Jan 14

Reminder: Please send in a healthy snack daily for your child. Water bottles are permitted in the classroom. Please make sure the lids are on securely so they do not leak in your child’s backpack.  Also please make sure you label  their snack and  lunch  ( if you send it in)  so your child knows the difference .

Themes of January:  Winter season and Winter animals

Language Arts  –    Students should know all their capital letters,  lower case letters and sounds by now.     Please have your child practice writing their first and their last  names starting with a capital letter and the rest of the letters  should be written in  lower case.

Our Language Arts themes will be focused around letters ” Xx and Yy”  this week. Also we will do  many activities centered around  the story : The Mitten.  Sight words-  Review list of all sight words.

Math–  Rote counting to 50 and counting objects to 50 grouped in 10’s.

Science- Winter season and Winter animals

Social Studies– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dates to Remember:

1/15- Favorite family meal idea due. ( For Multicultural Museum in class writing project)

1/18- Muffins with Mom   7:30 AM- Children attend with their moms until 8:00.

1/18-(Homework)  Snowman Project is  due.

1/21- Faculty, Staff and Students  have  no school-   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

1/25-  End of Marking Period 2

1/28- Student have  no school

2/14- Happy Valentine’s Day!!

2/18- Full day of school for all ( This is a change!)

2/21- Multicultural Museum Night  6:30-7:30 PM

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