Sep 26

I am looking forward to meeting with you all at Back-to-School-Night this Thursday, September 28.  The meeting will begin in the auditorium at 6pm.  This is a night for parents to receive information about our classroom curriculum, expectations. and learn about our PTA  It is highly encouraged that only parents attend.

We have been learning how to work in small groups and build independence for learning the last few weeks.   This practice is enabling me to begin some small group instructions.  We loved learning about our similarities and differences.  In math, we have been sorting objects by many attributes, and thinking out of the box, by using other ways to classify and sort.  I love the way their minds think!

In language arts, we are now working on how to use what we learned about our letters and the many rules that apply to reading and writing with them!  So, come to back to school night and learn more about what we do!

Linda Livingston 

Sep 12

It has been an incredible second week!  We are getting into the swing of things and working hard in our journals.  We are now working in small groups during workshop time (centers).  We have been practicing how to work cooperatively with a partner, share ideas and learn through each other as well as, cleaning up after ourselves.   Starting routines correctly will allow us to learn more during small group reading instruction.  I am so proud of how well they are working together.

Here are some pictures of our bus snack last week.  We had fun making them and eating them!                                                                  

We have been working hard and reading, writing and sorting/classifying our colors.  Thanks for helping them pick their color clothing each day.

An information sheet went home last Friday.  Please email me if you need another one.     Linda Livingston

Sep 1

I am so excited to welcome your child to Kindergarten and their first adventure on the road to a lifetime of learning.  I will be reviewing classroom expectations on September 28 at Back-to-School-Night, 6:30 – 8:00pm.  This night will be for parents to come to school to learn about our curriculum and expectations.  Conferences are held in early November.  In the month of September, we will be assessing both math and reading skills.  We will be using this assessment to help build your child’s individual learning goals.  We love our unit on colors.  We know they know their colors, so we use the colors to assess letters, sounds, sight words, math and science.   Of course in Social Studies we will be learning the classroom and school rules.  There are lots of them, but this is what provides a happy, safe environment.  Most importantly, when we all follow the rules, we all learn.

Happy first week of September!

Linda Livingston