Nov 12

What a lovely Veteran’s Day program!  Thank you to everyone who has served or is serving in our armed forces.

We are currently working hard in our reading groups and learning how to quickly subitize our numbers (recognize a set without counting) which is very important when learning to add.  Being able to UNDERSTAND math is important.  When adding, subtilizing helps children eliminate the need to use their fingers and draw objects to solve problems.   In social studies we are learning about the past and present.  We will continue this by talking about the first Thanksgiving and comparing it to our Thanksgiving today.

Please send in canned goods/dry goods (rice, cereal, boxed mac-n-cheese) by Monday, November 26 to support our Christmas Mother Food Drive. Thank you!

More information will be coming about our Turkey Trot on November 20th.

Have a great week!   Linda Livingston



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