – Field Day

Friday, April 19, 2019

Everyone is looking forward to a long weekend with beautiful (mostly) weather.

Writing – Students have received a new poetry assignment that is due on Friday, May 3. They are to write and illustrate two haikus. Information on writing haikus can be found in their writing notebooks.

Science – We will begin exploring the characteristics of sound and light waves over the next couple of weeks. Additionally, SOL review packets are going home to be completed and returned. These are mostly fourth grade review. More review will be going on in class. Check Schoology for some additional SOL review activities.

Social Studies – We will finish our northeastern states unit by creating license plates for each state in class. Keep memorizing and practicing the states and capitals on Schoology.

Report cards go home on Tuesday, April 23. Be sure to review and sign the envelope. Keep the report card and send the envelope into school

Important Dates:

Monday, April 22 – No school

Tuesday, April 23/Wednesday, April 24 – MAPS make-ups and report cards go home.

Thursday, April 25 – Little Feet Meet

Wednesday – Thursday, May 8-9 Reading SOL

Wednesday – Thursday, May 15-16 Math SOL

Thursday, May 16 PTA School Picnic

Thursday, May 23 – Science SOL

Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day

Friday, May 31 – Field Day

Week of April 15, 2019

Students are looking forward to our field trip to the Aquarium in Virginia Beach on Wednesday.

Social Studies – We are exploring the northeast region states. Students will be working with partners to investigate facts about one of the states, take note, and create a state license plate that reflects what they learned. Plates will be shared in class and then glued in notebooks.

Science – We are intensifying our SOL review activities. A packet on plants has gone home and will be due on Friday, April 19. No packet over the holiday weekend, but expect,a new packet on Tuesday following the long weekend. Students will begin learning about the characteristics of sound and light next week. If you are interested in additional SOL review, more resources are posted on the science Schoology page. Check it out.

Look for another SOL review packet on Weather to come home on Friday, 4/19. It will be due Friday, 4/26.

Writing – Our poetry unit continues this week with a free verse homework assignment. In school we looked at poetry in music and will be publishing “Goodbye Hello” poems. We will be exploring and reading concrete poetry, couplets, quatrains, cinquains, and limericks.

Welcome Back from Spring Break

Science – In science this year we are learning about how many things in the world of science are classified according to characteristics. We classified rocks, and have reviewed classification of animals as vertebrates and invertebrates. This week we will explore how plants are classified as vascular and non-vascular. We have already had a science 4th grade review sheet about vascular and non-vascular plants. However, students getting confused in differentiating between the terms vascular and vertebrate! This will be reviewed and discussed in class. You might want to talk about this at home. There will be a quiz on Monday, 4/15 on Vascular and Non-vascular plants.

Social Studies – By the end of the week we will dig into the northeastern United States. Games are posted on Schoology so that your student can get a head-start on memorizing the states and capitals.

Poetry -We start our poetry unit by exploring poetry in the lyrics of music. Your students have received an assignment in which they listen and identify figurative language and parts of poetry in music of their choice. We will be practicing his in school. This is due on Friday, 4/12.

Week of March 11, 2019

Social Studies – We are finishing up our southeast state unit. Students will be creating digital postcards telling a friend about the features of the southeast region.

Science – This week we will begin investigating plant and animal cells.

Continue working on your science experiments. They are due on March 18 for presentations in class.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, March 13 – Family Life 11:30-12:30

Thursday, March 14 – Rock-a-thon 6:30-8:00

Wednesday, March 20 – Science Fair after school 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Thursday, March 21 – Science Fair during school 7:45 am – 9:00 am

Monday, March 25 – Reading MAPS

Thursday, March 28 – Math MAPS

Friday, March 29 – Student Half-Day, end of 3rd nine weeks

Week of February 25.

This week has lots going on.

In science, we end our unit on the ocean as we wind up with human impact on the ocean ecosystem. A unit test will be on Monday March 4. Students should study items 15 – 21 in their science notebooks. Be sure to check Schoology for PowerPoint notes.

In social studies, we will begin exploring the states of the southeast United States. Students will receive a map which includes states and capitals to memorize.

On Monday, we look forward to a science assembly on Monday thanks to the PTA. The last science assembly was a big hit!

Our Aquatics trip to the YMCA will happen on Friday, March 1. We will depart Shady Grove at 9:20 and will return by about 11:05.

Presidents’ Day Week

We are nearing the end of our oceans unit. There will be a quiz on Wednesday, 2/20 on ocean movements and zones. Then we will review 4th SOL standards with by revisiting food webs in the context of the ocean. Don’t forget science notes are available on Schoology: Science Notes

Each week, SOL review sheets are going home to be completed. These will be glued into the Science Review notebook. If you have not gotten a composition book, please do so. By the way, if you have an extra notebook around the house, that will be fine to use, even if it has some writing in it. We are gluing sheets on the pages.

In order to keep students on track for the science fair, I’m asking that parents help students with gathering their necessary materials for their experiment and then verify that this has been done by initialing the appropriate space on the checklist in their packet. I will be checking this on Friday, February 22.

Word Study will resume on Wednesday with the following words: vascular, optimistic, intend, and fascinating.

In class we will begin persuasive writing. There will be no PAW this week.

Fifth Grade’s Family Life Education FLElesson will be on Wednesday.

Spring pictures will be taken on Thursday, February 21.

Valentine’s Week

Students are designing and decorating their Valentine Boxes. Thanks to all who have sent in decorative supplies. They had a great time today. It was messy! A class list has gone home for those who will be bringing in Valentines to exchange. On Valentine’s day, we will have a short celebration with Valentine exchanges and a treat. Please let me know if there are any concerns with your child eating strawberries and Cool Whip.

In science we will be shifting from exploring ocean movement to investigating ocean zones.

Another SOL review sheet has gone home, “Life Cycle Niche.” It is due on Friday, 2/15. These review sheets will be glued into the composition book all students should have by Friday. This will be handy for SOL review.

Science Fair – Students should have gathered all necessary materials in order to run their science experiments by February 22. They should have a parent initial the appropriate line on the checklist in the packet.

Don’t forget to send in the aquatics field trip form. The forms are due on February 15 and the trip will be on March 1.