Farthing’s Forecast…..May 21~June 1


HOMEWORK ~ Enjoy a good book each night and discuss the main idea with a family member. Share some details from the story as well! Spend some time on Reflex Math and  RazKids.

LANGUAGE ARTS ~ Our reading skill is cause & effect. A cause is something that makes another thing happen. An effect is what happens as a result of the cause. The weatherman predicted rain so I took my umbrella with me.  (weather prediction – cause & taking umbrella – effect). Students will be presented with various situations and will have to determine the cause and the effect. In addition, the children will be reading passages independently and answering comprehension questions about each. The children will be writing on topics of their choice focusing on using correct capitalization and end marks in their good first grade sentences.

SOCIAL STUDIES ~ GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER ~ He was an African American who studied science and plants. He became a teacher. He developed hundreds of uses for peanuts, sweet potatoes, and soybeans.

SCIENCE ~ PLANTS ~ The students will investigate and understand that plants have basic life needs and functional parts and can be classified according to certain characteristics. Key concepts include: (a) plants need nutrients, air, water, light, and a place to grow; (b) basic parts of plants (roots, stem, leaves, flower, seed); and (c) plants can be classified based on a variety of characteristics.

MATH ~ WORD PROBLEMS & DOUBLE DIGIT ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION ~ Students will be acting out, writing, and solving word problems. The double digit addition and subtraction is without regrouping (34+22=56 & 78-47=31).

FITNESS FRIDAYS ~ Wear your work-out clothes.

Have a fun and restful Memorial Day weekend! Thank you to the men and women who have so bravely served our country.


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Farthing’s Forecast…..May 14~18


Stars, cards, sweet treats, flowers, and school supplies!!!! Thank you so much for making me feel so special and appreciated  during Teacher Appreciation Week!! Your acts of kindness were greatly appreciated!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

MAY 15th ~ PTA

SOCIAL STUDIES ~ MAPPING ~ Our mapping unit will be completed this week. The children have done an excellent job learning the compass rose, cardinal directions, map legend, and symbols. The children will make a zoo map and answer questions about it. The test will be given later in the week.

MATH ~ MEASUREMENT & WORD PROBLEMS ~ We have a few more measurement activities to complete. Word problems will be reviewed as well. Children will solve word problems as well as write them.

LANGUAGE ARTS ~ Main idea/details will be a continued focus. We had several verbal discussions/lessons last week.  The children will be expected to read a passage independently and answer questions about it. Sentence writing and journal writing will be emphasized.

PALS testing has been completed. Math Screeners were started last week. My goal is to finish up the math screeners and begin the Fountas & Pinnell testing. Each of these assessments are administered one-on-one.

HOMEWORK ~ Read! Read! Read! Enjoy RazKids and Reflex Math!!

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Farthing’s Forecast…..May 7~11


HOMEWORK ~ Word study notebooks will come home Monday. Please keep your notebooks and study your words.  Review tests will be given over the next few weeks. I will test one group at a time.  The children will not be receiving any new words for the remainder of the year.  Complete the mapping packet. The packet is due on Friday. Read for 20 minutes each night.

SOCIAL STUDIES ~ MAPPING ~ We will begin a mapping unit which includes learning about the compass rose, cardinal directions, map legends/map keys, map symbols, and land and water features (ocean, river, lake, plain, forest, hill, mountain). The children will make maps and “read” them.

SCIENCE ~ NATURAL RESOURCES ~ Our natural resources unit will be completed this week. The test will be given early in the week.

MATH ~ MEASUREMENT ~ Our measurement unit will be extended another week. Last week the children used the balance to compare the weights of “dog items”. They used pennies, links, and cubes to measure a variety of objects. This week our focus will be using a ruler to measure in inches and centimeters. I felt more practice was needed with the ruler as sometimes they begin measuring at “1”. The children can certainly practice at home measuring with a ruler.

LANGUAGE ARTS ~ Last week I began administering PALS. I met with each child individually to read sight words and read a passage and answer comprehension questions. I have completed all the sight word lists. My goal is to finish the reading passages this week. The endings “er” and “est” will be reviewed. Identifying the  main idea (What is the story mainly or mostly about?)  and details of passages and stories will be our reading focus.  This is a skill that has been  discussed in reading groups since the beginning of the year. As we finish out the year, the children will be expected to read passages independently and answer questions. RazKids is a great way to practice this skill. Writing is also a continued focus. Keeping a journal is a fun way to practice writing skills.


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Farthing’s Forecast……April 30~May 4


WOW!!!!! Cayden, McKenzie, Pari, Luke, and John were Talent Show Stars!!! They were amazing.( Piano playing, Mario Brothers, Dancer, Lighted Dancers! ) It was a fabulous night. I was thoroughly entertained. Ms. Aveson, another shining star, was outstanding as well!!! Way to go Echo Lake Dolphins!!!!

REPORT CARDS are coming home Monday. You may keep the report card. You only need to sign and return the envelope.

