Feb 20

It’s great to be back into the swing of things!  Thank you so much for all the Valentine cards and goodies!

You should be very proud of your children!  Mrs. Jernigan said they were a super sweet class, well behaved and very smart!  We will finish February strong with reading and writing.

TODAY is 100 day!  We are reading 100 words, writing 100 words and counting objects to 100.  It is a fabulous day to celebrate all we have learned in school.  We even ate a 100 shaped cookie.  YUM!

Next week the excitement continues!  We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss all week long.  In honor of his birthday, Thursday, March 2 we will have dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character day.  No need to buy costumes.  Google some ideas for home made costumes.  This is always a fun week. We will be parading around the school in our costumes around 8:15 on Thursday morning. (3/2)  I will be posting a list of other days a soon as I have them. Crazy hair day, crazy socks etc.  Be on the lookout!

February 28 is picture day.  More information to follow.

Please return your report card envelope if you have not already done so.  We reuse these envelopes.  🙂

Thank you for all you do to help your child be successful at school!  Linda


Feb 10

What a wonderful week!  Please be on the lookout for report cards on Monday, February 13.

I am so proud of everyone’s progress.  We have been working on short and long vowels in whole group, as well as learning individualized skills for reading in our small groups.  I love how they are carrying over word attack strategies in their journal writings.  They are adding silent e and ing to words to create fabulous sentences.

We loved measuring objects and using balance scales to measure many things in our room.   We learned to use what we know by estimating and then weighing objects to see if we were close.  When we used what we had learned from previous weights, our estimates were spot on!  We will continue to work on capacity and telling time in math before moving onto money.

I am sure you have heard by now about George Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr.  We are in the middle of our unit on Famous Americans.  We will finish this unit with Betsy Ross, Abraham Lincoln and Pocahontas.

In Science, we worked on the stages of Water (solid, liquid and gas).

I would like to let you all know that I am not  going to be here next week.  I already told the children this morning.  I am going to help my daughter, who lives in South Carolina.  She just had her baby several weeks ago and her husband is a pilot in the Marine Corps.  He is away for two weeks, so I get to be Grandma for one of them.  My substitute is Deanna Jernigan.  I taught her son years ago and she has subbed in our school since CTES opened.  She has done board subbing as well.  I have left her all my plans.  The children will be learning and doing the same things that I would have done with them.

I want to wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  If you have any communication needs, please continue to send them by email.  I will be looking at it, almost everyday.  If it is urgent, please contact the office.  You can also send a note in their folder.  The children  know to check for it and hand it to the teacher.

Have a wonderful week!  When I get back it will be 100 DAY!!!!!  funny_cartoon_frog_sitting_down_sticking_its_tongue_out_in_a_vector_clip_art_illustration_120905-162617-224001  Linda Livingston

Feb 2

We had so much fun with shadows this week.  The Groundhog helped us learn that a shadow is blocked light!  We did lots of experiments with shadows and brainstormed lots of different light sources (not just the sun).  Thank you for cleaning out those folders and talking to your child about what we are doing in class.  There is a lot of learning going on! 🙂


See blow from the PTA:

Calling all hungry CTES families! Come to Zaxby’s this Tuesday evening from 5-8pm. Have a delicious dinner and support CTES!  Thank you for your continued support!!!


Please be on the look out for the Class Valentine list in their folders, Friday, February 3.  No need to make a special box for them, we will be making something special in class to hold all their Valentine cards.  No candy or treats please!  Your child will need to make one for each student in the class. They love reading each friends name and “mailing” their Valentines in school.  It is a great tool for reading and friendship.

If you have any questions, please send me an email.  Happy Thursday!  Linda Livingston