Book Celebration

Dear 4th Graders:

Are you ready to celebrate good books?  If so, then you are definitely ready for Book Celebration!

There are 25 books on the Book Celebration booklist representing every genre from fantasy to biography—with something to interest every reader.  The length and reading levels of these books vary so that, whatever your reading “style,” you can participate.  All of these books have been put in a special section of the library just for you!

Each time you finish reading or listening to one of the books on the list, you’ll need to do two things:  you will need to check the “read” column on the booklist form (kept in your notebook), and then you will need to fill out a simple Book Celebration 2017 Response form.

You can keep your booklist handout in the Reading Section of your binder…but you will fill out your summary form online.  These will be tracked electronically.

You will have from now until almost the end of May  to read as many books as you can, and fill out the Book Celebration Summaries. You don’t have to read all of the books on the list, but the more you’ve read the more fun you will have at our end of the year READING RALLY for Book Celebration.


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