PERMISSION SLIPS for a PTA sponsored program are coming home Monday titled “Great Things Happen To People Who Don’t Give Up!” Please sign and return.

We have seven weeks left. I can’t believe it. WE NEED TO FINISH THE YEAR STRONG!!! Please make sure and review Friday Folders and papers with your child. Several papers went home that were incomplete even with extra time given. Please remind your son/daughter the importance of listening carefully and doing his/her best work. It’s May and we should be settled and making the final preparations for second grade.

FIELD DAY is Friday, May 4th. Opening ceremonies will be in the bus loop at 8:30. Activities for K-2 will be from 9:00 to 11:15. Parents are welcome to join us!

SCIENCE ~ NATURAL RESOURCES ~ Our natural resources unit will be completed this week. Students are expected to do the following:  identify natural resources such as plants, animals, water, air, land, minerals, forests, oil, and soil; recognize that many natural resources are limited; compare and contrast ways of conserving resources which include recycling, reducing, and reusing; classify factors that affect air and water quality; and discuss the value of parks to wildlife and to people. We began our study last week.

MATH ~ MEASUREMENT ~ Our measurement unit will continue. The children will use standard and nonstandard units to measure and compare length, weight, and volume. The children will be involved in hands-on activities that use cubes, pennies, links, rulers, and balance scales. We have been discussing various measurement tools.

LANGUAGE ARTS ~ “Er” and “est” will be a continued focus. Writing good first grade sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation will be a goal for the week. Reading with accuracy and fluency and decoding unknown words will be emphasized. Our reading skills are an ongoing work in progress.

HOMEWORK….There will be no word study this week due to Field Day on Friday. Please read nightly. Spend two nights on RazKids and two nights on Reflex Math.

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Farthing’s Forecast…..April 23~27


TALENT SHOW…..TUESDAY…..6:00…..Come one and all to Echo Lake’s Talent Show directed by Ms. Aveson. Five of our class members will be performing…John, Luke, McKenzie, Pari, and Cayden!! Hope to see you there to help me support our classmates!!!!

VOLUNTEER BRUNCH….Thursday, April 26th @ 9:00!!

FIELD DAY….Friday, April 27th! First grade’s activities are in the morning.

HOMEWORK….There will be no word study tests this week due to Field Day on Friday. Enjoy your week off!!! Read nightly.

MATH….MONEY & MEASUREMENT….The money unit will be completed at the beginning of the week, and measurement will be introduced at the end of the week. This unit will include non-standard units of measurement as well as inches, centimeters, and balance scales.

LANGUAGE ARTS….Possessives will be reviewed. The endings “er” and “est” will be studied. These endings are added to describing words when comparing people, places, and things. “Er” is added when comparing two nouns (ex. Tom is shorter than Bob.). “Est” is added when comparing three or more nouns. (ex. Tom is the shortest of all.) Writing good first grade sentences with correct capitalization and end marks is a continued focus.


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Farthing’s Forecast…..Special Edition






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Farthing’s Forecast…..April 16~20


APRIL 16th is a half-day of school. Enjoy your afternoon!!

APRIL 24TH is the Talent Show!!

APRIL 27TH is Field Day!!

ORIGINAL ART WORKS…is due. If you’re placing an order, please send in the form and money. If you’re purchasing the magnet, the cost is $6.00. If you are not placing an order and do not want the magnet, please return the packet to school. Thank you!!

HOMEWORK….New word study words are coming home Monday. Please sort nightly and be ready for Friday’s test. Please read the information about Eleanor Roosevelt and answer the questions neatly. You may need help reading the passage. Complete the “Ownership” paper. Read each sentence carefully and determine if a plural word is needed or a possessives is needed.

THURSDAY….is stuffed animal day!! The children voted for this reward.

SOCIAL STUDIES….ELEANOR ROOSEVELT….Eleanor Roosevelt was a shy girl. Her family was very rich and they helped many people. As she grew up, she continued to help people. In 1905, she married Franklin Roosevelt. Later he became the President of the United States. Eleanor was called the First Lady because she was married to the President. She worked hard for equal rights for all people. Eleanor Roosevelt was a volunteer who helped many people in our county and around the world.

MATH….MONEY….Our money unit will be completed this week. We are working on counting a collection of pennies, a collection of nickels, a collection of dimes, and a collection of pennies, nickels, and dimes. PLEASE continue to practice counting coins at home.

LANGUAGE ARTS…..This week we will be writing about butterflies, helping others, and Benjamin Franklin. Dictation sentences will be assessed as well. I will review ABC order, plurals, and possessives. When reading nightly, hunt for plurals and possessive.

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Farthing’s Forecast….April 9~13

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing spring break!!! I enjoyed many special times with my family!! My brother’s family and I had a great Easter Sunday. I enjoyed time with my aunt and cousins in Williamsburg  for a few days!!!


BOOK BOOGIE….Donations are due this week.

WEEKEND WARRIOR ASSEMBLY is Friday, April 13th @ 9:30.


