Farthing’s Forecast…..March 19~23


Sorry for the later post this week. I was having difficulty with the site last night and lost my post. Well, I couldn’t find it!! It might be out there somewhere.  Sorry for the inconvenience. I will make it short as I have to write this while the children are in the library.

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! to all the families who ordered PaPa John’s Pizza last week. The school earned over $3700. A good time was had by all!!!

HOMEWORK…New word study words are coming home today. Please sort nightly and be prepared for Friday’s test. I have attached a “plurals” paper. Please complete both sides neatly using a pencil. We have been learning about the different rules for making naming words, nouns, plural. Please go over your child’s homework and check for neatness, reversals, and correctness. Please have them correct their mistakes. We want them to practice the correct way. Thank you! The paper is due Friday. Read 20 minutes each night and color in your Book-It calendar.

PTA PERFORMANCE…The first graders are performing Tuesday night. They need to wear jeans and a solid color shirt. They should come to the classroom at 6:15.

FIELD TRIP….Thursday is our field trip to Meadow Farm!! Please make sure your child dresses appropriately for the weather. If it does snow, it will be quite wet! Wear appropriate shoes. REMEMBER TO BRING A LUNCH IN A PAPER BAG!!!  Thanks again to our chaperones: Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Garner, and Mrs. Sprouse.

FRIDAY, MARCH 23rd….Wear red, white, and blue!

LANGUAGE ARTS….Our study of “plurals” will continue. In addition, dictation sentences will be assessed. Of course, we enjoy our time in reading groups and word study groups.

MATH….Our “Fractions” unit will be completed this week with an emphasis on 1/2; 1/3; 1/4; and fair shares.

SOCIAL STUDIES…Benjamin Franklin will be our focus. He was an inventor and statesmen. He invented many things including the franklin stove, bifocals, and swimming paddles. He started the first library, hospital, fire department, and police department. We should be thankful for his curiosity.

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Farthing’s Forecast….Special Edition

Thank you to those who volunteered to chaperone our field trip on March 22nd. The following parents will be our chaperones:

Mrs. Bermejo-McGee, Mrs. Garner, and Mrs. Sprouse

More details to come!



Each student is asked to bring a toy or object that demonstrates the types of force and motion that we have studied. He/she will demonstrate how the toy or object moves…..Is it…*straight     *back and forth     *circular     *up and down?????

Some toys or objects may move in two or more ways, even better! How about vibration? Please send the toy or object in a bag on March 16th. They will travel STRAIGHT back home at the end of the day! Thanks!


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Farthing’s Forecast….March 12~16


PIZZA DELIVERY NIGHT….A great big thank you to all the families who ordered pizzas. Mrs. Jackson, Benjamin, and I had a great time singing, dancing, and delivering.  A big thank you to Mr. Jackson for driving. It was so exciting to deliver to Brendon’s and Dinuth’s families. Your kindness and generosity were greatly appreciated.

MARCH 20th…..First Grade Performance at the PTA meeting. The children need to come to the classroom between 6:15 and 6:20.

FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIPS….are due. Please make sure you check the middle section about medication.

HOMEWORK….New word study words are coming home Monday. Please sort your words nightly and be prepared for Friday’s test. Read nightly! Spend two nights on RazKids and two nights on Reflex Math.

MATH….Our study of Fractions will continue with an emphasis on 1/2;  1/4; 1/3;  and fair shares.

SCIENCE…Our Force & Motion unit will be completed this week. Last week we learned that a force is a push or pull. We discovered the heavier the object, the more force needed to move it.  We discussed gravity. Our focus this week will be types of motion including straight, back-and-forth, and circular. Look around your house for objects with these various motions.

LANGUAGE ARTS….Endings “ed” and “ing” will be reviewed. A study of plurals will begin.  With plurals come many rules. Oh my! Nouns or naming words are made plural by adding “s” (boys, girls, desks).  Words ending in sh, ch, s, ss, or x  are made plural by adding “es” (bushes, crutches, buses, kisses, boxes).  Words ending in “y” require the “y” to be changed to an “i” before adding “es” (bunny — bunnies). Believe it or not some words change their spelling (child — children). We’ll spend at least two weeks learning these rules. When reading nightly, hunt for plurals.


