Apr 24
Please read below from our fifth grade class.  Anyone interested in sending in change, please put it in a plastic bag or envelope with your child’s name on it.  We will be visiting the wax museum next week.  It was a big hit last year.  The children love it. 
Dear CTES Students, Parents & Faculty,
Our Annual 5th Grade Change for Charities Wax Museum event will be held at CTES on Wednesday, May 3rd.  Student will be visiting the museum with their class and the CTES students, faculty and parents are encouraged to bring change for our chosen charity Children’s Miracle Hospital Networks.  Thank you so much for helping the 5th Grade support such a great charity.  We look forward to your visit to the museum! 
The 5th Grade Class
Apr 21

Tomorrow is Earth Day!

They did a wonderful job this week of learning about what we need to do to keep our Earth clean!  A clean environment is good for us and the animals!  Make sure you read their Earth Man stories.  They did a great job.

Next week is our field trip.  More information will come next week. It is on Wednesday.  No lunch needed!  It is already at the playhouse.

Happy Weekend!

Apr 6

What a rainy day!  We have had so much fun this week working on our banks.  Here is a short video that shows all the hard work.  We not only learned how to count , we learned how to save and spend it wisely.  🙂



Have a wonderful spring break!   Linda