Jan 9

I know the snow days can be worrisome with missing school.  At this young age, we are learning the fundamentals.  As long as you keep them reading and writing, everything will be retained!  I always made my girls draw and write about their winter snow experience at home.   Or they could use their imagination and pretend they were in a warm place having summer vacation fun!  The hardest part is keeping them off i-pads and glued to the television screen.  Give them some paper, crayons, scissors and tape and watch what they can create.

Happy snow days off!

Linda Livingston

Jan 1

Happy New Year!

We will be jumping right into learning this week!  In math, we will be using tally marks to record our math answers and count objects.  In science, we will be learning how things change over time by learning about winter and making new year’s resolutions.  We will continue our small group reading instruction and  focus on fluency and comprehension.

Please remember to send your child in with a coat.  We will be going out if the temperature rises above 32 degrees.  If it stays below, we will be having indoor recess.  Sometimes children come to school by car in the morning and forget their jacket or only wear a light one.  Please make sure they have a heavy coat and practice zipping if they can.  Building independence by having them put on their own coat and mittens is an essential skill.  🙂  They can do it!

Happy 2018!  Stay warm.

Linda Livingston