DENIM DRIVE….Please send in your denim items this week. I cleaned out and found 9 items.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS… Echo Lake’s Talent Show is April 24th. Several friends from our class will be performing. I know I’m excited and can’t wait!! It’s always a fabulous show!!

HOMEWORK…Word study words are coming home Monday. Sort your words nightly and be prepared for Friday’s test. Practice counting change at home. Ask Mom if you can count the coins in her purse. Ask Dad if you can count the change in his pocket. Do Mom and Dad have any change or just a debit card? Spend two evenings on Reflex Math and two evenings on RazKids.

SCIENCE….SPRING….BUTTERFLIES…..We will be discussing spring. The weather is supposed to feel spring-like  at the end of the week. Can you name some signs of spring? Students will also be learning about butterflies with a focus on monarchs.

MATH…MONEY….Our study of money will continue. Prior to spring break, we completed many hands-on coin counting  activities.  Keep practicing at home. We will continue counting collections of pennies, collections of nickels, and collections of dimes as well as collections of pennies, nickels, and dimes. It’s that quarter that causes the problem.

LANGUAGE ARTS….ABC order and plurals will be reviewed. Possessives (‘s) will be introduced. Possessives show ownership (Tom’s toys)…Tom owns the toys. While reading nightly, hunt for possessives and plurals. So many “ses”  (plural) to confuse Mrs. Farthing’s friends (possessive). Oh my!!!

Stay focused and do your best as we finish out the school year strong!!!!

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Farthing’s Forecast….March 26~30


PICTURE DAY…..Monday, March 26th….Class pictures must be paid for in advance….Wear  your smile!!!

BOOK BOOGIE….March 30th…First grade will be dancing from 12:20 to 12:50. Parents are welcome to join us!!

DENIM DRIVE….April 9~13….Check for any old or outgrown denim that you may have hiding in a closet while on Spring Break!

HOMEWORK….There will be no word study this week. Please make sure you spend two nights on RazKids and two nights on Reflex Math!!

FRIDAY FOLDERS….Please make sure to sign the Friday Folder each week and review the papers. Reinforcing the skills we are learning at school would greatly benefit your first grader. Thank you!

FIELD TRIP….There is no make-up day for our trip. We have to book our field trips a year in advance, and Meadow Farm has no available dates left.

SOCIAL STUDIES….Our study of Benjamin Franklin will be completed this week. The children have enjoyed learning about this great inventor, scientist, and statesman. Benjamin Franklin started the first lending library, fire department, police department, and hospital. He is also remembered for his famous kite experiment. He flew a kite with a key attached in a thunder storm and discovered that electricity is present in lightning.

MATH….Many of our math lessons this week will be hands-on activities; therefore, you may not see papers coming home. Our fractions unit will be completed with a focus this week on fair shares. Starburst jelly beans will be a yummy way to practice. Our money unit will begin and will continue after Spring Break!

LANGUAGE ARTS….Plurals will be a continued focus! ABC order to the second letter will be our new skill of the week! Continue to look for plurals when reading nightly at home!


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Farthing’s Forecast…..March 19~23


Sorry for the later post this week. I was having difficulty with the site last night and lost my post. Well, I couldn’t find it!! It might be out there somewhere.  Sorry for the inconvenience. I will make it short as I have to write this while the children are in the library.

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! to all the families who ordered PaPa John’s Pizza last week. The school earned over $3700. A good time was had by all!!!

HOMEWORK…New word study words are coming home today. Please sort nightly and be prepared for Friday’s test. I have attached a “plurals” paper. Please complete both sides neatly using a pencil. We have been learning about the different rules for making naming words, nouns, plural. Please go over your child’s homework and check for neatness, reversals, and correctness. Please have them correct their mistakes. We want them to practice the correct way. Thank you! The paper is due Friday. Read 20 minutes each night and color in your Book-It calendar.

PTA PERFORMANCE…The first graders are performing Tuesday night. They need to wear jeans and a solid color shirt. They should come to the classroom at 6:15.

FIELD TRIP….Thursday is our field trip to Meadow Farm!! Please make sure your child dresses appropriately for the weather. If it does snow, it will be quite wet! Wear appropriate shoes. REMEMBER TO BRING A LUNCH IN A PAPER BAG!!!  Thanks again to our chaperones: Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Garner, and Mrs. Sprouse.

FRIDAY, MARCH 23rd….Wear red, white, and blue!

LANGUAGE ARTS….Our study of “plurals” will continue. In addition, dictation sentences will be assessed. Of course, we enjoy our time in reading groups and word study groups.

MATH….Our “Fractions” unit will be completed this week with an emphasis on 1/2; 1/3; 1/4; and fair shares.

SOCIAL STUDIES…Benjamin Franklin will be our focus. He was an inventor and statesmen. He invented many things including the franklin stove, bifocals, and swimming paddles. He started the first library, hospital, fire department, and police department. We should be thankful for his curiosity.

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