Feb 11

Please return the Valentine photos that were sent home from Strawbridge if you do not want to buy them. The Spring class picture and individuals will be taken on March 14th.

Dates to Remember:

2/11- Report Cards are  coming home- Please sign the  envelopes and return them. You can keep the report cards at home.

2/14- Happy Valentine’s Day!!  A list of classmates  came home last week for your child to use to write his/her  classmate’s  names . Please send in a valentine for each student in our class.  Many are available at the Dollar Store , Walmart and Target.

2/18- Full day of school for all ( This is a change!)

2/21- Multicultural Museum Night  6:30-7:30 PM

3/29- half day for students- End of marking period 3

Our  themes  in   February are : Groundhog’s Day,  Shadows, Famous Americans, Black History Month, President’s  Day  and Valentine’s Day

Language Arts  –     Students should know all their capital letters,  lower case letters and sounds by now. It is important to continue reviewing sight words daily to enable your child to read  on grade level. Comprehension is also an important part of being able to read on grade level. Ask your child questions about what he/she reads . Please have your child practice writing their first and their last  names correctly and short sentences by sounding out words.

Sight words-   Please practice memorizing, spelling and writing  these:  down, went, out, came, again

A Valentine Reading Log came home! As you read a book with your child have them color  in a heart!

Focus this week on  “Uu” and Valentine’s Day

Math–  Measurement- Time (calendar and clock) and Temperature(Thermometer).

Social Studies- Black History Month   and Famous Americans (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross) and President’s Day  ( Washington, Lincoln, Trump)

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