Oct 8

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend!  This week we will be working on the short vowel sound for A, researching apples and continuing our science lesson on fall changes.  If you have some apples at home and would like to send one in with your child, we will be doing some apple experiments.  I will have plenty to spare if you do not have any.  🙂  You can send one in by Wednesday.

Picture day is this Friday, October 12.  All students will have their photo taken.  You will be given an optin to purchase photos.  This is not the class photo.  That photo takes place later in the year.

The link below is to our Pete the Cat Positions book.  Students read a position word with a partber and then discussed where to place Pete.  It came out great!  Students love re-reading these class stories.


Hope you enjoyed it as much as they did making it!

Linda Livingston

Sep 26


The link above should bring you to a book that we created on colors.  Hope you enjoy it!

Sep 12

We continue to do well learning the routines of school.  If you want to learn more about what we are doing, and what we plan on doing, please attend the Back-to-School night session on Thursday, September 20 at 6:15pm.  This is a night for parents, we encourage you to find a baby sitter and have your child stay home.  I am so proud of the independent skills they are learning.  It is difficult to remember to take out your folder, take out your snack and put it in the snack tub and hang up your book bag.  Most of us can do this with very little reminders.  I know everyone will have it down quickly by October.  Being responsible for your own items, makes you ready to be responsible for your  learning.  I love watching them grow throughout the year.  Thank you for helping them to be successful!

Linda Livingston

Aug 30

What a fabulous Open House!  Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out all those papers and sort your child’s supplies!  We will talk more about academic expectations on Thursday, September 20 at our Back-to-School night.  In the meantime, we will be focusing on learning the rules and routines of the room. We will also be exploring new friendships and building independence.  It’s going to be a great year!!!!

Please label your child’s lunch and snack.  They need to know which is which.  If they are buying lunch, please let them know that morning.

Please email me any questions at ldlivingston@henrico.k12.va.us

Linda Livingston 


May 30

Wow!  May seems to have come and gone!

Our Field Day is this Friday!  Please send a water bottle with your child and remember to wear that class t-shirt!  It is a fun day!  If you have not signed up to volunteer, please come on up to the school to cheer your child on.  If you are volunteering, thank you!  You will be able to see your child frequently as they go through the fun stations Coach has set up!

Just wanted to remind you that the notice about our end-of-the-year program went home on Tuesday.  We will be ordering pizza for our family picnic.  If you sent in your money, thank you.  If you haven’t, the dead line is next Wednesday.  Please let me know if your child is bringing their own lunch and not ordering pizza.  That way I can account for everyone.

Another fun event is our Fun Run next Friday, June 8.  A notice went home about how to help our school raise money for new books.  The information was on a crown that the students bought home yesterday.  If you would like more information, please send me an email.  The students are excited to win prizes.

Happy Tuesday!  Linda Livingston

May 7

Looks like a fabulous week for the weather!  The children really loved the theatre production of Pinocchio!  We enjoyed our pizza lunch and the beautiful scenery at the mill.  The next few weeks we will be doing individual testing in math and reading.  No need to prepare or study.  At this age it is all  developmental and we are just assessing the growth they have made this year.  I always enjoy  looking at their writing journals from September to May.  Kindergarten is a year of tremendous growth.  Please be on the look out of information about Field Day, June 1 and our Kindergarten end-of-the-year program.  It will be on Tuesday, June 12 at 11:00.

Happy Monday!

Linda Livingston

Apr 27

What another fantastic week.  We discussed Earth day and brainstormed ways to keep our Earth healthy, just like we keep ourselves healthy!  The future looks bright with all their ideas.

In math, we continue to work on addition.  NO FINGERS allowed!

Use pennies or Legos as counters if you child is having trouble.  They really need to UNDERSTAND what addition is and not just memorize facts.  This will help with future math, especially algebra.  🙂  They will count a total number of objects, then I will hide a few from them in my hand ask them to give me the missing number.  This tells me who truly understands addition.

We continue to focus on comprehension in reading and writing more in our journal.

Reminder that our field trip is on Wednesday, May 2.  No need for a lunch, but you may pack them a snack.

Happy Friday!!!!!

Please see below from our Art Teacher.  🙂

Mrs. Smith, our Colonial Trail art teacher, is collecting some interesting items to be used in the art room this spring and next fall.  Please consider donating any of the following items to be used by the children in their art classes.  Feel free to collect these supplies during the summer and send them in the fall as well.  Your trash is our treasure!! Thanks for all of your help!!

Old CDs, Felt, Yarn, Fabric Scraps, Beads or old Necklaces, 4 oz Elmers Glue Bottles, Cheap White Paper Plates, Styrofoam or Plastic Egg Cartons, Empty Toilet Tissue and Paper Towel Rolls, Newspaper


Apr 12

We have been busy since spring break!  Students used their creativity and critical thinking skills to design flowers for our poem, April showers bring May flowers.  See some of the creative ways they used pattern blocks for their flower designs in the pictures below.

We are finishing our unit on money.  Students are asked to identify a penny, nickel, dime and quarter as well as tell their respective values.

We continue to make great strides in reading.  Remember the comprehension of a story is just as important as being able to read it.  If you don’t know what you have read, then the purpose for reading is gone.  Asking questions before, during and after are important.

Thank you for turning in your field trip money. May seems a far way off, but it will be here before we know it.  Happy spring!

Linda Livingston

Mar 11

Happy last full week of winter!

We will continue to work on telling time by the hour and work on number sense in math.   We are working hard in small group reading by working on new vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.  We are looking forward to our living/non-living science investigations this week. Observing worms will be fun.  At the end of the week we will be applying math and science to build our leprechaun traps.  Hoping to catch some over the weekend.

Looking forward to some nice warm weather.  In the meantime, please remember to dress inlayers.  Our room tends to be chilly.

Have a great week!

Linda Livingston

Feb 26

What a wonderful 100 day celebration!  Last Thursday, we celebrated our 100th day of school.  We celebrated by reading 100 books, writing our numbers to 100 and solving the Zero the Hero mystery.  You can’t make 100 without him twice!

This week we are looking forward to reading Dr. Seuss books and exploring all the words we can make with short vowels.  In math we are measuring temperature and working on ways to tell time (seasons, years, months, days of the week, morning, noon and night, as well as telling time to the hour).   In science we are working with magnets.  Magnets will only attract metals, like iron and steel.  We are working on the vocabulary words, attract and repel.

Thank you for coming to see our social studies projects.  We enjoyed learning about Famous Americans.

Please join us for our parade this Friday, March 2 at 8:20.  We will be parading the hallways in our Dr. Seuss character outfits!

Happy Monday!

Linda Livingston 



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