Review Websites

For those of you looking for resources to prepare for tests, SOLs, Math Weeklies, and general review, here are some resources.  Remember, each student has a Reflex Math account.  If your child needs practice with multiplication and division, this is the best resource!

Math and Science SOL Review 

Math Review:

Prime and Composite

More Prime and Composite

Mean, Median, Mode Range


Types of Triangles

Triangle Sort

Triangle Splat

Science Review





Solar System


Cells and Organisms


Rocks and Earth


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Cell Models

Although we planned to have more time and more resources available, the students were able to make creative, accurate models of both plant and animal cells.  They were proud of their work!

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Visiting the State Capitol

The students spent the day inside the State Capitol. They toured the Capitol and spent some time voting on a mock bill in the General Assembly. Click on the link below to view the Google Photos Album. Ask your child to tell you about the pictures 🙂

Field Trip Photos

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Fifth Grade Goals

These guys and gals are ready to start working on reaching their fifth grade goals!


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Thank you for coming to Open House, bringing your supplies, introducing yourselves, and getting ready for FIFTH GRADE!  I am so happy to have each of you in my class and can’t wait until Tuesday.

If you did not make it today, I am looking forward to meeting you Tuesday.  Please bring your supplies on Tuesday.  We will all organize them together.

Once the school year is underway, this blog is a great place to find your homework, class schedule and the class news.

Have a fabulous weekend.

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