It’s the FINAL Countdown!

** REMEMBER THIS: The first day of school – September 6, 2019 **
Dear Students and Families,

Well here we are at the end of a milestone year in your child’s life…Kindergarten, the first year of big kids school. 🙂 It seems like just yesterday that you all walked into my classroom to drop off your little ones and leave them in my care. You all came with big expectations and trusted me with your precious children. Can you believe how much they have grown? Even with our shortened year, they have learned so much this year academically and just as important they leave with memories of fun, a joy of learning, an excitement about their new knowledge, and friendships to rekindle at next year’s first day of school.

Time truly ZOOMS by when you are having fun! Although we all look forward to the last day as a completion and celebration of all that we have accomplished, it is also the beginning of a new adventure. I will definitely miss seeing these kids’ smiling faces bouncing in my classroom door and laughing on Zoom. This year has truly been the highlight of my entire teaching career.

And PARENTS/FAMILIES, you have truly made this an amazing record year with flexibility and communication through these unprecedented times. Thank you. It has been a real honor to see so many of you rise to the challenges of Distance Learning and the sudden “shove” we all received into the virtual world. Thank you. I really appreciate the time and effort you each put into ensuring your child got on Zoom each week ready to learn. Thank you. This is the first year, in my 18 years of teaching, that the partnership between school and home has been put to the ultimate test, and YOU climbed this mountain with me side by side helping your child to the top. Thank you.

You may think that as your child gets older there is no need to volunteer or help as much but, believe me, it is still so so important…especially to your child. Even as our children get bigger and grow up, they still get excited to see their family at the music concert, or creating science experiments at home, or at field day, or reading stories to them before bed, or for that special surprise lunch in the cafeteria. Please continue to help and support and encourage your child and their teachers next year and every year after that.

I wish you all the best of health, luck, and love in your family’s lives! I have missed being with the children and watching them learn and play but I REALLY look forward to seeing them in the Fall as “Big Kids.” They will seem SO SO much bigger to me!!! Enjoy your Summer Vacation and Break with your little ones while they are still little. I loved every moment and will treasure every memory. 🙂

My Kindergarten Theme Song – Click Here
Nichole Nordeman: Slow Down

Love always, Mrs. Lisa Grossman