Dec 3

Dates to Remember:

12/7- Cub’s Night In – 5:45 PM- 8:30 PM  See PTA materials sent home and their website for more information.

12/19 Last day before the Winter Break!!!

12/20-1/2 Winter Break

1/3- School resumes. Happy New Year!!!

Reminder: Please send in a healthy snack daily for your child. Water bottles are permitted in the classroom. Please make sure the lids are on securely so they do not leak in your child’s backpack.  Also please make sure you label  their snack and  lunch  ( if you send it in)  so your child know the difference .

Themes of December: Needs and Wants, Five Senses, Traditions and  Holidays Around the World

Language Arts– We will    focus on letters  “Jj and Kk” . We will learn their  sounds  along with how to write them.  Upper case (Capital)  and lower case alphabet recognition continues to be ongoing.    Please have your child practice writing their first name starting with a capital letter and the rest of the letters  should be written in  lower case. All letters have been  introduced.  We are now going back and spending  more time on each individually.

Math– We will  continue to focus on Numbers 11-20 for the next week  . We will learn how to write them and use our “Number sense” to make these numbers in many  different ways:  numeral, number word, tally, ten frame, set,  name one more and one less than each number,  list the  combinations that equal the number of the day,  etc.

Social Studies– Traditions and Holidays Around the World

Science- Five Senses

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