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Farthing’s Forecast…..March 5~9


MARCH 9th….Superhero Day! Dress like your favorite Superhero! Remember no pretend weapons!

PERMISSION SLIPS….for our upcoming field trip are coming home Monday!!!

PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA DELIVERY NIGHT…..On Thursday, March 8th our school is participating in a great fund raiser. We have have teamed up with Papa John’s Pizza and they will give us a check for 20% of the sales from the night and we will get 100% of the tips!. Our school made over $2,000 last year which afforded us some extra resources like RazKids! What you need to know: (1) You will need to place your order online by MIDNIGHT on March 7th. (2) To ensure Echo Lake benefits from the full extent of this fundraiser, order online at www.PJRVA.COM/SCHOOLS. You will need to select Echo Lake. (3) If you have multiple children at Echo Lake, you will need to enter the name of each child’s teacher so that each class will get credit for the order. (4) You will choose your delivery time between 5:00 and 7:30 PM. (5) You must live in the delivery area for us to deliver to your house. (6) If you have friends or family who would like to participate, but do not live in the delivery zone, they may still participate. They will have to pick up their order at Papa John’s Pizza at 9308 W. Broad Street (Tuckernuck Plaza). They can order online and choose Echo Lake! (7) The teacher team with the highest tips collected will win a special prize. Because of this, you are encouraged to tip your delivery team, and not online. (8) You are guaranteed that a team made up of teachers/staff members will deliver your pizza, and there may even be a little show involved! However, your child may not necessarily have their homeroom teacher deliver. (9) We are aiming for 100% participation so that our class can win awesome rewards from Papa John’s like a pizza party for the class!!!!!! (Plus, there will be fun teacher rewards for having the most pre-order sales and the most tips!!!)  I am excited!!! Please order and help our school raise money for some fun activities and school supplies!!! Thanks so much for your support with this fun activity!!

LANGUAGE ARTS…..Our study of the endings “ed” and “ing” will continue. The children have been learning that these endings are added to action words (verbs). The “ed” refers to the action in the past while “ing” refers to the present. In addition we have talked about two very important rules. (1) Double the final consonant before “ed” and “ing” if there is a vowel before it. (ex. stop = stopped and stopping) (2) Drop the final “e” before “ed” and “ing”. (ex. bake = baked and baking)  In addition, dictation sentences will be assessed. You can practice at home with your child. Say a sentence and have your child write it. You may repeat the sentence several times! I know I do! We certainly enjoy our time in word study and reading groups! As you are reading nightly, hunt for words with the “ed” and “ing” endings!

MATH….We will complete our unit on time to the hour and half-hour. Fractions will be our next topic with a focus on 1/2 and 1/4. Our study will begin with a discussion of equal parts which will  lead us into halves and fourths.

SCIENCE….Our Matter unit will be completed this week. The children enjoyed experimenting by mixing H2O with various solids and liquids. The results are in: sugar, salt, milk, vinegar, drink mix, and baking solid will mix/dissolve in water. However, oil, soil, sand,  and rocks will NOT dissolve or mix. In fact, sand will sink to the bottom, while oil will float to the top. The children will be tested this week. Our mixtures are still on display in the classroom. Force & Motion will be introduced as well. Students will learn that straight, circular, and back-and-forth are types of motion. Force is a push or pull which can change movement. Vibrate means to move back-and-forth quickly while producing a sound.

HOMEWORK…Congratulations! Thanks for reading the entire post!! I know it’s long this week. New word study words are coming home Monday. Please sort nightly and be prepared for Friday’s test. Spend two nights on RazKids and two nights on Reflex Math. Remember to color in your Pizza Hut Calendar. The goal is 20 days and March is the last month you can earn a pizza certificate.

Keep sending in those pop tabs and box tops! Keep our Denim Drive in mind as you do your spring cleaning!

