Oct 29

We had a great time listening to our fifth grade Mystery Reader!    (See the picture below)

Upcoming events:    Wednesday, November 2, Fall Celebration class Rotations

Friday, November 4, Metro Richmond Zoo field trip

Monday, November 7 and Wednesday, November 9   Parent Conferences

For our field trip, please wear your class t-shirt and watch the weather to dress appropriately.  The children will need a disposable bag lunch and drink.  We will be having a quick snack before we board the bus, so provide something healthy and small for the morning.

As we move into November, we will be working on number sense in math, learning about community helpers in social studies, writing in our journals, and  adding to our own individual sight word banks.  Knowing our sight words = better fluency!

Happy Halloween!  Be safe trick-or-treating!

Linda Livingston IMG_2814


Oct 20

Book Fair Dates and Times

Monday, October 24 3:00-6:00pm
Tuesday, October 25 During school hours-5:00pm
Wednesday, October 26 3:00-6:00pm
Thursday, October 27 During school hours-5:00pm
Friday, October 28 3:00-7:00 pm

Colonial Trail accepts cash, checks, credit and debit cards.  This is the only book fair we will have this year and it is a wonderful opportunity to support the school and build a love of reading.  So come on out and browse!  Happy reading!

If you missed our conference sign-up, here is the link.  Thanks to those of you who signed up.


Here are a few pictures of our acorn treat from the other day.  We were so busy eating pancakes, making patterns and reading/writing about pancakes I forgot to take a picture.  Everyone looked comfy!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!

IMG_2780 IMG_2778 IMG_2777

Oct 14

We had a fabulous week!  We worked on creating and extending patterns using acorns and pumpkins.  (AB, AABB, ABB, AAB, ABC and more)  When we were done we made an edible acorn to celebrate fall.  It was yummy.   See if you can make some patterns with objects at home.  Coins are great for making patterns.  Get out those pennies, nickels and dimes.

In Science, we taste tested 4 different kinds of apples.  They were delicious.  We graphed our favorite one.  Red delicious was the winner.  Life cycles is a big science unit in our curriculum.  We discussed the life cycle of an apple tree and will continue with pumpkins next week.

We continue to work on our sight words and read every chance we get!


Nov. 4 – Field Trip to the Zoo  (permission slip  to come home soon)

Nov. 7 –  Parent conferences 3 -6:30pm ( Sign-up genius will come out at the end of next week)

Nov. 8 – student holiday

Nov. 9 – Parent conferences continued 3- 4pm

Thank you for all your parental support!  The children are soaring!

Linda Livingston funny_cartoon_frog_sitting_down_sticking_its_tongue_out_in_a_vector_clip_art_illustration_120905-162617-224001

Oct 8

What a wet weekend!

I hope the weather clears so you can enjoy some outside time on your day off!  Monday, October 10 is a student holiday.

When school is in session this week, we will be learning about Christopher Columbus, comparing seasonal changes and how it affects us and animals, making patterns and reading!  It is such a pleasure to come to work every day and watch this group of children work together cooperatively to learn new skills and share ideas.  I see that many of you are taking advantage of using the IXL math program.  I have also seen many reading logs being filled in, yeah!  Your support at home is invaluable.  Have a wonderful long weekend!  Here are two photos of us working on finding words and the alphabet in the newspaper.  Using a variety of environmental print creates stronger readers and writers.

Linda Livingston funny_cartoon_frog_sitting_down_sticking_its_tongue_out_in_a_vector_clip_art_illustration_120905-162617-224001“Hoppy learning!”                      IMG_0279 IMG_0278