Mar 30

Next week, SCA will be selling Inside Out Smencils (scents: blueberry, sour apple, cinnamon, lemon lime fizz, and grape soda).  They are $1 each and there will be a limit of 5 per person.


There will also be a Spirit Week:

Monday, April 3rd – Jersey Day (wear your favorite sports jersey)

Tuesday, April 4th – Twin Day (dress like your friend)

Wednesday, April 5th – Wild Animal Print Day (wear anything animal print of attire with animals on it)

Thursday, April 6th – Decades Day (dress like your favorite decade: 80s, 90s, etc.)

Friday, April 7th – Pajama Day (no slippers)


Mar 22

What fun we are having learning all about maps and globes.  This week we made our own maps of the world and a globe with play dough.  

In math we are working on counting change and identifying coins.  Children are expected to be able to identify a penny, nickel, dime and quarter as well as know their values.  I will also be testing them on counting pennies and nickels up to 10cents.  If your child has already mastered this, rest assured we are enriching the curriculum by counting coins even higher.

In reading, we are working on comprehension, fluency and building vocabulary.  I am so happy with the progress we are all making in reading.  They are happily picking up books and challenging themselves every chance they get.  Yeah!

Thank you for helping your child every day.

Linda Livingston

Mar 14

Parent Volunteers are still needed for the Spring Fling, this Friday from 6 t0 8.  Please use the link below to volunteer if you can.

Field trip money is still being collected.  THANK YOU!!!!


Linda Livingston

Mar 13

Happy Monday!

Here are several important items.

  1.  Field trip information went home today.  We are not going until April 26, but the theater requires early payment.  Please send in a check by next week so we have the correct headcount.
  2. If you have any recyclable materials to donate, like we did last month, please send them in with your child by next Friday, March 24.  We will be making piggy banks with our money unit.  Anything with a lid would be great.

Thank you to Sara’s Carters mother, Dr. Carter for coming in to do a lesson for dental health month.  We learned about all the ways to keep our teeth healthy!

Have a wonderful evening!  Linda Livingston

Mar 3

It was a wonderful week celebrating Dr. Seuss!  I hope the children shared with you the many fun stories and activities they participated in when traveling to other Kindergarten classrooms.  Rhyming is an important part of learning to read.


In the next few weeks we will start our unit on money.  Students will be evaluated on identifying and knowing the value of a penny, nickel, dime and quarter.  They will also be asked to count change to 10cents using pennies and nickels.  Students who are already able to do this, will be challenged to count change to 50cents using a variety of coins.

As we move toward the end of the year, I will be expecting students to use correct punctuation when writing.  Encourage your child to leave space between their words and write more than 2 sentences to express their thoughts.

The weather for the next few months is going to be forever changing.  Please send a jacket with your child, even if it is warm in the morning.  Sometimes our weather changes and it can be colder in the afternoon than it was in the morning.  We go out every day, unless it is below freezing or raining.

I hope you found the homework that was placed in the back pocket of their folder.  It is optional, but highly recommended.  Starting homework practice now, will make an easier transition to homework next year.

Happy March!  Linda Livingston