Have a great week!! Mark your calendars…March 20th…The first graders will be performing at the PTA program. Information came home last week!!

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Farthing’s Forecast…..Feb. 26~Mar. 2


MONDAY FEB. 26th…..Game Day (Please don’t bring games that include toy weapons.)

MARCH 1st…Student half-day! Dismissal is 11:30.

FRIDAY MAR. 2nd…Mix Match Day! Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!

PIZZA TEACHER DELIVERY NIGHT….Mar. 8th….. If 65% of our classmates pre-order pizza, we will earn a pizza party!

HOMEWORK….New word study words are coming home Monday. Please sort your words nightly  and be ready for Friday’s test. Please complete the compound words paper. Draw the connecting lines neatly. You need to write each compound word in a sentence. Have Mom or Dad check your sentences for correct capitalization and punctuation. Write neatly. This assignment is due Friday.

GOALS….Talk with your child about setting two important goals this week. (1) Be a great listener. (2) Complete work neatly and carefully.

MATH….Our study of time to the hour and half-hour will continue. I sent  “Robot Clocks” home last week for the children to make and use to practice telling time. The children are doing quite well with time to the hour. Our focus this week will be time to the half-hour. Please practice at home with the “Robot Clock”.

SCIENCE….MATTER…..Last week we learned about matter, molecules, solids, liquids, and gases. Everything is made of matter!! This week the children will make mixtures to determine if certain solids and liquids will  mix with water (H2O). Questions that will be pondered: Does it dissolve?, Does it mix with water?, Does the solid or liquid float to the top or sink to the bottom?  We will be experimenting with vinegar, oil, soil, rocks, salt, sugar, drink mix, sand,  and  baking soda.

LANGUAGE ARTS….Compound words will be reviewed. The endings (“ing” and “ed”) will be introduced. These endings are added to action words (verbs). The “ing” ending is used when speaking in the present and “ed” is used when speaking in the past. When reading nightly, hunt for action words with “ed” and “ing”. The children will be writing dictation sentences. They will be expected to write sentences that are presented orally. This skill can be practiced at home.

Will March come in like a lion?


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Farthing’s Forecast…..Feb. 19~23


THANK YOU….to Mrs. Barradale for helping to take care of and teach my kids while I was out last week. I am sure your first grader told you that I was out with the flu.  I’m looking forward to returning tomorrow. I am just getting to emails from last week.

HOMEWORK….New word study words are coming home Monday. Please sort your words nightly and be prepared for Friday’s test. Spend two evenings on RazKids and two evenings on Reflex Math. As you are reading nightly, remember to color your Book-It calendar.

FEB. 20th…. S.T.E.M. night begins at 6:00.


This week’s post will be short due to my absence last week. Compound words (two small words put together to make a bigger word), time to the hour and half-hour, and matter will be our units of study this week. More details to come!!


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Farthing’s Forecast….Feb. 12~16


BOX TOPS….Grade levels are in competition for collecting the most box tops. First grade is currently in second place. If you have any at home, please send them in.

POP TABS….We are collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Remove them carefully from your cans and send them to school.

DENIM DRIVE….We will have another Denim Drive. If you have any old denim items at home start collecting them. More information to come.

VALENTINE’S DAY….Just a reminder that we are exchanging valentines on Wednesday. A class list was sent home Feb. 1st.

HOMEWORK…Word study words are coming home Monday. Please sort your words nightly and be ready for Friday’s test. Complete the 4-Square about “Winter”. In each square write a sentence about winter and illustrate it. Make sure you write good first grade sentences with capitals, periods, and descriptive words. Make sure your pictures have details and are neatly colored.

REPORT CARDS….Report cards are coming home Monday. Please sign and return the envelope only. You may keep the report card.

MATH… Our study of place value will continue. Please refer to last week’s post for more details.

SOCIAL STUDIES…Our unit on George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Presidents’ Day will be completed.

LANGUAGE ARTS… The new reading skill is compound words. Compound words are two smaller words put together to make a bigger word (ex. rain + bow = rainbow). Please hunt for compound words while reading nightly. Bossy “r” wont’ be forgotten either. Dictation and writing skills will also be a focus.

