Summer Reading 2016

This year the Librarians of the Henrico County Public Schools and Public Library have joined together to develop suggested reading lists for Henrico elementary students.  These lists include a mix of both classic and newer titles and authors, fiction and nonfiction/informational books, and series designed to appeal to those readers who love to immerse themselves in stories and worlds that continue book after book.  The booklists also reference a number of websites and online resources devoted to young readers and their families.  All of the titles and series listed are available at the Henrico County Public Library, and the Children’s Librarians of HCPL are always ready with additional suggestions and booklists.

 Although all of the books suggested on the booklists are recommended, the lists are in no way exhaustive and are meant only to provide a starting place, for those who’d like one, for summer recreational reading.  HCPS does not require students to read certain books or even a certain number of books over the summer.  The only expectation is that students DO READ—read what they want to read, exploring the topics that fire their interests and fuel their imaginations.  Have a wonderful summer…full of adventures and incredible stories!