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Farthing’s Forecast….Feb. 5~9


REMINDERS: Heart to Heart Breakfasts  (A-D) ~ Feb. 8th and (E-K) ~ Feb. 9th

CONFERENCES… Feb. 8th for those who have signed up. I look forward to meeting with you.

HOMEWORK….It’s back!!! Word study words are coming home Monday. Complete the nightly sorts and be prepared for Friday’s test. Good luck! Spend one night on RazKids and one night on Reflex Math. Complete the homework packet which is also coming home Monday. This week’s packet is focused on skip counting and number sequence. The packet is due on Friday. Please write your numbers neatly and check for and correct reversals.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES….We ran short on time Friday, so the Earth/Sun test will be given Monday. In addition, our study of George Washington/Abraham Lincoln/Presidents’ Day will be introduced. This unit will be studied for two weeks. The children will learn about the contributions of George Washington, our first president, and Abraham Lincoln, our sixteenth president. The children will learn that Presidents’ Day is celebrated in February in honor of our presidents especially George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Due to our snow days in January, Presidents’ Day will now be a full day for students.

LANGUAGE ARTS….The plan is to complete the 4-Square about “Winter” and writing about the groundhog. The story frames about space came home Friday. We wrote that story together. Bossy “r” will be a continued focus (ar, or, er, ir, ur). I will be meeting with word study groups and reading groups. Word study groups remained the same. Reading groups were adjusted upon completion of Fountas & Pinnell testing.

MATH…Place Value will be a continued focus with an emphasis on skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, number sequence, and identifying numbers that are greater than, less than, and equal to other numbers. This week’s homework packet will reinforce these math skills. Thank you for taking the time to support your child in completing his/her homework.

Thank you for sharing your special valentine with me each day!!!

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Farthing’s Forecast…..Jan. 29~Feb. 2

STUDENT OF THE WEEK….. Brendon (Brendon was absent last week.)

January Book-It calendars are due Feb. 1st. The goal is 20 days! February Book-It calendars will come home Thursday, Feb. 1st.

We will be exchanging valentines on February 14th. To ensure we all have a good time, make sure you have a valentine for everyone. A class list will be coming home Feb. 1st. What a great way to practice handwriting by filling out your valentines and signing your name!

Fountas and Pinnell testing is complete. Everyone made progress! 🙂 As I posted last night, I adjusted RazKids levels to correlate with Fountas and Pinnell levels. Keep reading!

HOMEWORK…. There will be no word study this week. It will return next week! I am sending a “Bossy R Practice” packet. Please complete both sides of each paper. Make sure on the “Scrubbing Up” paper that you write the sentences. The packet is due on Friday, Feb. 2nd. Spend one evening on Reflex Math and one evening on RazKids!

LANGUAGE ARTS….Our study of “bossy r” will continue (ar, or, er, ir, ur). “Ar” makes the sound you hear in car. “Or” makes the sound you hear in horn. “Er”, “ir, “ur” make the sound you hear in fever, bird, and turn. As you are reading at home hunt for “bossy r” words. We will review long vowel combinations and punctuation ( ? . ! ). In addition, we will write a class story about being lost in space using a story frame format. Winter will be written about in a 4-Square format.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES….Our study of Martin Luther King, Jr. will be completed this week. A short quiz will be given later in the week. Our Sun/Earth unit will also be completed. The children have been learning many interesting facts about the sun. The sun is a source of heat and light for the Earth. It’s in the middle of the solar system. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It’s made of hot gases.   Day and night are caused by the rotation of the earth. It takes the Earth 24 hours or one day to spin on its axis one time.  A test will be given on Friday.

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Farthing’s Forecast…..January 28, 2018

Fountas and Pinnell

Fountas and Pinnell testing is complete. Everyone made progress with their reading. I have updated reading levels on RazKids to correlate with their Fountas and Pinnell reading levels. Enjoy your day off tomorrow and spend  some time on RazKids! The complete Farthing’s Forecast will come out tomorrow!


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